It took a while to realize that he was a little gaffe, and the other party did not explicitly agree, Wang Hao immediately took a slow and deep breath to calm his excitement, sat back in the chair, and began to reply to the other party.

[God: Ryujisuke-san's comments are also very interesting. If Ryujisuke-san is not disgusted, I would like to invite you to join my team. Will you be free tomorrow?

[Long Nosuke: It is a great honor to receive the invitation of the god master teacher. I also want to find a team to join me recently. Tomorrow I will have nothing to do all day, almost all free time.

[God Lord: Okay, then please go to Blue Bottle Coffee's Roppongi branch in Tokyo Metropolitan Port at 5:30 in the afternoon. Also, I'm sorry to disturb you.

[Long Zhisuke: It's okay. It's better to say that I took up the precious time of the god master teacher. I will arrive on time tomorrow.

Chapter 469: Return to Memory Space

After sending this message, Wang Hao finally smiled heartily. If the full-level "tentacles" can be pulled into the team, everyone will be upgraded quickly.

However, Wang Hao felt that it might be difficult to convince the other party by himself, but he soon thought of a suitable candidate, that is An Yilun!

Although Wang Hao didn't think that pulling the other party could do much, but now only the other party can pull people in the community.

Although there are a few more normal ones, they are not good at pulling people. Aoyama Nanami is not good at this aspect. Kato Megumi’s personality is too quiet. Although Yushoin is the student president, if the other party has this ability, he will not be there. There is not a friend at school, Sawemura Hidelily’s arrogant character might not directly ruin this negotiation. Taking Xiazhiqiu Shiyu in the past is equivalent to bringing a time bomb...

Forget it, he felt that it was enough for him and An Yilun to go there.

After careful analysis, it seems that Wang Hao and An Yilun are the only ones who can play at this time. If they rely on other members, Wang Hao is really afraid of scaring them away.

If Ryunosuke joins, he will definitely face the other members, but Wang Hao thinks that all of this will be discussed later. At present, he is still thinking about how to dig out the other party. The future issues will be solved later. step.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao re-opened Penguin again, ready to send a message to An Yilun immediately. He believed that the other party should also be willing to participate in this offline base.

[God Lord: Lun Ye shouldn’t have any special arrangements when the club activities are over tomorrow afternoon, right?

I hope you can meet with me at that time, that is, the only player "Ryunosuke" who has cleared the game of the Eastern Seal of Demons. I think the other party is very suitable for our club, so I also want you to go with me. The time is tomorrow afternoon after the club activities, the place is...]

After sending this message, Wang Hao was really a little sleepy, and the other party's avatar showed that he was not online, and now he couldn't wait for a reply even if he waited.

Moreover, when he sent a message, he also notified An Yilun in advance. It doesn't matter if the other party did not see the news. After all, he can talk to the other person in person in the club room.

So this time after Wang Hao finished sending the message, he turned off the computer without even thinking about it, then lay on the bed and pressed the light button next to him, and he officially started to fall asleep.

For some reason, he felt exhausted both physically and mentally today, and his whole body was full of a faint tiredness. Once he lay on the bed, he was completely released and fell asleep completely after a short while.


"Have you come to this world again?"

Seeing everything that was unfamiliar in front of him, as well as himself who couldn't touch anything, Wang Hao raised his head and looked at the sky a little bit lost.

It seems that he does not exist in this world, but he actually exists as a bystander, but he is not known by anything in this world.

That's right, he is back again, back to this space that he has been to several times before.

Wang Hao calls this space the memory space, where there are also the dazzling sun, the blue sky, the endless blue sea and so on.

And he is now in this modern city full of high-rise buildings, and the passers-by are talking and laughing, although no one can find his existence.

To be precise, this is a space that cannot be disturbed, because everything that happens here is made from the memories of his predecessor. Wang Hao is destined to be a passing spectator, and he cannot stop or change what has happened. History is destined to be unchangeable, and only the future can change.

"This time it should also be about the little girl and the little boy? But how could the predecessor be so persistent?"

Wang Hao frowned and walked on the street without paying attention to the surrounding environment. The pedestrians on the road bumped him one by one but weirdly shuttled past him. He was now invisible like a shadow.

After coming here a few times, he has gradually gained some experience, even if he knew that he should pay attention to the movement of his predecessor instead of walking around, but he still did not do that, because the situation here is constantly changing, even if Wang Hao does not. If you take the initiative, you will automatically appear in a certain scene in the next moment to witness something happen.

He may be surprised at the beginning, but it becomes a little boring when the frequency is high, and he can basically ignore this situation.

Wang Hao is now a little curious about why his predecessor would be so entangled with the little girl named Kaoru Miyazono and the little boy named Gongsheng Arima. This is something he doesn’t understand. It should be said that he doesn’t know why his predecessor has such memories Deep obsession.

After these days of adaptation, Wang Hao basically knew most of the memories of his predecessor, but this memory was the only one he could think about and could not remember it, so he could only witness it personally through this memory space.

In fact, it is okay to call him a lonely movie guest now. Wang Hao feels like a person sitting in a spacious cinema watching a movie.

The difference is that he can enter the world that is being played in the movie, but it is a pity that he is like a shadow here, and no one can touch his existence.

"Are you here again?"

Wang Hao muttered to himself, watching the surrounding space distorted for a while, the house collapsed, the sky disappeared, and the surroundings gradually merged into a black spot, and his expression remained unchanged.

In the next moment, the scene changed suddenly. This is a park. At this time, there are three children in the park, two men and one woman, the predecessor, Mr. Arima, and Kaoru Miyazono. The three seem to regard this park as The playground began to frolic.

No one noticed that Wang Hao was sitting alone on the swing next to him watching all this.


As time passed slowly, he didn't know how many times the picture in front of him had changed. The last thing that appeared in his eyes was a slightly depressed back.

The man seemed to be aware of it, and turned his head to smile at Wang Hao, but before he could see the opposite side clearly, the memory space completely collapsed.

But when Wang Hao opened his eyes, he had already understood a lot of things, and his mood suddenly became a little heavy.

"Is it really impossible to change?"

The sky outside the window is already bright, but Wang Hao's heart is a little gloomy at this time, as if a lingering dark cloud is covering his heart.

He knew that this was the obsession of his predecessor, and the memory that was blocked in the deepest part of his mind was finally known to Wang Hao today.

"Who is that person... on earth?"

Suddenly remembering the person who smiled at him at the end of the picture, Wang Hao's brows frowned, even though he wanted to see the other side clearly, something seemed to be covering him, and he couldn't see clearly.

The 470th chapter is the most important thing to be happy

When he thought of this, he felt a bit inexplicably heavy in his heart, and at the same time the anxiety that had been hidden deep in his heart became even stronger.

"I hope I have thought about it..."

Wang Hao whispered softly. After coming to the memory space many times, he probably knew what kind of memory it was, and understood why his predecessor had such a deep obsession with this memory, and he couldn't let it go until now.

Especially the smile of the mysterious person at the end made him understand a lot of things in an instant, although there are still many things that he doesn't understand, or he doesn't want to think in the worst direction.

In fact, Wang Hao is not willing to think about these things, but I don’t know why, Wang Hao always feels that something is watching him in the dark, or that the feeling of coming into this world in the first place has returned, although compared to before It's not obvious, but it still seems to have an invisible bondage.

This made him frown, because Wang Hao didn't like this feeling very much, but he might never be able to avoid it. After all, can fate really be changed?

He just wanted to realize the ideal in his heart silently and enjoy the ordinary life now.

With heavy worries, Wang Hao walked to the window alone after putting on his clothes, looking into the distance, and said indifferently: "Since you have inherited your grace in this life, then it is necessary to accept all the cause and effect. I know it but your obsession..."

As this word was uttered, Wang Hao's heart again wondered, can his destiny be changed?

The difference is that his gaze gradually turned from confusion to firmness, believing that there must be a way to change his destiny, because everything in the future is still unpredictable, and what happened in the past alone is not enough to assert the future.