On the contrary, when you gradually expose yourself to fearful things and learn to face them, you will find that the things you are afraid of have not really happened, so that you will gradually eliminate your fear of them.

Therefore, for the sake of Akasaka Ryunosuke, Wang Hao thinks that the current environment is also very suitable for the other party, because the current atmosphere of Qiushui Villa is really declining.

In the constant interaction of everyone, as time goes by, Akasaka Ryunosuke will gradually overcome the symptom of femininity, and the same is true for Ako's internet dependence.

Wait...In this way, how does Wang Hao feel that he has suddenly become a clinic?!

"The room has been cleaned. If there is any problem, you can tell me."

Shaking his head, he decided not to think about it anymore, Wang Hao looked at Akasaka Ryunosuke with a wry smile.

"Well, that's it. I like this quiet atmosphere."

Looking at the layout of the surrounding environment, Akasaka Ryunosuke showed a trace of satisfaction. For him, this quiet atmosphere is simply an ideal place to live.

And the ventilation is very good, this location will not be disturbed by other people, you can also open the windows when you are bored, because the outside scenery is very beautiful.

Wang Hao also breathed a sigh of satisfaction when he saw the other party, but his face was still a bit weird, because there are indeed many girls in the club. If Akasaka Ryunosuke waits to learn about this fact, I am afraid his face will be wonderful. ?

When he thought of this, a wicked smile appeared on his face, and he became more and more looking forward to what would happen next.

"Did Haojun remember something worthy of happiness?"

Akasaka Ryunosuke looked at Wang Hao in a puzzled manner, and the smile on his face suddenly stiffened, but he said without changing his face: "Well, I suddenly remembered a joke I saw on the Internet today. "

"is it……"

Akasaka Ryunosuke nodded indifferently, and did not continue to question. Wang Hao was relieved when he saw this, and almost exposed it, it was really dangerous.

It seems that my qigong is still not at home, so I have to practice more.

Everyone walked downstairs again, and at the same time all the boxes were moved. One moved to Akasaka Ryunosuke's room without landing, and all the people who moved the company left.

Looking at the time on the watch, Wang Hao estimated that it was almost time to complete it. He immediately turned his head and smiled at Akasaka Ryunosuke and slowly said, "Okay, I will take Ryunosuke to familiarize yourself with the surroundings. environment of."

After speaking, he walked toward the straight, which was the direction of the living room, and he could reach it by pushing the door in front of him.

"Then it will be troublesome."

Akasaka Ryunosuke still said indifferently, following Wang Hao unhurriedly.

The two soon arrived at the door. Wang Hao looked at Akasaka Ryunosuke with a mysterious smile, and gently opened the door amidst the other's doubts.

"Welcome to the Modern Dimensional Research Society!"×n

In the next instant, the overwhelming and enthusiastic shouts suddenly sounded. Wang Hao, who had already understood all of this, would not be surprised when he saw it.

However, Akasaka Ryunosuke who saw this scene suddenly was shocked. It can be said that he felt shocked in the double-sided sense. He even went back a few steps pale and almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Wang Hao touched the opponent at this time, and asked with some concern: "Are you okay?"

"I...no...nothing..., how could I possibly have something?"

Akasaka Ryunosuke said with a pale face. Although his mouth was brave, Wang Hao could still feel that the opponent's body was already shaking slightly...

Chapter 498, let go of that piece of meat!

Do you look okay?No matter how you look at it, there are big problems, right!

Standing next to Wang Hao, seeing Akasaka Ryunosuke's trembling appearance, he was 100% sure that the beautiful boy in front of him was suffering from "female phobia". It seemed that he was going to be a doctor again...

Wang Hao feels that if one day he can't get along, he may be a doctor at a problem children's treatment center. He might be surprisingly good. After all, his resistance to problem children has been mentioned so high.

"Are you really okay? I'll take you back to your room if you feel unwell. After all, there are so many people here..."

Looking at Akasaka Ryunosuke, who was pale and shaking again, Wang Hao couldn't help but greeted him with concern, but he reached out and closed the door without a trace, even if Akasaka Ryunosuke wanted to turn around and leave. No way.

Seeing this scene, the pale-faced Akasaka Ryunosuke quietly turned his head and saw that the door had been locked, and a few black lines appeared on Akasaka Ryunosuke's forehead. Now, even if he wants to turn around and leave, he has no choice. Just open the door and lose by yourself!

And because of his strong personality, how could he allow him to escape in such a dingy manner?It is impossible to escape, it is impossible to escape in this life!

"It's okay..."

Listening to Akasaka Ryunosuke's obvious prowess, Wang Hao didn't break it on the spot either. It would be embarrassing to say it directly. After all, he is also a person who can watch the atmosphere and knows that enough is enough.

Although the other party is a bit pitiful now, Wang Hao kept telling himself in his heart that all this was for the good of the other party and that he was doing the right things. How could he overcome the difficulties if he didn't face it bravely?

Well, Wang Hao has absolutely no other nasty thoughts in his mind, so he won’t be happy with such nasty things. He just suppressed the smile at the corner of his mouth, pointed his finger at Akasaka Ryunosuke, and turned to face Everyone said loudly and earnestly: "Let me introduce to you, this is our new protagonist today-Akasaka Ryunosuke!"

"Papa Papa——!!!"

A burst of enthusiastic applause sounded again. At this time, even though Akasaka Ryunosuke's face was still a little pale, it was obvious that the other party's expression was going to relax a lot. After hesitating for a moment, he bowed deeply to everyone: "Thank you. Welcome party for me!"

Wang Hao quickly helped Akasaka Ryunosuke, and he couldn't help showing a smile of relief when he heard the other party's words, because from this we can see that the other party's nature is not bad, "Get up! Ryunosuke, you But today’s protagonist, although I have just said it, I still want to say it again, welcome to join the "Modern Dimensional Research Society". Although it is only a small society, I hope everyone can cheer together! Let’s start a grand event today. Welcome party!"

With Wang Hao's speech, the welcome party officially began.

"Oye! Long live the welcome!"

At this moment, a slightly familiar cheer rang through Wang Hao's ears. He followed the voice and glanced over, and he immediately saw the Yamada fairy with two dark circles under his eyes but looked very energetic. She frowned and asked: "Why are you here?"

Having not seen each other for so long, the appearance of the Yamada fairy gave Wang Hao a small surprise, so he subconsciously asked questions.

Hearing the question from Wang Hao, the blond girl in Western-style dress next to her stretched out her right hand to gently lift the skirt under the shining of the spotlight, and slightly lowered her body in an elegant posture.

The demon Yamada covered his right eye with his left hand in the depths, and snorted softly, and said in a haughty and disdainful tone: "Hmph, as long as the light is there, there is our figure, how can the dark place be difficult to us? Footsteps?"

"That's it, you didn't say that I almost forgot..."

Wang Hao suddenly realized that if the Yamada Fairy hadn't told him, he would have almost forgotten that this guy was locked in a small black house before, but he didn't expect it to be released so soon, which surprised Wang Hao.

However, this Form 2 is still as shameful as always. To be honest, if Wang Hao is on the street, he might pretend not to know each other...

Upon hearing this, the fairy Yamada, who was in the second grade just now, stomped his feet angrily, "Wow, why are you so affectionate? Why do you think Miss Ben stayed in that shabby and poor hotel for so long?"

Hey Hey hey!Why did you get involved with yourself again?Wang Hao couldn't help but vomit: "Isn't it because you dragged the manuscript by yourself and were locked in a small black room? And it's already very good to have a hotel stay. Hurry up and apologize to other authors who have been edited and locked in the basement codeword!"

"It is indeed... not right! If it weren't for the new work that was busy with you, this lady would have come out of it! And do you think that kind of novelist like me can be compared with the savior of light novels like me? !"

Although the last sentence made Wang Hao want to vomit, the previous words seemed to make sense. Wang Hao could only touch his face and said with a weird expression: "Yes, yes, I can't offend, I can't offend, you can say anything. Is that right?"

"Why do I feel that what you said, where is the problem?"

"How is it possible? You must have heard it wrong."

Wang Hao said calmly, seeing that there was still a trace of doubt on the face of the fairy Yamada, he immediately changed the subject and pointed at the table next to him, "If you don't get past, the food there will be almost gone..."

The fairy Yamada followed Wang Hao’s hand and looked at it, his face immediately panicked, and no longer cared whether Wang Hao’s words were wrong, his body quickly ran towards the dining table, and he did not forget to shout: "Ah. Yazi, wait for me! That piece of Kobe beef and Hotan beef was just roasted by me, so there is meat left in my mouth!!"

Well, that's it. Unexpectedly, this guy is really easy to fool, Wang Hao nodded in relief.