With a big wave of his hand, Wang Hao immediately turned to the side and asked, "Has Yoshida-san received a reply?"

"Yes, the music files have been passed over! Please supervise you to listen to it, listen to where else needs to be modified?"

Michiko Yoshida turned on the computer and clicked on a file. Wang Hao took the headset plugged into the computer and put it on his head. He closed his eyes slightly and began to listen to the brief music.

After a while, Wang Hao took off the headset, put the intercom to his mouth and shouted: "The audio supervisor is responsible for matching this piece of music in, and I will send you the file!"

A middle-aged man wiped his sweat and immediately replied loudly: "Understood, Chief Supervisor, please give me a little time!"


"The final revision is done, finally... is it finished...?"

Time passed slowly. I don’t know who made a sigh. Everyone lay tiredly in their positions. Now it’s almost eight or nine o’clock in the evening. In order for Wang Hao to produce the most perfect effect, it’s not in many ways. Stopped and revised it many times.

The entire production team has not eaten from the beginning of production until now, because the time of the second five promotional film can't be dragged on any longer, so today in the production process, everyone is working hard.

Especially the original painting department, I don't know how many times it has been revised, and even the people in the original painting department have to count in seconds even to go to the toilet. You can imagine how strict Wang Hao's requirements are.

In fact, he felt that he was not too strict, because in his previous life he had heard how time-consuming it was to make an anime called Wolf Rain.

In terms of production, in the animation of the same period at that time, Wolf Rain was a very high-quality work. The screen production was very exquisite and exquisite. It took half a year for the first episode. The end of the movie The Run of the Wolf, I drew more than 100 sketches. Known as one of the most meaningful animations in 2003.

After all, wild wolves are rarely seen in the island countries of the previous life. In order to restore the running of wild wolves, the production team deliberately ran many places and took half a year to complete, and finally painted the natural posture of wolf running perfectly.

Wang Hao really admires their dedication and enthusiasm for comics. The overall quality of animation in this world is on the low side. It can be said that there are few excellent animations, and most of them are of that kind. Compared with the old-fashioned animation, it can be seen that the industry has fallen into a routine, especially in recent years.

Most of the works are very serious, and even the works that are not modified are just repeating the same routine. In comparison, the magic modification is not bad. Although there are also routines, it is somewhat a little bit. Change.

Wang Hao looked at everyone and smiled: "Now that it's finished, let's enjoy the final result together!"

"This is really exciting. I have never spent so much energy on a promotional video for more than a minute. I have to say that Haojun's professionalism is really admirable."

Shinnosuke Kawaguchi sighed and said that he did not spend so much effort on the promotional film for so long in the animation. The promotional film for only about one and a half minutes has been revised today for an unknown number of times, from all aspects. Say.

In terms of address, he did not call Wang Hao as the master teacher or the master supervisor. Others still called Wang Hao by the title of supervisor.

This is not to say that Shinnosuke Kawaguchi is impolite, but that the other party's character itself is like this, directly addressing Wang Hao by name, which means that he has recognized his talent as a supervisor and truly recognized him.

And another Daisuke Takamura, who was supposed to be the chief supervisor, completely gave up resistance at this time, and suddenly shook his head a little lonely: "Actually, I don’t need to watch this promotional film anymore. The supervising god’s style is really excellent, although some Immature, but very comprehensive. I felt this during the production process. The supervising of the gods made me, an old man, very ashamed."

"Director Takamura and Producer Kawaguchi passed the award. Anyway, let's take a look at the promo before commenting."

After finishing the work of the chief supervisor, Wang Hao didn't continue to hold his face cold, but with a faint smile, as if he had changed.

Upon seeing this, the staff nearby immediately clicked on the promotional video that everyone had worked so hard to produce, and suddenly the large LCD screen in the middle began to light up slightly, and the words such as a five-centimeter-per-second trailer gradually appeared.

The sky was slightly yellowed, as if it had reached the moment of sunset, and it was almost dusk. A girl reading a book stood alone beside the railroad track, as if waiting for the arrival of the subway.

Suddenly, the girl stopped reading, her slender white hands slowly closed the book, her lips lightly touched the back of the book, she looked at the distant sky intently, her face was filled with memories, as if she was thinking of something. .

A crisp and pleasant narration rang: "The day that I agreed with that person."

Chapter 441 "Ghost" Xin Haicheng

There was only a girl alone beside the railroad tracks, besides, there were no other passengers waiting for the subway, everything seemed so lonely.

Suddenly, when the girl looked up at the sky in the distance, the picture suddenly changed.

This is also next to the station, but there are many people lining up, and the sky is dimmed. A list of teenagers with schoolbags on their shoulders is staring at the falling snow in the sky, looking into the distance, and the voice of Tono Takaki Then it sounded: "It's snowing in the afternoon."

The voice is lonely and lonely.It is full of loneliness just to make people listen, but it is extremely full of attractive magnetic charm.

The scenery outside the car window kept receding, snowflakes drifted quietly on the ground, and buildings in the distance exuded soft lights, and the train slowly moved forward in this scenery.

The screen suddenly went black, and a vertical white font was printed in the upper right corner.

do you know?

The screen went blank for about a second, and the camera switched again, and suddenly it switched to the spring cherry blossom season. A little girl with a pink umbrella can be seen faintly extending her hand towards the air, and a piece of cherry blossoms quietly fell. Her palm.

[The speed at which the cherry blossoms fall]

The little girl suddenly threw the cherry blossom petals in her hand into the air, and ran towards the back of the little boy in front. The two cherry blossom trees on both sides of the street blocked the venomous sunlight, and a large sakura-colored soft light fell on the ground.

It didn't take long for the little girl to overtake the little boy, and quickly ran into the sidewalk alone, and the little boy who was unwilling to lag behind also hurriedly followed.

As if aware of the situation behind her, the little girl gently turned and opened the umbrella in her hand, and then the picture began to change continuously...


The second five trailer has a total of 1 minute and 41 seconds, so it was over in less than two minutes, but the scene remained silent.

After watching this promo, everyone's expressions were a bit complicated, and many people's gazes gradually changed when they saw Wang Hao.

Bathed in the various gazes cast by everyone, Wang Hao's complexion didn't change much. He just looked at the special guide who appeared last on the production list and sighed in his heart.

The promo is excellent in all aspects, and the dubbing that I chose for the main story this time is indeed in line with the original.

For example, the seiyuu who played Hakuka Shinohara in his childhood, Rika Omori who played Akari Shinohara in his childhood, Shibasaki Manyo who voiced Sumida Hanae, and other voice actors are very famous in the industry. The cost of hiring these voice actors is very large The expense was painful for Wang Hao, but he didn't regret it, because the voices of these well-known voice actors really matched the original work.

But if you really want him to comment on which is the most perfect, then Wang Hao will definitely choose Naoto Kawasaki, the voice actor who has always been in the third and fourth line.

I have to say that Naoto Kawasaki really fits the image of Tono Takaki in Wang Hao's heart, and the fit is almost as high as 99%, but why the opponent always fails to get hot, Wang Hao is not clear about this. It may be related to the broker or it may be related to the work received by the individual.

After all, in addition to strength in the world of voice actors, luck is also very important. Now many well-known voice actors have gradually distanced themselves from the same period by luck, and then slowly became popular.

Of course, if you have a back-end or related network, it doesn’t matter if you have luck or something, because the road ahead has already been paved for you. You only need to take this job to get more people to know, but even if you have Networking also needs corresponding strength to become popular.

In fact, there is one last way. I believe everyone understands it. He won't go into details here. You can only choose that way.

Of course, there are also very despicable presidents. Some time ago, Wang Hao saw a piece of news about a seiyuu firm. A certain president was exploded and had an improper relationship with many famous voice actors, and most of them were forced to do so. The report caused another topic of "seiyuu pillow business" in the society.

Therefore, Wang Hao does not want Qingshan Qihai to join other firms. After all, there are indeed many dangers in this industry.

In Wang Hao’s original plan, the creation of his own seiyuu firm is also part of it. It is considered a subsidiary of the Tenshen Group. He intends to make the Tenshin Group a giant involving all aspects of the two-dimensional field. Type group.

Of course, it’s a bit early to mention this topic, because Qingshan Qihai is still a newcomer to the seiyuu firm, and it is still a while before the seiyuu firm graduates, and the behemoth Tianshen group that Wang Hao wants to create, and For a long time.

Well, at least the problem of the current economic crisis must be solved first, otherwise all his ideas will be dead.

However, everyone did not know that Wang Hao had thought about so many things in a short moment. Dajie Takamura asked with some doubts: "Teacher God, can I ask a question?"

Without thinking about it, Wang Hao directly replied straightforwardly: "No problem, as long as I know the answer, I will definitely answer."

Daisuke Komura nodded, pointed his finger at the special guide that appeared last on the LCD screen in the middle, and asked inexplicably, "I take the liberty to ask, the special guide that appeared last on the production list...well, That's the gentleman named Xin Haicheng, shouldn't he be a member of our production team? The god master teacher can tell us what is the sacred special guide if it is convenient?"