Seeing the other person’s astonishment, Wang Hao was a little bit dumbfounded. The juvenile mind couldn’t help but come up. He wanted to see the flustered look of this mature woman. One pick, he said in a serious tone: "Why? Don't you welcome me? Then I should go back..."

"No... not what you think! I... didn't expect the president..."

Okamoto's complexion immediately turned red, and his usual calmness was also thrown aside at this moment. A thin cold sweat began to appear on his forehead, and even his speech began to intermittently. It was undoubtedly caused by repeated questions by Wang Hao. Panic, I don't know how to answer.

At the same time, Okamoto Sumie also realized that he had made a mistake just now. After all, the most difficult thing in the workplace is to confront and question the boss, not to mention this is the president.

"Okamoto-san don't need to be too serious. I just joked casually. I want to see Okamoto-san in a panic. It seems that the goal has been achieved now. I think Okamoto-san is even more cute when he is messed up."

Seeing the flustered look of the other party, Wang Hao also knew that the jokes should be stopped. He smiled and shook his head. He was able to see the flustered side of this very mature woman, which also satisfied him with a touch of evil taste.

At the same time, he didn't hide anything, he deliberately expressed what he wanted in his heart. After all, if he didn't give an explanation, I am afraid that Okamoto Sumie would be restless and worried all the time.


Hearing this, the big rock that Okamoto's just hanging in his heart quietly fell, and at the same time, when he heard Wang Hao's words, pretty red clouds appeared on both sides of his cheeks, and she couldn't help but glance at the other person with a little shame.

Dare to be angry but dare not to speak, there is a little bit of shyness in this, and it looks like a style.

Looking at Wang Hao, Sumie Okamoto always has a sense of unreality, because this is completely different from the president of the gods who are rumored to be stable among the people during the day. The impression is that he is a very stable person, but he did not expect that the three views have been refreshed now.

Wang Hao also knew that the jokes should be limited. He felt that this habit of his own may be contaminated with Ye Qiushan, or it may be his own repressed teenage nature, so after explaining the reason, he changed the subject and said, "I am today. Come and take a look, Okamoto-san needn't be too restrictive, do you know that the vice president Yukoshita and the editor-in-chief Machida are still in the company?"

When talking about business matters, Wang Hao's expression naturally became serious, and Okamoto Sumie suddenly had an illusion, as if the person who had just joked with her had disappeared, which made Sumie Okamoto feel a little lost.

But after all, Tosumi Okamoto has been in the workplace for several years, and within a few moments he adjusted his mentality, frowned and thought about it for a while, and replied seriously: "Vice President Yukoshita and Editor-in-Chief Machida are still there. The president’s office seems to be dealing with something. Do you need me to inform you?"

"Don't be so troublesome, I can go up and talk to them alone."

Wang Hao stopped, turned around and moved forward slowly in the direction of the elevator, with his footsteps opening and closing, looking calm but without losing momentum, leaving a back that made people feel very reliable.

Looking at the other person’s back, Okamoto Sumie couldn’t help being in a trance. She had seen many people for so many years, but there was never a person who could not see through like Wang Hao, because her own president is really It is elusive.

Suddenly, Wang Hao stopped, turned his head and said to Okamoto Sumie: "I think Okamoto-san should smile from the heart to look better. If this continues, it will be very tiring."

As soon as he finished speaking, he stepped to the elevator door, nodded to Okamoto Sumie, and then took the elevator.

Hearing this, Okamoto Sumie became stiff. She looked at the elevator entrance for a while, and finally couldn't help but shook her head with a wry smile: "Are young people really mature now, or is the president too terrible?"

All this is just an episode. Wang Hao doesn't know what Okamoto's evaluation of him, otherwise he will be full of black lines, and look back to the other party for a good theory, because Wang Hao feels that he is definitely related to the word terrible. Not up.

Of course, he didn't know these things. After all, Wang Hao didn't know what Buddhism, his heart and ears, etc., he had already arrived at the door of an office.

"Boom boom——"

Wang Hao calmly stretched out his hand and knocked on the door, but he didn't know what he was thinking. Although he could just enter in this way, it seemed a bit rude.

"Please come in."

There was a clear voice in the president’s office. Wang Hao opened the door and walked in. He suddenly saw two beautiful shadows. It was Yukoshita Yono and Machida Sonoko. The two seemed to be discussing something. He saw Wang Hao. The arrival of the eyes suddenly lit up.

Upon seeing this, Wang Hao said hello to the two with a smile: "I haven't seen you for a few days, the vice president of Yukoshita and the editor-in-chief of Machida are more elegant."

Chapter 474 I'm really sorry to have no girlfriend!

As he spoke, Wang Hao had a faint smile on the surface, but his heart beat a drum, trying not to look at the two of them.

"Oh, I thought who was here. I didn't expect our President to come back. This is really a joyful thing. I thought the President would never come back. Ha ha……"

Although Wang Hao's eyes did not meet the two of them, Xuexia Yangna did not have this plan. Wang Hao could feel the sharp gaze falling on him before he could meet Xuezhi. Xia Yangnai's words made goose bumps.

Although Machida Yuanzi did not speak, he also looked at Wang Hao lightly. He immediately felt the pressure on his body doubled and he felt a sense of guilty conscience inexplicably.

Especially the last few words of Xuexiayangna made Wang Hao quite embarrassed, but he still has some immune embarrassment resistance for so long. After all, the problem children of the Modern Dimensional Research Society can often talk about topics. Just cold.

After getting along for a long time, it is normal for Wang Hao to increase resistance to this aspect. It would be strange if he did not grow up. This kind of embarrassing atmosphere, cold field, and forced change of topic are not a big problem for him, although some Sometimes he would still whisper in his heart, but Wang Hao can guarantee that he will try not to expose himself to abnormal situations.

So even though Wang Hao felt a little embarrassed in this situation, he was also cautious. Seeing the appearance of Xuexia Yangna, it is almost impossible to think of some small abacus in his heart, so he smiled and said without a smile: "Vice President Yukoshita is too polite. I just have something to deal with these few days. I also thanked the two of them when I was away. It stands to reason that I should say thank you."

"Where, but Mr. President, are you sure it's just a few days?"

Xuexia Yangna asked with a chuckle, blinking slightly, and casually said, "I remember you haven't been here for at least a week. I thought the president had forgotten Fudie Chuan Bunku."

Hearing that, even with Wang Hao’s concentration, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. He gently pulled at the corners of his slightly stiff mouth, forcibly pulled out a smile, and stretched out his hand to gently cover his right neck. Um... Maybe it’s a mistake, right? There are a lot of important things that need to be dealt with recently, probably because of this reason.

Wang Hao said this sentence sincerely, and did not deliberately slander or lie, because a lot of things have indeed happened around him recently, and he can't remember so many things when he is busy.

And originally he was holding the mentality of throwing his hand at the shopkeeper, thinking about waiting for his own affairs to be dealt with before going to the Undead Chuan Bunku to take a look, but he did not expect to forget about it completely when he got busy.

Of course, Wang Hao didn't dare to say these things. If they were said, I am afraid that Yukoshita's character would definitely cause a lot of headaches for Wang Hao.

"Do you mean that things here are not important?"

Xuexiayang raised his brows and looked quite heroic, but Wang Hao's expression was suddenly stagnant when he said something. He didn't know how to answer. Isn't it clear that he is picking bones in an egg?

However, despite what the other party said, Wang Hao felt helpless while feeling depressed, because in the end, he was really wrong in this matter. It can be said that the shopkeeper was too thorough...

Unfortunately, Xuexia Yangnai didn't seem to notice Wang Hao's expression, or if he saw it, he regarded it as not seeing. The painting style suddenly changed, and Xuexia Yangnai's expression was rather sad and sighed: "It is also said. After all, Mr. President is very busy. Pity me, a weak woman who is alone. What can I do if a weak woman works here? I can only endure it silently as before. I dare not say to Mr. President. These words."

Hello!Didn't you tell me this?And why do you want to say so misunderstood!

Wang Hao's face turned dark, why would he be a hand-swapping shopkeeper to make the current situation like this?It looks like the plot of the scumbag abandoning the scumbag wife in the eight o'clock dog blood drama!

He dared to swear to the sky that Xuexiayang is always talking nonsense, but in this case, he has nothing to do with the other party, and can only stare at him. After all, the more the truth is, the darker he is, and it happens to be in the snow. Xia Yangnai's trap will only be pulled deeper and deeper into the quagmire by the opponent.

Not far away, the unidentified Machida Yuanzi's expression when looking at Wang Hao suddenly became weird. He subconsciously stretched out his hands and hugged his chest. It happened that this scene was also hit by Wang Hao, and he quickly explained. : "Editor-in-chief Machida, don't get me wrong, she is just talking about it."

"President, don't worry I didn't hear anything!"

When Machida Yuanzi heard Wang Hao’s explanation, he immediately patted his chest and nodded. Although there was a sense of chaos in his heart, he still showed an expression of ignorance on Wang Hao’s forehead. A black line appeared, you absolutely misunderstood it!

Sure enough, Wang Hao sighed quietly, and the development of the situation proceeded in the worst direction. He looked at Xuexia Yangna with a headache, as if he had given up resistance, and said helplessly: "Yangna, don't play anymore. Yes, I’m wrong about this, okay? I apologize to you! Anyway, don’t keep on joking. It’s easy to misunderstand if you continue like this, and don’t be so "polite"."

"Um... Haojun is too much! Do you think I am joking?"

Wang Hao: "..."

How can it be repaired, just give me a little bit of joking!Wang Hao's face darkened again, and his reputation would be lost if this continued.

Xuexia Yangna also knows that you can't make jokes too much. After seeing Wang Hao admit defeat, the suffocation that has accumulated in his chest over the past few days has also dissipated a lot, "Hey, forget it, Haojun is really boring, just kidding. You care about it so much, you won’t find a girlfriend in the future."

"I'm really sorry I can't find my girlfriend!"

Hearing this, Wang Hao's face suddenly became darker.

"Well, Haojun, don't worry too much. As a elder sister, I don't want to look at my cute little brother single. How about I introduce some friends to you?"

"When did you grab business with Yuelao?"