Wang Hao raised his brows, and Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu curled his lips in dissatisfaction: "What did you call me? Did you forget what you said yesterday?"

Upon hearing this, Wang Hao immediately became a little confused, and it took a while to realize that when he saw the other party's slightly squinted eyes, he suddenly shuddered. After looking around, he immediately gritted his teeth and tried to keep his voice from trembling. , Said a little embarrassed: "Uh...Shiyu..."

As soon as he said the words, Wang Hao felt that his strength had been taken away, and he felt a little tired physically and mentally.

After hearing Wang Hao’s answer, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu nodded in satisfaction, her long legs wrapped in black stockings turned up, seemingly reluctant to say: "Well, although it’s a bit unwilling to be called by the perverted king It's comfortable, but forget it, I don't care about you with the broad-minded..."

However, the pleasant smile at the corner of his mouth appeared again, but he did not say more in peace.

Didn't you want me to say it?Wang Hao's face turned dark, and he still resisted wanting to complain. If Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu continued to spit on her tongue, the surrounding area would become a mess again, and he was the one who dealt with the mess in the end.

Although Wang Hao breathed a sigh of relief, the other members of the group narrowed their eyes slightly when they heard this, and finally resisted the question.

In this way, the atmosphere in the club calmed down again. Everyone started to be busy. When the work was done halfway, Wang Hao suddenly raised his head and said to everyone: "Yes, tell everyone in advance. Maybe another new member will be added. I hope everyone will be mentally prepared."

"Who is the new member?"

Akane Segawa asked inexplicably, and at the same time asked the voice of everyone present. Only An Yilun seemed to think of something, and quickly asked aloud: "Aha, did you mean "Dragon" Nosuke"?"

When An Yilun also got up this morning, she received Wang Hao's message. It mentioned Long Zhisuke. He was not in a hurry to reply at the time. He would ask him when he was thinking about club activities in the afternoon.

But being so busy made An Yilun temporarily forget about it. If it weren't for Wang Hao's words, I'm afraid I won't be able to remember it until night.

"That's right, it's the Ryunosuke. I asked the other party to meet at the coffee shop this afternoon. I hope you will come with me at that time. After all, you are better at persuading each other..."

Wang Hao nodded and replied. In his opinion, An Yilun is also more suitable for persuading the other party than himself, because Wang Hao's understanding of the secondary culture of this world is not as good as An Yilun, a heavy otaku. .

Station b is small and belongs to a small and medium-sized two-dimensional website, but the users are basically otaku. Therefore, Wang Hao speculates that the other party is likely to be an otaku. This possibility is as high as 95%, so at this time It's best to pull An Yilun over.

Well, to this day, Wang Hao has not forgotten that when he was in school, An Yilun also carried out brainwashing missions to him almost every day. In his words, he was a missionary of the two-dimensional culture.

Wang Hao also agrees with this point, because in the end he was really given to Amway by An Yilun.

"No problem, you can rest assured that A Hao's things are wrapped around me, and I also want to see how sacred "Ryunosuke" is?"

An Yilun also stretched out his hand and gently pushed the frame of the glasses, and Wang Hao was relieved when he said that and stopped asking more questions.

However, the conversation between Wang Hao and An Yilun caused Akane Segawa to listen to the cloud in the mist, and she had a headache. She didn't understand what the two were talking about. She immediately shook her ponytails helplessly and asked them loudly. Said: "So who is the new member? You two have been talking for a long time, I can't understand a word!"

"It might be a bit troublesome to explain, I'll just make a long story short."

Wang Hao also knew that he might be a little unclear about what he said, so he organized the language in his mind for a moment, pondered for a moment, and said: "I used to be idle and started to make a game, and I finally finished it a few days ago. I will launch the demo version on station b. The "Ryunosuke" I mentioned is currently the only player who has cleared the game. I also talked to him a few words.

So I think after meeting today, I will decide whether to invite each other to join our club."

"So that's it..."

Akane Segawa nodded without understanding, and the rest of the group knew it well, and at the same time became even more curious about the mysterious Ryunosuke.

Although Wang Hao appreciates Ryunosuke’s abilities, he still decides to contact the other party before making plans. After all, his hiring ability is important, but the most important thing is his personal morality and personality. Line up behind these two.

Sima Guang wrote when analyzing the death of Zhibo without virtue in "Zi Zhi Tong Jian": "All talents and virtues are called saints, talents and virtues and deaths are called fools, virtues are superior to those who are called gentlemen, and talents are superior to virtues to be called sages. Villain."

Or from the perspective of the current enterprise to understand this sentence: virtuous and talented to reuse, virtuous but not talented to use it cautiously, no virtue but not talented to abandon, and no virtue and talented to resolutely use it.

Chapter 484: Why is it toothless (shame)?

In Wang Hao’s opinion, the modern Dimensional Research Society must follow this standard to recruit members. Although there are many problem children in the society, everyone is still kind in nature, so Wang Hao must be responsible for them. The moral requirements of members are extremely strict.

Although talent is important, there are things that are more important than talent in Wang Hao's eyes, such as hard work, kindness, etc...

Perhaps these are not worth mentioning in the eyes of other people, but Wang Hao thinks that this innocent nature is the most precious thing of mankind and should be valued.

When other members heard Wang Hao’s answer, their eyes flickered for a while, but Yuseiin's apricot curled his lips in disdain, "Isn’t your life easy, Hao-kun? There is extra time to play games. It seems that you should usually Didn't you go fishing for fish?"

"Before you say this, you should touch your conscience and feel the beating of your heart. I almost forgot. Although the fat on your chest is a good thing, you must not let the fat on your chest cloud you."

Wang Hao faintly counterattacked without raising his head. The white face of Yushengyuan's apricot who said this quietly blushed, and he gave Wang Hao a shy look.

What else can the fat on the chest be besides oppa?

Although Yushoin's apricot looks very strong during the day, she is still an ordinary female high school student in the final analysis. He naturally blushed when he heard Wang Hao's words.

At this time, although Goshoin Apricot wanted to use the majesty of the student council president to oppress the other party, but it was counterproductive, but the serious expression she tried to make was due to the blush on both sides of her cheeks, which made her look a little cute. , I didn’t even know what language to use to refute the opponent, so I gritted my teeth and said angrily: "Shameless..."

Upon hearing this, Wang Hao smiled lightly, raised his head and looked at the blushing student president on the opposite side, smiling slowly: "What did you say? My teeth are so neatly grown, where do you see toothlessness? (Shame) Is it here?"

As soon as he finished speaking, Wang Hao did not forget to smile at the other party, revealing eight white teeth, a standard international eight-teeth smile, the afternoon sun shined through the window, making this smile look extraordinarily brilliant. Full of a hint of warm sunshine.

If an average girl saw this scene, they would be addicted to Wang Hao's brilliant smile in an instant, because this smile is really attractive.

But in Yu Shengyuan's eyes, Wang Hao's smile was undoubtedly a provocation to her, and she immediately tickled her with hatred, and she felt that this smiling face became more hateful.

After he saw Yushengyuan's gnashing teeth, Wang Hao didn't tease the other party anymore. After all, he couldn't play too much, just accept it as soon as he sees it.

But this way, he feels a lot more comfortable in his heart. He has not forgotten the poisonous tongue that Yushengyuan Apricot had on him last time. Now that he finds a chance to fight against the army, Wang Hao feels that the air he breathes is also clearer, but He was not so happy in his heart, because he was completely forced to do this step.

That's right, that was an unbearable history. Wang Hao's current eloquence can be said to be completely poisoned. Among them, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu contributed even more.

In this environment, it is difficult for Wang Hao not to change, although he also knows that in this respect he is not far from Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu, who is a master of poison tongue, but his skill is obvious.

For example, just now he was able to successfully make Yushengyuan Apricot speechless, and he could already find that his mouth has increased significantly. You must know that he was still in a state of being poisoned by the Yushengyuan Apricot not long ago.

After some ridicule, everyone started to work again. Wang Hao didn’t take time off either, and quickly tapped the keyboard with both hands. What he was doing was the optimization and revision of the new book "Love in the Sky", and the time passed slowly...


"Wait, it seems something is wrong? It should be wrong?"

Akane Segawa, who was practicing programming alone, stopped suddenly and frowned when she looked at the screen. She couldn't think of a reason. She turned her head and looked at Wang Hao next to him and asked, "Ho-kun, I can trouble you to take a look. Is it right here?"

Hearing this, Wang Hao also stopped, got up from the chair and walked to Akane Segawa, lowered his head and leaned against the table with one hand, carefully looking at the computer screen.

Seeing Wang Hao approaching so close, Akane Segawa's face suddenly blushed, and she shook her head quickly to stop thinking about it and stay awake.

But even though Akane Segawa thought so in her heart, she couldn't help but quietly raised her head and glanced up. It turns out that Ho-kun was so attractive when he was serious...

Bah, baah!What are you thinking about?

The blush on Akane Segawa's face became stronger again, and he looked around carefully, and he was relieved to make sure that no one had noticed this scene.

Even Wang Hao, who was next to Akane Segawa, didn’t notice the other party’s abnormality. He stared at the screen and quickly got the answer. He pointed his finger at the computer screen and said, “I’m wrong here. You can change it here. You don’t need to be too reluctant now. I recommend you to learn the C language. The bookshelf has... Forget it, I’ll bring it for you."

As soon as he said the words, Wang Hao turned and walked towards the bookshelf next to him. His eyes scanned quickly for a while, his gaze flicked across a comic magazine, he quickly locked the target and reached out and took it from it.

This is a simple and introductory book about the C language. It is not too thick. After Wang Hao got it, he gave it to Akane Segawa, saying: "This is not too difficult. After learning from the above, it should be fine. If you have any questions, you can ask me."

"Thank you, I will take a closer look!"