"Brother, good morning."

Taking the tram to Otono Board Academy, Wang Hao greeted the security guard at the door, and the other party responded with the same enthusiasm.

Although the number of times he came to Otonogizaka was not too many, it was not too few. He had already got in touch with the security guard at the door after several rounds.

But that was only to the point of saying hello, Wang Hao smiled politely at the other party, and then walked towards the Muse’s club room.

He was almost familiar with the surrounding environment. It didn't take long before he came to the activity room, took out the backup key Ayase Eri gave him from his pocket and opened the door easily.

When the key was inserted and turned, he found that the door seemed to be unlocked, and he couldn't help but sighed, "The doors are not locked. It's really careless..."

The environment of the club room here hasn't changed much since the last time I came here, but there are more training equipment and materials, etc. Wang Hao is a little relieved to observe these details.

"It's a bit early."

Looking at the time on the watch, he estimated that the Muse and others should be there in a while. After all, he had arranged a special training table for everyone last time. Tian Yuanhai was not responsible for supervising the training. The captain of the crowd.

If he guessed correctly, they should all be training in the morning jogs, and they will go to school to train together after a while. After all, there will be a concert soon, so you can't be lazy during this time.

"I don't have anything to do when I'm idle. Let's refresh my thoughts..."

Seeing that there was still some time left, Wang Hao, who was free to do nothing, picked up the blank paper and pen, and began to plan the next itinerary of the Muse, etc. He did not forget his identity as the agent of the Muse, as a broker. People naturally cannot relax.

Time passed slowly, and at this moment, the door of the club room was suddenly opened with a "bang".

"Huh! Xiaohai, you devil, why should I run one more lap than the others!"

Kosaka Honoka leaned on the door, lowered his head and gasped, and couldn't help complaining when he thought of his treatment.

"This training shows that Haojun is specially formulated for everyone, and Guoguo, why didn't you expect to lose weight when you were greedy?

"Um... Xiaohai, you are a demon just like Haojun!"

Unheard of Tian Yuanhai in the rear, he gave a cold response, and Kosaka Honoka couldn't help but let out a mournful cry. When she raised her head and stepped to return to her position, her eyes widened. Exclaimed loudly: "Haojun, why are you here?"

Hearing Kosaka Honoka's words, everyone behind quickly speeded up and came to the club room, and suddenly there was a burst of discussion.

"It's Haojun really!"

"Why are you here suddenly?"

"Ho-kun, Rin asked for a rest~"


Listening to all kinds of discussions, Wang Hao showed a bitter smile on his face, stretched out his hand and gently shaved his cheeks, and asked, "Is it weird that I came here?"

"No, it was just a bit unexpected."

Tojo Nozomi responded to Wang Hao’s question with a smile. He pondered for a moment, and then directly explained his intention: “After all, a concert will be held next week. I’m here to check everyone’s recent training results, and then Make improvements based on this."


Tian Yuanhai nodded, and didn't raise any objection to Wang Hao's intentions. He just turned his head and glanced at everyone, hesitated for a moment, and said, "It's not a problem, but... everyone is tired now... "

"Of course, I will wait for everyone to rest before going to the rooftop testing, just to prepare you mentally. Don’t be slack just because of testing. Please be sure to treat it as a concert at that time. I want to see you are real now. s level!"

Upon hearing this, Wang Hao also noticed everyone's situation. He hadn't planned to just let everyone drag their tired body to train.

But he didn't lower his requirements because of this. Wang Hao just wanted to see how far these girls have grown. Only in this way can a detailed special training form be formulated for everyone.

Each member has their own strengths and weaknesses, and it is not easy to integrate these into a team.

"No problem!" ×n

The girls shouted in unison, their voices loud and firm, full of confidence.

Wang Hao smiled and nodded when he heard the words, and said: "Very well, I hope everyone can always go forward with such a spirit. If you just fall in front of your own house like this, it would be a shameful thing."

After hearing Wang Hao’s words, many people at the scene quietly clenched their hands into fists. As Haojun said, it would be really a shame to fall in Otonogizaka Academy, so they absolutely must Will not allow this to happen!

And once you lose here, you lose to all other competitors.

Thinking of this, the fighting spirit of all members burned deep in their eyes.

Seeing the expressions of the people around him, Wang Hao smiled lightly, knowing that what he said had an effect, and many times it was enough to just say a few words, which would leave a deeper impression on people. Talking too much will make people forget or ignore it.

So he didn't intend to continue talking about this, he turned the topic around, smiled and said, "Everyone is tired from morning jogs? Just ask what you need to drink. I don't mind running more."

"Hey? How embarrassed! We have already caused Haojun so much trouble, we can't trouble Haojun anymore..."

Hearing this, Koizumi Huayang's face blushed and shook his head quickly, Sonoda Haiwei was also standing on the front of Koizumi Huayang at this time, and said with a serious expression: "Well, this kind of trivial matter can't continue to trouble Haojun. ."

"Huayangjiang, Haiweijiang, this kind of thing is not a problem at all, because I am also a member of the muse."

Wang Hao looked at the two of them and said helplessly, then the smile on his face gradually became a little bitter, he sighed, and continued: "And I don't perform on stage like everyone else. I can do it for everyone. There are only these, so please stop thinking about troublesome things, and aren't we all friends?"


Kosaka Honoka looked at Wang Hao with a touch of emotion. The next moment he broke the feeling, he said loudly: "I want strawberry milk!"

"Oolong tea."

"Rin wants to drink orange juice!"


Chapter 508 Mascot Yazawa Nicole

The weather in the morning is not too hot, but relatively speaking, it is already very warm. It is just the right weather to wear short sleeves.

On the rooftop, after a short break, Wang Hao and Muse came here to prepare for the next stage of practice.

The role he now plays is a teacher who is invigorating the exam, and everyone is acting as students taking the exam. When Wang Hao will collect all the test papers for careful inspection, and point out the shortcomings of everyone one by one, then tell each one in turn. How to modify the individual.

With this analogy, I believe it will be easy to understand.

At this time, Wang Hao stood aside and watched the performance of the nine girls quietly, examining everything with a serious expression, making people unable to guess what he was thinking now.

Time slowly passed by, and as the final sound of music gradually disappeared, everyone's performance ended.

The girls also looked a little tired, and some fine sweat began to appear on their bodies. Almost every member picked up a towel and gently wiped the sweat on their foreheads, and then took a drink next to them and drank.

Under the sunshine, this scene is full of youthful breath.

But everyone felt very tired. After all, a few singing and dancing sessions are very exhausting. Even Kosaka Honoka, who has always been lively and cheerful, felt a little tired, watching Wang Hao panting and asking, "Ho-kun...you how do you feel?"

Kosaka Honoka's question immediately attracted all the attention, and they turned their eyes on Wang Hao, wanting to know the other party's evaluation.