It can be said that the matter is really urgent at present, and it will be time to visit the campus next week, which means that the Muse only has one week to train.

Everyone worked so hard, and Wang Hao naturally couldn't fall behind the girls, or seeing them fighting hard, Wang Hao had a heartfelt desire to help these lovely girls realize their dreams.

"Another society?!"

Sure enough, as soon as Wang Hao said what he said, the eyes of the other members present suddenly became sharp, and they looked at him like a prisoner.

Seeing this situation, Wang Hao's scalp was a little numb. He stretched out his hand and scratched the back of his head, trying to say in a relaxed tone: "Ahhhhhhhh? Didn't I say it?"

"Sorry, I didn't say it."

Yu Shengyuan Xing replied with a cold face, Wang Hao didn't show any embarrassment, but smiled naturally, "Is that so? It seems that I forgot, hahaha..."

Well, he found that his smile didn't seem to have any effect. All the people present were staring at him with serious eyes, so Wang Hao couldn't laugh anymore.

The fairy Yamada, who doesn't dislike the trouble, immediately shouted next to him: "Frankly lenient, resisting strictly! Wouldn't you guy join a society that is all beautiful girls?"

"Have you investigated me?"

At the end of hearing, Wang Hao suddenly looked at the past with a stunned expression, and asked with some guilty conscience.

"I'm just talking casually, you guy...couldn't it be real?!"

Seeing Wang Hao's appearance, even the face of the fairy Yamada became a little weird, and he didn't expect that he would guess what he said nonsense.

At the same time, a lot of sharp eyes fell on Wang Hao, which made him feel more pressured. A thin cold sweat broke out on his forehead, and he gritted his teeth slightly and said, "Uh... for the time being... "

"Darling this big idiot! Obviously Yazi has to go to the flowers and the grass, the big carrot!!"

Yuzhi Yazi immediately looked at Wang Hao with a grievance on his face, and his big eyes were filled with mist. It seemed that Wang Hao had done something terrible and sinful.

Yushengyuan Xing also followed up and shouted, "That's right! Haojun, the big carrot, obviously I am here, so it's really disappointing to have to do this kind of thing!"

"Hey, this matter has nothing to do with you! And what does it mean that I am there? And what the hell is doing such a thing? I am obviously innocent, OK? I'm really sorry to let you down!"

Wang Hao looked at Yushengyuan's apricot with a black line, and couldn't help but want to vomit in his heart. As expected, the other party was still worrying about what happened last time.

"I think this guy should be dealt with by the police. I believe that the little black house is your ultimate destination."

Akane Segawa seriously thought about it, and then summed up the reason for this strange thing.

Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu, who was sitting quietly by the side, gave up, and said lightly: "It seems that it is necessary to humanely deal with a humanoid self-propelled gun that has broken down."

"This matter is Haojun's fault..."

"I didn't expect Haojun to become like this."

Kato Megumi and Aoyama Nanami took the initiative to open the distance with Wang Hao, and approached in the direction of Kasumigaoka Shiwa and others.

"Please don't say such horrible things so casually!"

Listening to all the strange reasons that everyone gathered together, Wang Hao suddenly got a cold sweat. Is it really okay to have such a direct discussion in person?

What makes Wang Hao chilling most is that two normal people, Kato Kei and Aoyama Qikai, also participated, and it immediately made him feel that the whole world was messed up. Why does he look like a scumbag now? What if he did something? Okay, the point is that I did nothing!

However, there is still one thing to be gratifying, that is, Zhen Bai still holds his arm. This move of Zhen Bai undoubtedly shows his trust in him, which makes Wang Hao moved to the point where he is overwhelmed. He did not expect the only person willing to believe in himself at this time It's really white.

Although the other party lowered his head and didn't know what he was thinking, it turned out that my family was really white and the cutest, kind-hearted like a little angel, and would not accept any rebuttal!

"I know what to do, Hao."

After a while, Shiina Zhenbai slowly raised his head and looked at Wang Hao. Although he didn't know what the other party was going to say, Wang Hao reached out his hand and rubbed the other party's head and asked, "Well, what should I do? What? I will listen carefully."

"In order to prevent Hao from being hurt by everyone, as long as I kill Hao by myself, it will be fine."

Shiina Zhenbai nodded, full of confidence in his proposal, but the smile on Wang Hao's face gradually disappeared, and a few black lines jumping back and forth appeared on his forehead. He couldn't help but vomit: "True white, killed... Where did you learn this term? Did you travel from the age of the warrior warrior?

Xiaoqian's plan A, Shiyu's plan B..."

Shiina Mashiro immediately stood up from the sofa, put his left hand on top of his head, straightened his right hand, and his body slightly bent. It vividly compared with a C symbol, and said confidently: "I know, killing Hao is plan C. !"

Chapter 501 White Cut Black

"No way! Why did Plan C kill me? It looks terrifying no matter what..."

Wang Hao finally couldn't help but vomit. He didn't expect that the only little angel he could trust just now would also stand in the enemy camp.

It seems that Shiina Maki can be renamed Shiina Maki, because Wang Hao thinks that the other party belongs to the typical "white cut black", just like the sesame stuffed dumplings sold in supermarkets, it looks smooth as jade from the surface, but once it is cut, the appearance is immediately There will be dark sesame fillings.

Judging from the current situation, he can be said to be an enemy of the world, and is on the opposite side of all the female members present. This is not something to be happy about.

I can't bear it, I don't need to bear it anymore. Although Wang Hao feels that it is useless if he can't bear it, but now he still has to take his stand. If he doesn't keep speaking, God knows what will happen next.

In short, we should first clarify the matter. If the misunderstanding continues to deepen, and when it accumulates to a certain level, even the white ones will turn into black, and they will not be able to clear them when they jump into the Yellow River.

Moreover, he had done nothing wrong in this matter. Why did he want to make it like this? Wang Hao deeply regretted this. He had known it just now and just told it all.

Seeing everyone with scrutinizing eyes, Wang Hao sighed helplessly, shook his head slightly, and said softly: "Actually, I wanted to tell everyone before, but I couldn't find a chance. In fact, this matter is also a coincidence. , Have you heard of Otonogizaka Academy?"

" seems a little bit of an impression. It seems that there is a traditional girls' college? My parents planned to send me there, but I finally refused."

Yu Shengyuan Xing frowned and said slowly, she was planning to go to school at that college, but in the end, considering many reasons, she didn't make it.

For Wang Hao's sudden mention of Otonogizaka Academy, Yushoin Kyou naturally noticed something wrong, and her eyes flickered and asked: "What happened to Otonogizaka Academy? Do you mean that the other team that you joined is related to that Academy? Is it relevant?"

"Yes! As expected of the president of the student council, my mind is turning really fast!"

When Wang Hao heard Yushengyuan’s answer, he did not hesitate to admire him. When the other party heard the words, his face was slightly flushed, his eyes widened deliberately, and he said with a ruthless expression: "Ben Do you still need to talk about the president's ingenuity? Otherwise, you think I was the student president like this?"

He stretched out his hand and shaved the bridge of his nose, and said frankly with an innocent face: "Uh... isn't it the reason for the board of directors?"

"You guy is really rude! Although there is this part of the reason, this factor is not worth mentioning with the ingenuity of the president!"

Yu Shengyuan's apricot complexion was slightly flushed, and he said quite angrily, like a cat with its tail being stepped on, his whole body exploded and launched a retort.

Seeing this situation, Wang Hao smiled slightly, and did not continue. After all, he knew the truth of reaping and stopping when he saw it. If he really molested Yushengyuan apricot, it would be worth the loss.

Well, Wang Hao hasn't forgotten his current situation, but there are many people around him staring at him, he doesn't want to be attacked by the group.

After successfully poisoning Yushengyuan's apricot, Wang Hao immediately felt refreshed, and this was regarded as revenge for his previous revenge.

Well, he is not the kind of person who likes to hold grudges, he just thinks that the principle of "a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye" is not bad.

"Yes, I did join a club of Otonogizaka Academy, not long before our first offline meeting..."

Having said that, Wang Hao’s expression was a little weird. He hadn’t thought that things would turn out like this before, but he soon calmed down, with a bitter smile, saying: “The reason for joining the Muse is actually a coincidence. It seems to me to be a coincidence. Oh, yes, I almost forgot to introduce it. The name of the club is Muse. The reason why I joined there has a lot to do with Zhenbai."

Hearing this, Sawamura Ying Riri immediately questioned in a puzzled way: "Well...Is Zhenbaijiang also added?"