what!What if you haven't been in love before!Who said that you must not know how it feels to be in a relationship if you haven't been in a relationship?In short, just proceed according to his idea here, other things are useless!

Shenzhouxing, I think it will work!!

It is precisely because of the huge contrast that Wang Hao has the feeling that he wants to train Megumi Kato as a heroine, and under the guidance of a ghost, he also said this sentence and invited the other party to join the club.

All the ins and outs are probably like this, and in Wang Hao's eyes, all this is also a certain kind of fate.

"Because I was very happy when Haojun said this to me, so I won't forget it, did you forget Haojun?"

Kato Megumi used a plain tone as if she was telling something very plain, but the faint smile on her face showed that the other party was happy from the heart at this time.

Seeing this scene, I don’t know why, Wang Hao suddenly felt a little guilt in his heart, because he really almost forgot this promise. After all, Kato Kee did not join Hyundai Dimension for a long time after that. Research club.

Wait... think about it this way, it seems that the reason why the other party did not come in has a lot to do with him, because Wang Hao is basically not in the school, and the club activity room he created is not in the Sangasaki Academy. It is natural that Kato Kee can't find it. .

But as a result, Wang Hao’s guilt aggravated, because it seemed that no matter how he explained it was his fault...

It may be that Kato Megumi’s answer is a bit ambiguous. It is for this reason that he thought the other party would not join. After all, Kato Megumi didn’t give him a clear answer last time, so Wang Hao had the illusion and suddenly invited him. Joining the club is really a bit abrupt.

Over time, he will gradually forget this promise.

Forget it, now it's no use thinking these things, Wang Hao shook his head slightly, and quickly threw these thoughts out.

In short, no matter what happened before, now that I remember it now, I haven't forgotten it.And seeing Kato Megumi look happy, even if Wang Hao forgets, he will say that he has not forgotten.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao stretched out his fingers and gently scratched the bridge of his nose. When he was about to push up, he suddenly realized that he didn't wear glasses at all...

If he wears glasses at this time, he will probably push the frame gently. This has almost become a small habit of Wang Hao. Of course, no one knows his habit.

Therefore, Wang Hao put down his hand without panic, nodded indifferently and said: "Of course, I believe Xiaohui, you will definitely become the heroine, how could I forget such an important thing?"

When he said this, Wang Hao silently confessed in his heart, sorry, Kato!

Hearing this, Kato Hui seemed to be relieved, and smiled: "Great, I thought Hao-kun had forgotten, and I didn't know what to do. Hao-kun cares about my affairs so much, I really appreciate it."

Enough, Kato, stop talking!

Wang Hao turned his face silently, trying not to let his guilty expression at this moment be seen by the other party. The girl's innocence has already made him ashamed.

Sometimes when facing a person who is too perfect, Wang Hao doesn't know what to do. After all, he communicates with a group of problematic children with personality all day long.

But because of this, he could see how dazzling Kato Megumi was, even though the opponent was still very mysterious, making Wang Hao unable to see his true face.

But no matter what, the Kato Megumi he knew was the same now, and Wang Hao believed that this could not be wrong.

At this point in his mind, Wang Hao gradually calmed down, “I don’t need to say thank you, because I really haven’t done anything worthy of your gratitude to Xiaohui. Anyway, let’s work first now. You can ask me if you don’t have any questions. "

"Well, I will come on, Haojun don't force yourself too much."

Kato Megumi responded calmly, not forgetting to make a cheering gesture towards Wang Hao at the end, which made him a little bit crying and laughing.

Looking up at the clocks on the wall, are they already at this point...

Chapter 453 The female parent is calling!

Of course, he doesn't mean that the club activities are about to end. There is still a long time before the club activities are over.

It's just that Wang Hao didn't know why Qi Xia Qiu Shiyu was suddenly a little worried. According to his understanding of Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu, it is estimated that the other party does not need him to worry.

But even though he knew this, Wang Hao couldn't help but worry, or it felt something was wrong. It was only ten minutes since he had this idea last time.

I have to say that men are fickle, although he feels that this sentence is a bit subtle, but Wang Hao didn't care too much for the sake of reading it smoothly.

Is this a crime?

The fellow of Mingmingxia Hill Shiyu had been poisoning himself before, but now Wang Hao is worried about the other party, so his mood is a bit complicated...

Thinking of this, Wang Hao couldn't help but sighed slightly, then turned to look at Yazi next to him and asked: "Yazi, did you see Xiazhiqiu when you went out today?"


Hearing Wang Hao’s question, Yazi Yuzhi who was playing the game immediately frowned. After a while, he seemed to understand something. He said quickly, "No, but there is a very strange thing today. I remember this time. Shi Yu got up this morning and called me to go to school, but I didn't see her this morning."

"Thank you, Yazi."

Hearing these words, Wang Hao smiled back at Yazi, Yuzhi Yazi lowered his head rather shyly, and replied with a blush, "It’s okay, because Darling’s business is Yazi’s business, Da Ling can do more to Yazi..."

Wang Hao: "..."

He always feels that things are beginning to develop in a strange direction, and maybe one day he will really think about it in the small black room.

Wait, when are you still thinking about this.

Wang Hao smiled bitterly. As usual, he was already complaining at this moment, but Yazi's answer made him a little concerned, and Wang Hao's brows, who began to think, also quietly frowned.

If something goes wrong, there must be a demon!

He felt that something was wrong when Xia Zhiqiu hadn't come just now, and he became more suspicious when Yazi said this.

Although it is possible that Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu does not need him to worry too much, because the other person may undoubtedly be a very cold and proud iceberg goddess in the eyes of others, as if isolated from the world and hardly touching people, but This was not the case, and the opponent's black-bellied character and poisonous tongue made Wang Hao suffer a lot.

But he really didn't care too much about it, and in Wang Hao's mind, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu was also a girl who was not much different from others.

If you insist on making a distinction, then this is a rose with thorns. If you don't pay attention, it will hurt people, but you can appreciate this unique beauty when you calm down.

In short, let's collect more information first.

Wang Hao nodded his head and looked around for a week, but his eyes lit up when he saw An Yilun Ye, and he shouted: "Lun Ye, can I ask you something a little bit?"

"Um...Ah Hao, what's the matter?"

Listening to the familiar voice coming from the ear, An Yilun who was playing the game immediately raised her head. Wang Hao immediately asked with a little doubt: "I don't have much important things here, just want to ask Lun Ye. Do you know that Xia Zhiqiu went to school today?"

"Wait...Aha, you let me think about it. Yesterday I slept a bit late. I didn't pay much attention to my surroundings during class today. I was basically in a comatose state, but I still felt a little after that."

Hearing this, An Yilun's expression immediately became serious and serious. Wang Hao couldn't help but feel a little speechless. Shouldn't a student's duty be studying?

Well, even though he is not qualified to talk about others...

After a while, An Yilun finally gave up the treatment and couldn't help but sighed and said, "Ahao, I'm sorry, I really can't remember it. I have been sleeping behind since the morning. And I don’t pay much attention to things in the class."

"Well, it's really a shame that you haven't been discovered by the teacher..."

The corner of Wang Hao's mouth twitched, and he did not continue to ask An Yilun any more.

At this moment, Megumi Kato, who was sitting next to Wang Hao, said softly: "Kasumigaoka's words seem to have asked for leave today because of something. The teacher told everyone about this since the early morning."

"So, it doesn't seem to be..."