Facing Xiazhiqiu Shiyu's bones in the egg, Wang Hao just spread out his hand helplessly, "There is such a parking lot nearby. I don't want to be fined for parking vehicles randomly."

Having said that, the three people have already arrived at the parking lot. The parking fees placed here are paid first, so Wang Hao did not pay extra.

After everyone got in the car one by one, Shiyu Xiazhiqiu, who was sitting in the passenger seat, did not forget the topic just now, and continued: "Isn't it because you can't find the way?"

Sitting in the driving seat, Wang Hao’s mouth twitched, and at the same time he started the vehicle and started driving. While driving the vehicle, he said, “Xia Zhiqiu, do you know that what is said is sometimes very interesting? unhappy……"

"Really? It would be great if it bores you. After all, the way you are unhappy makes me very happy."

"I think you are more like a pervert."

Wang Hao finally couldn't help but spit out black lines. An Yilun in the back seat also smiled softly when he saw this scene, "The relationship between Hao Hao and Xia Zhiqiu is really good."

"Lun Ye-kun, aren't you playing galgame too much, right?"

Hearing An Yilun’s words, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu immediately turned his head to look at the opponent. Wang Hao was unkind and relieved when he saw someone coming out to carry the pot for him. After all, his teammates were selling them. I can only hope that An Yilun will also ask for much blessing.

In the next moment, as expected, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu looked at An Yilun and sneered: "I think it is inevitable. After all, you are a virgin like the perverted gentleman, and virgins deal with feelings almost It's almost the same."

Upon hearing this, Wang Hao, who had originally thought it had nothing to do with him, turned his entire face black.

Hello!If you want to poison your tongue, go to the other side, why do you suddenly get involved with the virgin and yourself!Which rule stipulates that virgins must be short-sighted in emotional matters!!

How can it be repaired!What kind of hatred does this guy have with virgins, can't everyone put aside the topic of virgins and sit down and have a good chat?

The black Maybach shuttled smoothly on the road, like a cheetah hunting prey, the scene outside the car window was constantly changing, and it didn't take much time to drive a long distance.


"Huh, I said I can catch up."

After the Black Maybach returned to the Qiushui Villa, Wang Hao breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the company's truck had not stopped in front of the door.

"Welcome back."

Not long after entering the door, the three of them ran into Qingshan Qihai, and the other side greeted this side with a sweet smile. Wang Hao and others also nodded to each other, and then he asked: "Qihai sauce, prepared How does that go?"

"With everyone's help, the cooking and arrangement are all completed."

"That's good, I guess Ryunosuke will be there in two or three minutes."

"Ryunosuke is the name of the new member?"

"Well, his name is Akasaka Ryunosuke, and he is a beautiful...boy."

In the end, Wang Hao's expression turned a little weird. In fact, if it weren't for some detailed observations today, he would probably treat the other person as a girl.

Because Akasaka Ryunosuke has a very beautiful girl face, it can be said that the other party only needs to paint a little makeup and put on beautiful women's clothing, and he can go and grab a man with a girl...

Okay, okay, no kidding, but this also shows that Akasaka Ryunosuke is indeed very feminine.

However, through communicating with the other party, Wang Hao observed that the other party spoke in the same tone as a boy, and there are subtle Adam's apples in his throat, but I am afraid that most people will ignore these details because of the other party's delicate and beautiful face.

The last and most critical point is that if Wang Hao is not wrong, Akasaka Ryunosuke should have symptoms of aversion and fear of women, and he initially speculated that it should be female phobia...

In addition, the measurements of Akasaka Ryunosuke are too miserable. If it is really a girl, it is a bit too pitiful, it can be said that it is even more flat than the airport.

In summary, he can judge that Akasaka Ryunosuke is a beautiful boy, but if the other party really suffers from female phobia, then things are a bit troublesome.

But maybe things are not as complicated as he thought. Just now, from Kanda Sorata's words, he came up with a conclusion, knowing that Akasaka Ryunosuke hardly likes to go out, just like a cocoon who lives in a simple way.

But in this way, you can avoid contact with others, so there is no need to worry about Akasaka Ryunosuke's possible femininity.

And even if you suffer from "female phobia", it does not necessarily mean you will always be afraid of women in the future. There is also a solution to this symptom. Even if it is a serious "Internet dependence" like Yazi, the current situation Everything has improved, and he believes that in the future, he will definitely help Wing Ryunosuke gradually get rid of his femininity.

"Then I will go in and continue to prepare."

"Well, that would be troublesome."

Qingshan Qihai said towards Wang Hao, he nodded, and turned his head to look at Xiazhiqiu Shiyu and An Yilun, "You two should also go in and help prepare, I'll do it alone here."

"Roger that!"

An Yilun also responded, turning around and leaving with Qingshan Qihai. After Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu glanced at Wang Hao, he immediately followed.

At this moment, a truck can already be seen not far away...

Chapter 497 I...no...nothing...

Standing at the door, Wang Hao waved to the truck. After a while, the truck stopped here and Akasaka Ryunosuke himself walked down.

After getting out of the car, the transport staff began to move hands and feet quickly, Wang Hao also participated in the same, reached out and picked up three boxes, led the people in the front, and said to everyone, "Please go here. ."

Akasaka Ryunosuke’s stuff was not too much. There were three porters in total. They all held two boxes in their arms, Akasaka Ryunosuke held one, Wang Hao held three, and there were seven or eight left in the truck. One.

Believe that in one trip, you can easily move all the boxes.

After entering the yard, even the few movers who had seen many buildings couldn't help but lost their senses for a moment, and they came back to their senses after hearing Wang Hao's reminder.

Although they have seen many houses, the architecture and environment here still gave them a lot of shock. I am afraid that those who see this yard at first sight will never guess that there will be such a beautiful scenery in the wall.

"Okay, please lead the way."

An employee of a transportation company in his 30s spoke up. Perhaps he didn't even know it, and there was a hint of respectfulness in his tone of voice.

Wang Hao didn't care too much. He led the crowd to make a turn and move on, instead of directly taking the path of the middle living room. Although it was more convenient to go there, there were two reasons for not being able to go there.

One, the living room is busy over there, and it is not convenient to walk there now; two, if the surprise is discovered in advance, it will be boring.

Soon, he took everyone to the backyard, pushed open the door of the house in the yard, followed the stairs here and walked to the second floor first, and came to the room on the inner edge.

"right here."

The room that Wang Hao chose was not occupied by anyone, and the location on the edge also made it very quiet. After all, Akasaka Ryunosuke may suffer from femininity. In addition to him and An Yilun, the club has also added newcomers Akasaka Ryunosuke, there are only three boys in total, and then all the others are girls...

But I believe things will get better, and one day Akasaka Ryunosuke will be able to overcome the female phobia.

As mentioned earlier, my predecessor’s desire to be a doctor in the future can be said to have laid a strong foundation in medical theoretical knowledge. Even when he was a child, Mr. Wang also hired a teacher who was good at Eastern and Western medicine for his predecessor. .

Although there is no practical experience so far, Wang Hao still has a lot of theoretical basis in his mind, knowing how to treat most diseases.

For example, Akasaka Ryunosuke’s feminine phobia, as the name suggests, refers to the emotions that are extremely disgusting and fearful towards women. When you see you, your heart will hate fear and fear, and you want to hide far, far away from women.

I'm afraid he guessed that Akasaka Ryunosuke didn't like to go out very much, just like a cocoon who lived in a simple way, a large part of the reason was because of femininity.

He also knows the cause of feminine phobia, mainly due to childhood shadows or improper education in the process of growing up, experience of frustration with women, etc...

You must not escape from this kind of thing. Avoiding fear will make you unable to overcome it.