Suddenly hearing Wang Hao's question, An Yilun also became a little panicked, because he usually didn't pay much attention to these details, but he quickly thought about this question.

After a while, An Yilun also looked at the pedestrians on the road and pushed his glasses slightly, and replied with some uncertainty: "If I walk about 80 meters per minute, it's not too fast, Hahao. Is there anything important to ask suddenly?"

"Well, it's barely an important thing, because it can save a lot of time. Then everyone will go to Sakura Village with me."

"real or fake?"

Upon hearing this, An Yilun also said with some doubts, but he knew that the other party was here for the first time, Wang Hao also smiled at An Yilun, because he did more to answer this matter, but he was very sure of the location. Nodding: "It's okay to follow me, but it should take about ten minutes to walk."

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and walked forward first, his steps opening and closing, his back gave a very reliable feeling.

Seeing Wang Hao's confident appearance, An Yilun finally chose to follow suit, because Wang Hao in his impression was indeed very reliable.

At the same time, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu on the other side saw this, a strange light flashed in her eyes, and she became a little curious. Like An Yilun, she chose to follow, but she was at the end.


After about 11 minutes of walking, Wang Hao finally stopped and didn't move on, but smiled while looking at the front.

This caused An Yilun in the rear to be taken aback, and Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu also stopped and looked in the direction where Wang Hao was looking.

Seeing this scene, An Yilun also looked over at the same time, and immediately saw the three characters "Sakura Village" printed on the manor in front of him, and quickly said with some excitement: "Unexpectedly, Sakura Village is really real. Hao’s is right ahead! How did you know that Sakura Villa is here? Have you been here before? Or in fact, Hao, you have the legendary super power!"

"Super powers? Lun Ye, you read too much light novels, right? If only I could be super powers..."

Hearing An Yilun also had a series of questions, especially in the end even the super powers appeared, Wang Hao had to admire the other party’s brains, but he really couldn’t control his vomiting power, because of this card. It is really uncomfortable in the bronchus.

"That said, I was a little too excited."

An Yilun also smiled awkwardly. At the same time, he realized that what he said was indeed a bit unrealistic. However, after Wang Hao said what he wanted to complain about, he felt a lot more comfortable and decided to change his thoughts. Tell each other.

After sorting out his thoughts in his mind, Wang Hao slowly said, “Actually, this is my first time to Sakura Village. I didn’t know where Sakura Village was before, but I just reasoned about it based on yesterday’s clues, and then roughly judged it. It’s a coincidence that I can find it now."

"Yesterday's clues to reason?"

An Yilun also repeated these two words in a low voice, but after thinking about it for a while, she still didn't get any results. She still had a puzzled expression, but in the end she couldn't think of it, so she stretched out her hand a little irritably. After scratching the back of his head, he simply gave up thinking and looked at Wang Hao helplessly and asked for help: "A Hao, just tell me the answer."

Chapter 491 Visiting Sakura Village

"Do you remember why Ryunosuke moved?"

Wang Hao didn't answer An Yilun's question immediately, instead he mentioned another seemingly irrelevant question, which made An Yilun frown.

This question is so simple that even an idiot can figure it out. Although An Yilun can't figure out why Wang Hao asked this question, he still answered truthfully: "The reason why Ryunosuke moved is because after joining the club, Sakura Zhuang is too far away from Qiushui Mountain Villa. It is very troublesome to go back and forth every day. He mentioned this problem when he chatted with us yesterday. It takes 40 minutes for each trip and 80 minutes for each trip."

"Yes, the answer is good!"

Wang Hao snapped his fingers lightly, and was very satisfied with An Yilun's answer. This made An Yilun even more confused. He had no idea what the other party was thinking, so he had to keep asking patiently. Said: "Does this have anything to do with the clue reasoning you mentioned, Ahao?"

"Of course it does, because this is the only clue."

Hearing this, Wang Hao smiled bitterly, and seeing An Yilun still looked confused, he couldn't help but sighed a little, and further explained: "In fact, this is not too complicated, and I have nothing to do. Super power, just a simple analysis.

First of all, we know that the specific location of Sakura Villa is near the high school affiliated to Suimei University of the Arts. The other party actually needs 90 minutes a day to be accurate."

Upon hearing this, An Yilun also raised his hand to express his objection, "90 minutes? Shouldn't it be 80 minutes?"

"The premise of Ryunosuke's 80 minutes is to go directly to the station after school and take a bus to Qiushui Villa. That is to say, the other party did not go home directly after school and chose to go directly to the station.

It takes 10 minutes to reach the station from the high school here, and it takes about 30 minutes to reach the Qiushui Villa by car, which is exactly 40 minutes."

Seeing An Yilun still looks like he doesn’t understand, Wang Hao didn’t bother to continue selling at this time, and continued to explain slowly: “I remember hearing the other party mention it yesterday, from Sakura Village to Shuiming Art. The high school attached to the university takes more than ten minutes, which is why ten minutes are missing. His 80 minutes is a round-trip time between the school and Qiushui Villa."

"So, I understand what you mean, Ahao!"

After hearing Wang Hao’s detailed explanation, An Yilun also showed a sudden enlightenment on his face. The other party’s analysis was indeed very reasonable. The look in Wang Hao’s eyes also changed instantly, and it took a while. Slowly said: "I found that Ah Hao, your thoughts are really meticulous, you have not missed any of these details, and you can calmly analyze this step. If you are against someone like you, really very scary……"

"Lun Ye-jun, this is a bit too much, am I really that scary?"

Although An Yilun seems to be complimenting herself, Wang Hao is not happy when he hears it. Wouldn't she become a scheming boy?

"Haha! I'm just making an analogy, Ahao, don't mind too much, because we are friends, it's impossible to be enemies or anything."

An Yilun also chuckled softly, Wang Hao's face only after hearing this, she was not really angry just now, just saying that on purpose to ease the atmosphere.

Although everything is clear, he still doesn't understand a bit. Seeing Wang Hao, he couldn't help but hesitate to ask: "A Hao, I probably understand what you mean, but just now, A Hao, you asked me how many meters per minute I am walking. Meaning?"

Hearing this question, Wang Hao looked a little hesitant, but in the end he decided to tell the truth, nodded, and said, "’s not actually a special meaning, but I don’t know how normal people walk. Speed, so a little curious..."

As soon as this was said, the atmosphere on the scene calmed down again.After a while, An Yilun stared at Wang Hao with a weird look, and asked with a serious expression, "A Hao, don't you think of me as a fool?"

"How did you come to this answer..."

Wang Hao twitched his mouth and sighed helplessly. He really didn't know how the other party came to this answer that made him feel speechless.

This time An Yilun also replied without even thinking, "Because what you just said can only be believed by an idiot!"

As everyone knows, Wang Hao's mood is the most depressed at this time. He finally speaks the truth and is treated as a joke.

But he can also understand An Yilun, because according to normal people's thinking, what he said just now is really absurd, but he really doesn't know!

After a thousand words, Wang Hao could only turn into a faint long sigh, even though there was inexhaustible bitterness in his heart.

These days, no one believes the truth?

After washing the bones and cutting the marrow, although Wang Hao’s walking speed has not been clearly tested, at least it can pull a lot of ordinary people. When leading the way just now, he deliberately slowed down and waited for An Yilun. Also with Xiazhiqiu Shiyu.

Wang Hao shrugged helplessly. In order to convince An Yilun, he had to find another seemingly serious reason and replied: "Look... Ryunosuke's body shape and height are not the same as that of you. So I think the other person’s walking speed should be about the same as yours, so ask how much distance you can walk per minute to get a detailed reference data."

"So that's the case, let me just say..."

An Yilun also nodded suddenly. Wang Hao was a little speechless, but he didn't bother to continue discussing this aspect. He turned to look at Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu and smiled slightly: "What do you think?"

A few rays of sunlight shone in through the cracks of the trees and scattered on the ground. At the same time, a breeze blew gently, curling up the fallen leaves, and messing up the hair on the forehead of the girl.

Um, Xiazhiqiu Shiyu calmly stretched out her hand and gently combed it to the side, nodded calmly, and said, "Well, it was really my carelessness. I didn't expect the modern humanoid automatic planter to be updated so quickly. , Now the GPS positioning system has been installed."


Suddenly Wang Hao realized how stupid he was to challenge the Poison Tongue Demon King, and he resisted the urge to spit in his heart, because God knew what else would be said from the other party's mouth.

After taking a deep breath, Wang Hao looked at the time on his watch, guessing that the other party should have returned by this time, and the three of them walked slowly to the entrance of Sakura Village.

Looking at the slightly old and quiet building in front of him, Wang Hao didn't know why, and suddenly felt that living in this environment seemed good.

"Ding Dong——!"

He shook his head slightly. Knowing that it was not the time to think about this, he hurriedly rang the doorbell next to the gate, and then stood quietly and waited.