Matsuda Keisuke smiled embarrassedly. Going out to take pictures is a very good job. In addition to relaxing the mood, there are extra overtime pay, which is a good job with two birds with one stone.

Of course, Wang Hao naturally knows this, but he didn’t point it. After all, it’s not good to point something. He also appreciates the photos taken by Matsuda Keisuke, because most of the scenery taken by the other party is indeed beautiful, but His requirements are still very strict, and it is not just beautiful scenery that can pass.

Because it is impossible for Wang Hao to use all these photos as materials, he can only extract scenes that fit his imagination, and the rest of the photos are almost redundant.

Nevertheless, these beautiful realistic scenery left a deep impression on Wang Hao. This work cannot be used as a material, but there is definitely material suitable for the lower work.

After receiving the photos, Wang Hao didn't watch it the first time. Instead, he took the briefcase very seriously, which disappointed Matsuda Keisuke.

However, Wang Hao didn't care too much, because there should be people coming here one after another, it is not suitable to sit down and work, after all, this may affect other staff, so he plans to wait for the office or Qiushui Villa to take a look next.

So he did not notice Matsuda Keisuke’s thoughts. Wang Hao looked at the other person and continued, “Next time I hope Matsuda Sondo will take some photos of the station, try to be in the evening or evening, if possible, please take as many photos as possible. Of course the fare will be reimbursed here."

Chapter 472 Inspection Library

"No problem, just let me supervise you!"

Matsuda Keisuke graciously agreed. He was quite attentive to this kind of easy work. After all, he had money to take it and relax. Such errands are rare in Neon.

If you want to talk about the specific reasons, it may be related to the overall social environment. It is normal for most office workers to work overtime. After all, the work intensity here is very high, and the time given is very short, so most people will take it. Overtime.

The most important point is that most office workers in Neon do not have additional overtime pay, and the company basically does not give additional overtime pay.

Wang Hao didn't want to go into the reasons for this, because there are a lot of reasons to explain, but it can only be said that the social environment is different.

After these days of observation, he found that there were even many staff members who took the initiative to stay to work overtime. Although Wang Hao didn't quite understand the ideas of these people, he still admired this kind of professionalism.

After informing the location of Matsuda Keisuke's shooting, Wang Hao simply went straight to the office next door and sat down to process the photos. After all, there was still some time left. He estimated that other talents would come later.

Looking at the photos in his hands casually, Wang Hao's mood unknowingly felt relaxed, or a touch of peace, everything was triggered by the photos in his hands.

I have to admire Matsuda Kesuke, although the other party said that taking pictures is a hobby, but Matsuda Kesuke's level of taking pictures is absolutely top-notch, every scene captured is very beautiful.

Although the scenery in the photo is originally beautiful, it is very rare for the other party to take it so restored.

From a professional point of view, it is true that every picture is impeccable. After all, his predecessor still knows a little about photography, so Wang Hao is not an exaggeration to make this comment now.

Although the scenery is beautiful, there are only one or two places that fit his imagination, but this does not mean that other photos are useless, and they can be used as material for a future work.

At least when you are upset or depressed, it is also a good choice to take a walk to these places.

After selecting the photos, Wang Hao took advantage of the time left to process the files from yesterday afternoon.

The content of the file is not complicated, it is mainly about some reports in the production process, and each department has corresponding reports. After all, Wang Hao is not here in the afternoon. If you want to understand the overall production environment, you can only use these reports.

The main thing is to watch the report change according to his own requirements, and put forward requirements and guidance to the corresponding departments. It is not just that he has several jobs alone.

Although Wang Hao is still a bit naive and inadequate in making animation, he can be said to be a comprehensive all-round supervisor. After all, he stands on the shoulders of giants and sees things completely differently.

With the continuous accumulation of experience in the production process, Wang Hao believes that he will also form his own style. Perhaps the style will not be too unique, but he thinks he will do well in the overall aspect.

After all, he has a solid foundation and is good at many aspects. With the accumulation of experience, he will naturally integrate all of these slowly. And his vision is not limited to this world. He has become an excellent supervisor for a long time. It is not too difficult.

"It's time for them to come, it seems they are still nervous and stimulating."

After handling the documents in his hand, Wang Hao glanced at his watch, and it was almost eight o'clock.

Although he came a little late today, he was quick to deal with the work, and it can be said that the time to complete the task is almost the same.

After thinking about it, the tension might have stimulated him. Wang Hao thinks that it is very possible. In fact, he thinks that he is a little girl facing the end of the holiday.

One pen, one night, create a miracle that belongs to you.

At this point, it is estimated that other people have also arrived one after another. Wang Hao took the processed report in his hand and prepared to return it to the corresponding departments later.

"Good morning supervisor!"

"Good morning, every body!"

Back to the production site again, some staff members immediately greeted him with a smile. Wang Hao responded with a smile and glanced at the scene at the same time. Basically, everyone was there.

He nodded towards Takamura Daisuke, Haobu came to the supervisor's seat and sat down, and at the same time gave the report in his hand to Minako Uematsu, who would forward it to the various departments.

Although no one spoke, the production this morning has officially started.


"Huh, it's the season now."

Time has reached noon, and the sun is so dazzling that one cannot look directly at the sky. Now the weather has gradually started to become hot. This temperature is enough to make people feel anxious.

Wang Hao bought a cold drink from a nearby supermarket. Of course, he also had a bento. There were two of them. Of course, he ate them alone. This combination was his lunch.

He chose a good place to eat. It happened to be under a big tree. Sitting on this bench just happened to be covered by a large shade of trees. There was a cool breeze from time to time, which can be said to be a great place to eat lunch. .

He didn’t look like eating quickly, but his movements were not slow. After a long time he finished his lunch and took a sip of a cold drink. Wang Hao immediately felt a lot more comfortable all over, and he looked into the distance with a slight comfort. : "I'll be here for today, and let's take a look at the Undead River Library later. If you don't go anymore, it's a bit too much to say, and there is still a while..."

It's been a while since I went back to Undead Chuan Bunku. Although Wang Hao was entangled in other things and had to be a hand-off shopkeeper, he couldn't help but pass. After all, he was the real president.

"I don't know what's going on there? By the way, Yang Nao wouldn't be angry, right?"

After throwing the waste products left over after the meal into a nearby trash can, Wang Hao drove the Maybach and set off in the direction of Undead River Library.

When he was about to approach, he was a little bit embarrassed in his heart and began to mutter. Wang Hao also knew that it was a bit too carefree to be a hand shopkeeper. He almost threw almost everything about the Undying Chuan Library to Xuexiayang. Yes, so Wang Hao still has a touch of guilt towards Xuexiayangnai.

It didn’t take long before Wang Hao arrived at the destination of his trip. After parking the car, he came to the door of the library that was his name. He always felt that something was different. I really don’t know how these days have passed. What has changed here?

Chapter 473 The Terrible God Lord?

Wang Hao felt that if he didn’t go to the Undead Chuan Bunku, he would probably do something that would make him headache. The other party has been able to come up with some ways to tease him since he was a child. , And it always works, which is very unpleasant.

"Hey, I hope the other party can be stable..."

With a light sigh, Wang Hao's eyes flashed with worry, and he was ready to bleed in his heart.

After all, he and Xuexiayangna have known each other since he was a child, and the other party's personality is clear, but he still knows exactly how it is, so Wang Hao was mentally prepared before he took a step.

"Welcome to Fusaichuan Library, is there anything I can help you with?"

As soon as Wang Hao stepped into the door, there was a pleasant voice. Hearing something familiar, Wang Hao turned his head and looked at Okamoto Sumie who was bending and bowing and smiled: "Okamoto-san has not seen him for a long time."

"God...President...Why are you here?!"

Hearing this similarly familiar voice, Okamoto Sumihui immediately raised her head, and immediately let out a surprised voice after seeing Wang Hao.

Obviously, Sumie Okamoto didn’t notice that the person was the other party just now. Wang Hao didn’t care about this. At the same time, he knew that there were still many people that the customer service staff had to face every day, so he would bow habitually when someone came. Hello, it may be said that this is also an occupational disease.

Of course, Wang Hao's perception of Okamoto Sumie is quite good, at least the other party has been working hard and has a very good attitude.