However, Iida Ayano did not answer Wang Hao’s question immediately. Instead, he looked at Wang Hao with a weird look, and looked up and down Wang Hao carefully. It was only when Iida Ayano looked at him a little uncomfortable. He sighed, and said with a sigh, "The method you said can indeed work..."

Chapter 480 You are not alone!

After Iida Ayano's affirmation, Wang Hao felt that the big rock hanging in his heart also quietly fell.

Some of the original thoughts about Dragon Ball Wang Hao couldn’t find anyone to confide in. He felt that as long as he continued to create according to his own ideas, he was likely to guarantee that he would not be cut in half. It was this point that made him feel unnecessary to talk to others. People say that Iida Ayano is naturally ignored.

But now when he looks back, he clearly knows how arrogant he was at the time, and at the same time he feels more guilty for Ayano Iida. Before, he just regarded Ayano Iida as a manga editor willing to believe in himself, so he thought Next, you have to create comics by yourself, and bring performance to the other party even if you don't owe each other.

Never thought of communicating seriously with Iida Ayano, this approach is undoubtedly wrong.

But if he has not experienced these things, Wang Hao may not be able to look at the problem as clearly as he is now. Through this incident, he also understands why there must be a manga editor who silently pays for a good manga. .

"Ayano's words made me feel relieved a lot. I'm really sorry for the past. It's my waywardness."

Before he knew it, Wang Hao subconsciously changed Iida Ayano's name, perhaps even he himself didn't realize it.

Hearing Wang Hao calling himself by his name, Iida Ayano didn't feel anything wrong. He just shook his head slightly after hearing what the other party said. He seemed to think of something, and a wry smile appeared on his face: "Genius will be self-willed. It should be true. To be honest, I really admire Haojun's perseverance. Even if the Dragon Ball ranking is so bad now, I still insist on serializing, and there are two things that erupt from time to time, and the quality of the original painting of each painting is so high that it makes people I can't fault it. The passion and seriousness of manga is worthy of admiration."

"Um... Ayano, you passed the award. I'm not as good as you said. I just want to live up to my original enthusiasm for manga and the readers who are watching this manga.

In fact, in the final analysis, I am just struggling to death. I wasted my energy doing some useless efforts, and I have been so willful for so long and have caused you so much trouble..."

Having said this, Wang Hao laughed at himself, feeling more and more that although he always wanted not to cause trouble to others and survive alone, but now it seems a bit ridiculous, because he doesn't know if Feeling that it has caused a lot of trouble to other people, and didn't realize it at all.

Thinking of this, his usual self-confident eyes gradually lost their color and gradually turned into a gloomy color.

Sitting next to Ayano Iida frowned when he saw Wang Hao's appearance, and said, "Ho-kun, don't underestimate yourself. Besides, it is only natural for me to help you, because the manga editor's job is just like that.

And to be honest, your great perseverance has really infected many people in our editorial department, and it has also affected many cartoonists and cartoon assistants who are planning to give up their comics career. They had already planned to give up on drawing comics.

It can be seen that the tenacious spirit of your younger generation suddenly rekindled the previous enthusiasm for comics.

So even if Dragon Ball is cut in the middle, I hope you will not be discouraged and start all over again, but you must not give up your passion for comics!"

" what you said is true? Didn't all of this work in vain?"

Hearing that, Wang Hao's eyes returned to a little color, and he looked at Iida Ayano eagerly, hoping to get a clear answer from the other party, and his previous efforts were not in vain.

Originally, he created Dragon Ball to regain his lost enthusiasm in the comics industry. Originally, he thought that these things would not be able to infect people until after the great success of Dragon Ball. He never thought that the fermentation would be so fast, which made Wang Hao again. I wonder again, maybe my previous efforts were not in vain...

"Of course not, it can be said that everything you do is seen by everyone, and it is precisely because of this perseverance that Dragon Ball has not been cut in half until now, even the editor-in-chief is infected by your perseverance."

Iida Ayano gave Wang Hao the most affirmative reply without even thinking about it. These words she said were not nonsense or specifically to comfort the other party, but she said from the heart, because this is indeed a big truth. .

When the average cartoonist learns that his ranking has dropped to the bottom, he basically chooses to give up on himself. It can be said that he has no hope for the work and waits for the time to be cut.

This is the situation in the current comics industry. It has been a long time since there has been an enthusiastic cartoonist like Wang Hao. Even if the ranking is so low now, there is no complaint to continue to draw the comics, and the quality of the original manuscript has been very good. Gao, even the burst of two episodes from time to time, can be said to be unprecedented.

God's enthusiasm for comics has made many comic editors and cartoonists feel ashamed. Cartoonists who are passionate about comics like this are almost out of sight.

After hearing this reply, Wang Haoqing breathed a sigh of relief, feeling quite fulfilled.

Iida Ayano got up from her position and suddenly walked towards Wang Hao. When Wang Hao noticed, the other party was already standing next to him. This shocked him. He obviously didn't know what the other party was going to do. What, what is the purpose of suddenly coming next to him: "Um... what are you going to do Ayano?"

It's a pity that Iida Ayano did not reply to his words, but came to his back. This made Wang Hao a little nervous and confused. The next moment his back felt a soft touch, Wang Hao's The body immediately stiffened.

At this moment, Iida Ayano’s voice came from behind, and said in a very soft tone: “Don’t worry, don’t put all the blame on yourself, you can leave it to me if you encounter trouble, after all. I'm your editor and your partner in the fight together.

Everything you are doing now is perfect, no matter what the result of Dragon Ball will be, don't be discouraged, just work hard."

After hearing these words, Wang Hao, who was originally stiff, suddenly relaxed, as if his tense nerves were loosened in an instant. He felt relaxed and tired at the same time. There was someone behind it.

Yes, I am not alone.Wang Hao leaned his back in fatigue, looked up at the ceiling, moved his lips slightly, and said, "Thank you..."

Chapter 481 You are crazy!

After about ten minutes, Wang Hao gradually recovered, got up and looked at Ayano Iida embarrassedly, and said, "Sorry, I made you laugh."

"I think it's good for you to be like this. If you are exhausted, you won't be able to. After all, you are still young and you should pay more attention to it."

Iida Ayano sighed helplessly. In fact, she was relieved and worried about Wang Hao's hard work. She was afraid that this job would put too much pressure on the other party. You must know that even adults may not be able to. Adapt to such a high-intensity work.

It can be said that to be a professional cartoonist, even if one day suddenly die on the comic stage, it is not surprising. Sudden death of a cartoonist is not common, but it is not uncommon, and such a high-intensity work is easy for a cartoonist. Many root causes have fallen.

Although comic editors still have another identity, that is, to remind manga artists, but Wang Hao’s efforts are seen by the entire editorial department. Iida Ayano doesn’t know how to remind them, and even hopes they can Take a good rest for a while, after all, if you continue to do this, it is easy to get tired.

In fact, even if there is no editor meeting and reminders of this young man, the other party will submit the manuscript as scheduled. As Wang Hao said before, he is the most relaxed editor in the industry.

After these days of getting along, Iida Ayano can be said to have regarded Wang Hao and Mashiro as his siblings.

Since childhood, Ayano Iida has been longing for a younger brother or younger sister because of her only child, but her parents did not realize her wish.

It can be said that she has been envious of those who have younger siblings since she was a child, but as she grew older and entered social work, Iida Ayano gradually forgot these things, and Wang Hao and Mashiro reminiscent of previous memories.

Shiina Mashiro herself is a pure and elf-like girl, and she can't help but feel love and compassion when she sees it, and she wants to take good care of her.

As for Wang Hao, Iida Ayano originally admired him very much, and after the last conversation, he has treated him like a younger brother... Well, maybe it is?

To be honest, the other party’s self-care ability is stronger than her, and it seems that she doesn’t need to worry too much. Because of this, Iida Ayano feels that she also owes Wang Hao, and she spends most of her time teaching It's really white.

Although the other party said at the time that he didn't need to worry about it, it seems that if he were a little tougher, the situation would not have changed, so Iida Ayano felt very guilty about it.

Of course, Wang Hao didn’t know what the other party was thinking. Hearing Iida Ayano’s words, Wang Hao obviously felt a deep concern from it, which made his heart warm and immediately smiled at the other party. Said: "Don't worry, I will be responsible for my life."

"Ah That's good."

Iida Ayano nodded and watched Wang Hao continue to ask: "Let's continue to talk about business. It is really good to change the setting as you just said. It can be said that I did not think of this method."

Speaking of this, Iida Ayano paused, and she had to sigh in her heart that Wang Hao is really terrifying in comics, and it can be said that it can always bring people unexpected surprises.

Originally, Dragon Ball had become a mortal situation according to the current development, but the answer Wang Hao gave just now brought life, and let Iida Ayano also see a glimmer of dawn.

But Ayano Iida knew that she couldn't express too much exaggeration yet, even if she knew that Wang Hao's character would not care too much about it, to be honest, she had never seen such a calm young man.

But now is a special period after all, Iida Ayano also choked off what she just wanted to say, and decided to add a sense of crisis awareness to the other party. After thinking for a while, she continued: "Have you ever thought about how to make readers aware? When it comes to the change in setting, we must know that the current situation of Dragon Ball is very dangerous. We don't have time to continue to delay, so we must quickly reflect the change in setting!"

Wang Hao also knew this truth, and he had already thought about it, and immediately explained it slowly: "I just said that in order to change the protagonist's over-commonness, I intend to weaken the supporting characters and create a protagonist who is dedicated to the pursuit of strength. I also know that it is difficult for readers to understand that the settings are switched, and it is very likely to fail if they are not careful."

Having said that, he paused again and took a sip of the tea next to him.

"Look at what you said so you should be well-informed? Hurry up and stop selling it. It's a bad habit to hang your appetite." Iida Ayano gave Wang Hao a helpless look.

He just sighed helplessly when he saw this, because he really wanted to drink water instead of deliberately selling off the water, but Wang Hao did not explain this, and after putting down the cup, he continued, "So in order to show the results of the modification, I will With the development of the plot, this is gradually reflected.

I estimate that around thirty-two chapters, I will create the duel of the World Budokai, through the battle between the protagonist and the supporting role, establish the unshakable protagonist status of Monkey King, and become a real kingly man!"

Speaking of this, Wang Hao's eyes suddenly burned with a raging flame. It was an unyielding fighting spirit. This time he had no retreat after failure, so he could only succeed!