The three people discussed in the discussion group for a full half an hour before they came up with specific amendments. After having detailed parameters, it was much more convenient for Wang Hao to make changes again.

Roughly modifying the game program, it didn’t waste much time. After all this, Wang Hao turned off the lights and rested. Although this time is earlier than his usual rest time, people always want to take a break, especially like He is such a stressful person.

But it may be because of the uncomfortable rest of the early days, Wang Hao didn't fall asleep for the first time after falling on the bed, and it took about ten minutes before he gradually felt a trace of fatigue.

Then more than ten minutes later, Wang Hao fell into half asleep and half awake, it can be said that he has almost fallen asleep, but there is still a hint of thought in his mind.

For example, if there is any small movement around him, he won't wake up, unless it is too much movement, he will wake up for the first time. It is estimated that he will have to wait another five or six minutes to enter deep sleep.

"Huh, huhu zzZ——"

Wang Hao lying on the bed let out rhythmic breathing sounds. He is now almost asleep, and he will be able to naturally deep sleep in a while. I have to say that sometimes I go to bed too early and I don't necessarily fall asleep.


At this moment, the door of the room was quietly opened. Unfortunately, Wang Hao, who was already asleep, couldn't notice these small movements at all, and still kept his breathing rhythm to sleep.

"Darling is really careless, he didn't even close the door..."

After the door was opened, someone walked in without surprise.

There was some cold sweat on Yuzhi Yazi's forehead, and his face was a little guilty. He looked around from time to time, very alert to the wind and grass around him.

After confirming that there was no one, she let out a sigh of relief. With the bright moonlight outside, she could barely get a general view of the room, and quietly closed the door gently.

Walking slowly to the bed, Yuzhi Yazi saw Wang Hao's side face clearly through the bright and bright moonlight, his face became slightly ruddy, and even his breathing was a bit heavy.

Shaking his head, Yuzhi Yazi muttered to herself with a confused expression: "It's all Darling bad. Ming Ming Yazi was ready and waiting in the room. I didn't expect a person to fall asleep here!"

Yuzhi Yazi watched Wang Hao whisper, as if trying to find a reason for her actions. This statement quickly made her feel at ease, and her pupils gradually became a little confused: "Darling did not close the door, maybe it was for Yazi to come over at night. "

"There is nothing wrong with doing this between husband and wife, and it must not be cheap to steal fishy cats outside!"

With the moonlight, Yuzhi Yazi gritted her teeth slightly, although her body trembled a little, she still made up her mind.

Reached out and touched the pajamas shoulder straps on the shoulders, with a light stroke, the shoulder straps on both sides immediately slipped down the incense shoulders. This silk tulle pajamas also fell down vertically, making a rustling sound. Responded to the ground.

The girl's face is ruddy, her skin is like snow, and her perfect figure is also particularly attractive under the moonlight.

A cute face that people can’t help but want to pity, black hair draped around the fragrant shoulders, Yuzhi Azi stared at Wang Hao with big sapphire eyes, a little shy in her eyes, and her eyes seemed to be talking. Generally moving.

The chest is magnificent, the legs are slender and straight, everything is so perfect, it can be said that this body is perfect like a work of art.

It is a pity that this scene will not be appreciated by others, because there is no one else in the room at this time.

At this time, Yuzhi Yazi trembled slightly. This was not because of the cold weather, but because of some restlessness in her heart. It was the first time she had come into contact with a boy like this.

But Yazi Yuzhi has made up his mind and will never regret some things that may happen, because he feels at ease when he is around the boys here, and at the same time feels a touch of warmth and happiness. enough.

Reaching out the corner of the quilt, Yuzhi Yazi slipped in gently, and immediately felt a scorching breath, causing the girl to instantly soften and lose all her strength, and her breathing became thicker and heavier.

Even though he knew it was dangerous, Yazi Yuzhi chose to stick it gently while looking at the wide back.

The moment he was exposed to this tenderness, Wang Hao woke up instantly, turned his head and stared at the pair of sapphire-like eyes, and said dryly, "You are playing with fire!"

Chapter 505, please follow the routine!

At this time, his whole body was tense, Wang Hao felt uncomfortable, because he became anxious inside, he didn't dare to move lightly, because just suppressing his reason made him a little bit hard.

"If it's Darling, it's okay to let me be engulfed and swallowed by this flame."

After seeing Wang Hao awake, Yuzhi Yazi didn't feel much panic. Instead, she stretched out her hand and hugged Wang Hao tightly. Without saying much, the girl showed everything with her actions.

Perceiving all of this, Wang Hao’s rationality has directly reached the critical point, and he may completely collapse and explode at any time. His body is constantly getting hot, and his heart also begins to become anxious. Now he is really afraid that he can’t hold it and cause irreparable damage. as a result of.

For Yuzhi Yazi, who is naturally stupid and a little stupid, Wang Hao naturally has a good opinion, because Yuzhi Yazi is very good in terms of body, appearance and personality. The time spent getting along with Wang Hao also made Wang Hao understand this. A good girl.

If it were changed to the previous one, Wang Hao would probably choose to leave the status of the Great Mage.

In the neon ACG world, there is a so-called "magic" legend: when a virgin body reaches 25 years old (the minimum threshold to become a magician), you can change your job to become a magician.

The virgin body, that is, the longer the virginity is maintained, the more magic that can be used and the greater the power.

Wang Hao has lived for more than 30 years in his previous and present lives. According to his seniority, he should be able to become the legendary great magician. Although he also wants to abandon this identity, it depends on when.

He is now in a period when he is at a loss for himself, and he has only experienced something like Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu not long ago, and the two sides have also made an agreement.

If Wang Hao doesn’t understand his true feelings, and then abandons the identity of the Great Mage casually in a blink of an eye, then he will really become a scum...

And in his opinion, Yuzhi Aiko's emotional dependence on her is completely abnormal, because the other party is suffering from Internet dependence, so that the emotions in the game will be transferred to reality.

Wang Hao believes that after Yazi’s Internet dependence is cured, he will recognize the gap between the Internet and reality. Now he can’t let himself take advantage of others’ danger and do things that will affect the other’s future, so he may I can't forgive myself for a lifetime!

"Yazi, calm down first, can you let me go first?"

He said dryly, trying to calm down the opponent, but what Wang Hao said didn't help. Yuzhi Yazi shook his head slightly: "No."

Although Wang Hao's reaction to Yuzhi Yazi's reaction was as expected, he still silenced him for a while: "Yazi, I cherish you very much, so I hope Yazi you cherish yourself more."

Wang Hao considers himself a person who can barely suppress his impulse, he takes responsibility into consideration in every step he takes, and he is fully conscious when he chooses the road ahead.

Therefore, he is well aware of the truth of "one step wrong, wrong step", and Yazi's own situation is different from other girls. If Wang Hao says something tough here, it will definitely cause deep harm to Yazi. I am afraid that the other party will make some extreme moves.

"Boom boom boom——!"

At this moment, there was a loud knocking outside the door, which immediately made Wang Hao feel that the world is full of hope again. He watched Yuzhi Yazi slowly said, "Yazi, someone is coming, you should wear it quickly. Hide your clothes again."

Even if nothing happened now, after all, it was already so late. If someone bumped into this scene, it would be really difficult to explain.

"If you don't open the door anymore, pervert, I'll just come in."

A cold voice came in from the outside and fell into the ears of Wang Hao and Yuzhi Yazi. Both of these voices are familiar, and especially the iconic name of the abnormal monarch, people can guess who it is regardless of the voice. Talk outside the door.

Although Wang Hao wanted to thank Xiazhiqiu Shiyu for his sudden arrival, that title really made him unhappy even if he wanted to be happy.


Yuzhi Yazi nodded reluctantly, got up and put on his clothes.

Wang Hao breathed a sigh of relief when the sound of rustling clothes stopped, and Yuzhi Yazi also hid under the bed.

If Xiazhiqiu Shiyu hadn't come suddenly, I'm afraid something big would really happen.

Wang Hao walked to the door of the room and stretched out his hand to open the door. Suddenly, a beautiful and cold face appeared in front of him. It was Xiazhiqiu Shiyu who he speculated to be the target.

Looking at the other party's calm face, Wang Hao didn't show any abnormal expressions, and asked in a calm tone, "Is there anything wrong at this late hour?"

"Don't you ask me to go in and sit down?"