"Because I don't think that will work. If you continue to draw according to the original idea, then it will be like Iida-san you said. This is at best a god-hosted version of Journey to the West."

Wang Hao responded unhurriedly and calmly. Seeing that Iida Ayano still had a trace of worry on his face, he continued: "So I chose to recreate, and only retained the name and character design of the protagonist in Journey to the West. There are also a few early sections and items. In addition, during the serialization period, if there is no special situation, I will never make such an impulsive move, so please rest assured Iida-san."

"It's good if you understand this. Try not to be so impulsive when serializing. The printing house won't wait for someone."

After getting Wang Hao's reply, Iida Ayano nodded. At this time, Wang Hao also picked up the teapot next to him, poured a cup of tea, and handed it to the other party.

"Thank you."

After politely thanking him, Iida Ayano reached out and took the tea cup that Wang Hao handed over, and blew a cool breeze into the cup. Then he drank a sip of green tea, which wrinkled without a trace. The brows stretched out immediately.

The tea was very bitter when it was in the mouth, and after a while, the bitterness in the mouth turned into a faint sweetness, and there was an inexplicable flavor in it, which made people have a memorable aftertaste.

"Haojun, have you studied tea ceremony specifically?"

"I started contacting when I was young, and now I know a little bit about it. It's ashamed to say it."

Hearing Iida Ayano’s question, Wang Hao smiled faintly. This made Iida Ayano roll his eyes: “Sometimes it’s not a good thing to be too humble. We always say that we are polite on the neon side. , But after seeing Haojun’s actions, I suddenly understood why the celestial dynasty was a "state of etiquette"."

"Humility is the traditional virtue of our celestial dynasty."

Wang Hao shook his head disapprovingly. It’s not casual to say that the Heavenly Dynasty is known as the "State of Etiquette". Although he lives in Neon, his predecessor has been receiving celestial education from Mr. Wang since he was a child, and even specially invited him during the holidays. There are a variety of teachers, including those who are responsible for teaching the etiquette and culture of the Celestial Dynasty.

Qinqi, calligraphy and calligraphy dare not say that he is proficient in everything, but at least these aspects are involved, so I have a little understanding of it.

It can be said that under the influence of this kind of environment, the predecessor was naturally greatly influenced by the culture of the Celestial Dynasty, not to mention that Wang Hao himself had traveled from China and had a good understanding of the various cultures of the Celestial Dynasty.

He didn't explain much about these. After putting down the teapot, Wang Hao looked at the other person, pondered for a moment, and said, "Can Iida-san tell me your opinion on Dragon Ball? From the perspective of the editor or the reader, Either point of view will do."

Hearing this, Iida Ayano's expression hesitated for a while, and after taking a deep breath, he resolutely said: "If you really want me to say, the first three Dragon Ball words are perfect without me. Standing by an editor From a point of view, the manuscript you submitted is undoubtedly difficult to find a flaw. It is estimated that even if I hand it to the editor-in-chief, he will not be able to fault it, but the subsequent development will be very disappointing.

From the reader's point of view, I originally thought that watching the beginning of this story will definitely exceed my imagination, but with the development of the story, it can be said that it is really disappointing. The story is completely consistent with the anticipated development at the beginning. There are two developments, and now Dragon Ball Yan Ran has become a funny comic, or an adventure-type funny comic."


Wang Haoqing, who was sitting next to him, suddenly became silent after a "um", and began to think carefully about what Iida Ayano said.

The other party looked at Dragon Ball objectively from the two angles very well, and it can be said that these words had a great influence on Wang Hao.

Seeing Wang Hao’s silence, Iida Ayano didn’t try to comfort him, but after a short silence, she continued to slowly say: “In the final analysis, whether it is from the perspective of the editor or the reader, I dare not. Speaking of representing the opinions of the general public, but based on my personal opinion, the protagonist of this comic is too ordinary and ordinary, which is the fundamental reason why Dragon Ball is now ranked lower and lower, and not many readers are willing to read it!

I don't know how others think, but in my opinion, if the protagonist in the "Dragon Ball" comic continues to be so ordinary, it will be difficult to attract readers' attention.

Maybe there are other manga magazines that will tolerate this kind of ordinary protagonist, but the protagonist who has no bright spots can't have a place to survive in the weekly jump. If you still don’t realize this, then "Dragon Ball" is only time. The problem!"

As Iida Ayano's words fell, the silent Wang Hao's eyes gradually brightened, and he suddenly felt a feeling of clearing the clouds and seeing the sky again, and finally knew where the problem was.

He had never noticed this before, because Wang Hao's perspective made him unable to think about it at all. He was completely thinking about how to optimize the next step, and he didn't find that the problem was always around.

Sure enough, it confirmed the sentence "the authorities are fascinated, the bystanders are clear", it seems that most of the words said by the ancients are not unreasonable, otherwise they will not be passed down to this day.

"That's it... I didn't notice this at all before! Thank you Iida-san, and it is really great to be able to discuss with Iida-san!!"

Wang Hao said to Iida Ayano very excitedly, with a hint of gratitude on his face.

Chapter 479 Setting Change

In the early stage of Dragon Ball, from the point of view of editors, there is indeed nothing wrong with it. This is true, because both the plot and the style of painting are not bad.

The problem lies in the serialization, because the comic magazine published by Dragon Ball is called Weekly Jump, and this kind of ordinary protagonist is not allowed here, because most readers of Weekly Jump do not like the protagonist too ordinary, so it is not popular.

Wang Hao has never thought about this, because from the perspective of a cartoonist, Dragon Ball really has no big problems. He finally understands why the previous life and the current evaluation of Dragon Ball are so bad because of the choice. The road is wrong.

Until now, Wang Hao didn't know how ridiculous the optimization he had done by himself before. He was constantly advancing in the wrong direction, and all he did was useless.

Even he was complacent thinking that as long as he continued to develop on this road, he might not know how the Dragon Ball was slashed by then.

If he continues along this path, all his efforts will be wasted in the end, and he may not understand until the incident happens. It is estimated that it will be too late to say anything by then.

But if something like this really happened, Wang Hao couldn't blame others, because at the beginning he had to choose a person to go on his own way, so it was only natural that he would get that kind of ending.

If you do something wrong, you will pay a price. Isn’t it a matter of course to pay for the mistakes made by arrogance?If by that time Wang Hao complained to God about the unfair fate, that would be the real obsession!He is not stupid enough yet.

"In other words, change the protagonist from a normal type? But in this way, the risk is too great. After all, the setting cannot be changed immediately..."

Wang Hao whispered to himself, considering that it was a bit wrong to change the protagonist's character suddenly, but he couldn't think of a good way for a while, and his brows frowned.

Setting this thing does not mean that it can be changed by changing it. Sudden changes in the style of painting are difficult to accept. What's more, setting this kind of thing related to the foundation, suddenly changing the setting is enough to make many people give up.

To make a simple analogy, it's like writing a novel. Your original protagonist is a cold swordsman in white clothes, who walks in the rivers and lakes without touching a leaf, even if he breaks his arm without frowning.

But if the setting is suddenly changed, the original ruthless swordsman will turn into a gangster who is humiliating in various places of wind and moon, doing all kinds of evil, so there is no way for people to watch.

Of course, this is not to say that the settings cannot be changed. In some cases, the settings can be changed slowly. Such changes can be said to be very common.

For example, to take a simple example, the protagonist of a certain work was a kind and indecisive male high school student, but after experiencing certain things, his personality became a cold and ruthless person. This is the setting changed.

It can be said that in most cases, the setting of the novel is gradually changed with the development of the plot. This way of changing the setting is slow, but if you make a large change at once, it obviously won't work.

"You are not required to change suddenly. If you change the settings now, I will definitely stop you for the first time."

Iida Ayano rolled her eyes towards Wang Hao, stretched out her slender hand and gently tucked her hair, and by the way, she skimmed the messy hair tips before adding her forehead to both sides. After thinking for a moment, she continued: Change the setting slowly. In short, the protagonist keeps this way for now, but you have to change the setting slowly as the plot develops, and the plot cannot be delayed for too long.

Because Dragon Ball's current ranking is really dangerous, I don't actually recommend this method. I believe you know what the reason is, but there is no other way to choose."

Speaking of this, Iida Ayano stretched out her hands helplessly. In fact, she still had a little bit in her heart hesitating to say it, because with the current ranking of Dragon Ball, it can be said that it is not strange to cut at the waist at any time. She is scared now. Whether Dragon Ball can continue to serialize.

But considering various reasons, Iida Ayano still couldn't bear to say it, and she believed Wang Hao understood this.

Just as Iida Ayano thought, Wang Hao also knew that Dragon Ball was in a dangerous situation. He was always in a state of anxiety as he watched the rankings continue to fall every week.

If this continues, Dragon Ball will really be cut in half.

Although the situation looks dangerous, it can be said that if Wang Hao did not make up his mind to discuss with Ayano Iida, the Dragon Ball beheaded was basically regarded as something that would definitely happen, because the optimizations he had done before were all going in the wrong direction. It is hard to imagine that it will be counterproductive next.

But through today's conversation with Iida Ayano, Wang Hao immediately noticed this, and with this mortal situation, there was a glimmer of vitality. As long as he looks back now, there may be a real chance!

Combining Iida Ayano's words, Wang Hao recalled the story development of Dragon Ball and the optimization changes he made before, and immediately felt a big head, stretched out his hand and gently rubbed his eyebrows.

calm!calm!The more you encounter this situation, you must calm down, and you must not panic now!

After taking a deep breath, Wang Hao kept telling himself to think about the problem calmly, because he couldn't think of a good way to solve the problem with impatience and panic.

Reaching out and taking a sip of tea from the tea cup next to him, the dryness of the throat was relieved. After calmly thinking for a while, Wang Hao finally came up with a solution, staring at Iida Ayano’s eyes slowly and said: "You said that the protagonist should be changed slightly. Now, how about changing to the protagonist type who wants to be strong? In this process, I will try to weaken the surrounding supporting characters to bring out the protagonist, so that the protagonist will not appear too ordinary, after all, there is a contrast Will show the gap.

Moreover, if you create with the theme of "the protagonist who is dedicated to pursuing powerful strength", it also fits the theme of the weekly jump. At the same time, it will not make people feel that the setting is changed abruptly. It is because of this change that the work is made. It's more interesting, what do you think?"

After speaking out his thoughts, Wang Hao's gaze stared straight at Iida Ayano. There was a hint of tension in the county, and he wanted to hear the other party's opinion now.