The grace of dripping water should be repaid by the spring. This is Wang Hao's most basic principle. After all, he can't achieve the point of ungratefulness, maybe not very good, but he will face it after all.

With the change of Wang Hao's mood, the gaze that had been in the air just now disappeared completely, and Wang Hao didn't feel the invisible bondage on his body.

Sure enough, there is always cause and effect in everything in the world, and it seems that these are not unreasonable.

"Next year? But it should be fine..."

Finally, he glanced at the faintly shining sky, Wang Hao's eyes were a little flickering. The coming year may be the day of fate for him. He thinks that his faint uneasiness may be related to this, but now he can only be quiet. wait.

Until next year, he wondered that he could see the splendid cherry blossoms flying all over the sky again, maybe he could invite everyone to enjoy the flowers together.

Thinking of this, he smiled abruptly. Soldiers came to cover the water and earth. Now he is frowning and thinking about something here can not change anything. The most important thing is to be happy.

In this life, if you are always in worry and distress, then you will lose a lot of fun.

Looking at the clocks hanging on the wall, Wang Hao found that he got up a bit early, but now he is not in the mood to let him go to sleep.

He simply picked up the paintbrush and started working on the painting table again. What he was doing was optimizing and improving the manuscript of Dragon Ball, because the recent performance of the manga has not been ideal, and there is a possibility of being cut at any time, even he has already done it in his heart. Okay, the consciousness that was cut in half.

However, Wang Hao was not in a hurry, because anxiousness would not solve the current situation. The only solution for today is to calm down and think carefully.

"Hey, after all, I'm a bit too aggressive..."

At the critical moment when he was using the g pen to outline the character's lines, Wang Hao couldn't help but shook his head. After calming down and thinking, he felt that he might be a little too aggressive, which is not a good habit.

After temporarily completing this page of manuscript in his hand, Wang Hao picked up his mobile phone and sent a message to Iida Ayano.

Cartoonists and editors should be partners who support each other.

Iida Ayano had always trusted herself so much before, but the more so, the more guilty Wang Hao felt, because his actions were too arrogant, or instinctively unwilling to believe in him.

After returning to the memory space this time, Wang Hao's whole person's thinking has matured a lot.

It may have something to do with his initial thinking direction. From the very beginning, Wang Hao started to create with the mind that "Dragon Ball" would definitely be hot, because the work was really too hot in the previous life. It is not an exaggeration to say that it has affected several generations. It can even be said to be the first kingly anime that made it to the altar!

So in his expectation, even though Dragon Ball was a bit on the street in the early stage, and even faced the risk of being cut in the past life, it would definitely be able to reduce the danger.

But after these things happened to him, Wang Hao felt the pressure. Now no one regards "Dragon Ball" as a masterpiece. The current development of the plot only makes people feel that this is a comical comic with no brilliance. The positioning was completely different from what he expected.

Wang Hao’s original intention of creating the comic book "Dragon Ball" was to stimulate the enthusiasm of the comics industry and bring this dead water back to life, but if "Dragon Ball" was cut in half because of his personal reasons, then all this would be a joke. Up.

These days, although Wang Hao has also thought about countermeasures, and made changes to Dragon Ball alone. Although the data on the surface has also improved, it is still in the midst of being cut, especially as the plot progresses, the situation is better than he thought. It's worse.

A few days ago, Iida Ayano sent him the data of Dragon Ball last week. It is currently ranked 16th in the weekly jump20 comics, which is the fourth from the bottom.

If this continues, it is almost 100% certain that "Dragon Ball" will be cut in half if there is no accident. In the face of this situation, Wang Hao is deeply in reflection.

"I hope the other party can forgive myself."

Wang Hao smiled bitterly, because he thought of Ayano Iida, that he had taken arbitrary actions with the comic "Dragon Ball" before, and he had never heard the other party's opinion. You must know that the other party was in charge of his editor.

Put away the semi-finished manuscripts that have just been completed. It's already 7 o'clock in the morning. Wang Hao feels that he should go to Dongbao when he cleans up. After all, he forcibly compressed his five-second work time into the morning. The workload is still very large.

On the other side, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu, who was sleeping, frowned slightly, opened her eyes with a little difficulty, and suddenly felt a soft light outside the window, which made her feel a little dazzling at this time, and she seemed to remember suddenly. What? I immediately got up and looked around.

It was empty, and there was no one other than her. It turned out that the person had already left, and this made Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu a little bit lost.

Chapter 471: Reality Viewing

However, when Xiazhiqiu Shiyu glanced over the side, she was immediately attracted by a note on the bedside table and stretched out Qianqianyu's hand to take it over.

[I put the breakfast in the refrigerator for you. You can take it out and heat it in the microwave. Remember to heat it up.

In addition, if you feel unwell, remember to call me. In the future, remember that you should not be alone in trouble. If you still feel unwell today, you don't have to force yourself to participate in club activities.——Wang Hao]

"It's just a perverted monarch, really arrogant."

After reading this small note, Kasumigaoka Shiyu's mouth is rarely seen with a smile from the heart, as if the cherry blossoms in spring are as eye-catching as the cherry blossoms in spring, a smile actually makes the surrounding scenery gloomy, but this beautiful scenery is doomed to nothing. People appreciate.

After reading it, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu didn't throw away this little note at will, but folded it up somewhat preciously, and reached out and put it in the cabinet beside it.

Suddenly, she felt that the air was fresher this morning. Was it the way she felt cared?


On the other side, Wang Hao had already had breakfast early and left for Dongbao. He felt that he could arrive before 7:30. Although it was not the normal working hours at all, Wang Hao’s personal workload was really good. It's too big, and he won't be here in the afternoon, so he can only do more work earlier.

At this point, Wang Hao didn't dare to take the tram. After all, he didn't want to be crowded in the crowd, so he chose to drive. Anyway, Dongbao has its own private parking lot, and there is no charge for insiders. Otherwise, Wang Hao might consider squeezing the tram.

It didn't take long for the black Maybach to arrive at the destination under Wang Hao's drive. He parked the car, picked up the co-pilot's briefcase and got out of the car.

"It's a bit late today."

At 7:25 in the morning, Wang Hao glanced down at the time on his watch, frowned slightly, and walked into the company with his head straight up.

Originally, Wang Hao didn't have an office here. After all, he doesn't belong to Dongbao himself. How can he come to the office if he is not an employee here?

But fortunately, the company’s senior executives had heard of his multiple roles, and finally Shinnosuke Kawaguchi came forward and moved out the small abandoned office next to the Mianwu production site, which became Wang Hao’s temporary office. Although he was the only one in this office, Wang Hao was also happy to be quiet.

Besides, he only needs to use it when handling files. Wang Hao spends most of the time on the production site. After all, he has not forgotten his responsibility as the chief supervisor.

It can be said that Wang Hao still spends very little time in the office, and usually she chooses to take home to deal with work, and then bring the completed documents in a briefcase the next day. He basically guides everyone on the production site in the morning. jobs.

If he uses the time in this office, it should be in the morning. He usually arrives at around 7:10, and then processes yesterday afternoon's documents before everyone officially starts to work.

It was a little late today, probably because of the delay in the memory space, after all, he was a little absent-minded when he got up early in the morning.

"Good morning supervisor!"

As soon as Wang Hao arrived at the production site, someone immediately greeted him, which made him immediately look up, and after seeing the people clearly, he responded with the same enthusiasm: "Good morning Matsuda-san, it’s really early to come. There is no one in the company yet."

"Where, I'm far from supervising you, but I got here occasionally early today, and it's because of the photos."

Hearing that, this made Matsuda Keisuke quite embarrassed and scratched his head. Normally he would not come so early, and basically no one came earlier than Wang Hao these days. So when the other party said that, Matsuda Kesuke was a bit ashamed. .

But yesterday he did take one or two more outstanding scenes, so he came early today, wanting to let more people appreciate this stunning scenery.

In addition to photography, Matsuda Kesuke's main job is to take charge of outdoor framing. It can be said that the materials provided by Matsuda Kesuke played a great role in the production background.

"The captured scenery succeeded?"

Wang Hao showed a hint of joy, and it was very important for this work to use realistic scenery to make the animation background.

Kesuke Matsuda shook his head with a slight regret, took out a stack of photos from his bag, and said with some disappointment: "At present, only one or two scenes can be captured. The other quality is not good. In short, please supervise it. Come on..."

As soon as he finished speaking, Matsuda Keisuke handed over the photo in his hand. Wang Hao did not hesitate to take it over. Before looking at it, he comforted him and said: "It's okay, Matsuda-san is already very good at this step. After all, photography work is also very hard. I am really sorry to disturb Matsuda-san during his busy schedule."

"Supervisor, you're polite, this is what I should be, and I am very happy."