"Well, it's pretty good overall. I didn't expect everyone to improve so fast."

Regarding Kosaka Honoka's question, Wang Hao gave the most direct affirmative answer without hesitation, which made the women secretly relieved, and a smile appeared on their tired faces.


Next to Yazawa Nicole snorted proudly. Although she was sweating profusely while holding the wall with one hand, she knew she was tired at first glance, but she still did not forget to shake it with her other hand. Double Ponytail, said chicly: "Isn't this a matter of course? This team has Lord Nicole who will become a super idol in the future, and the combat effectiveness of the entire team will naturally soar!"

"Please be more confident when you say this, and if you are not in this state, you can easily fall over the wall."

Wang Hao's face twitched, but he couldn't help but spit out at Yazawa Nicole. He felt that he might be born with this guy.

However, what I didn’t expect was that Wang Hao had just said so much. Yazawa Nicole really almost fell down because of an instability. Fortunately, Tojo Nozomi, who was next to him, took the other’s arms, so that he did not fall. .

Seeing this picture, several people present couldn't help but burst into laughter, because Yazawa Nicole was originally a petite figure, and Tojo Nozomi's hands were like a mascot.

Yazawa Nicole blushed with shame, and glared in Wang Hao's direction, "No Road Race! When Nicole becomes a superstar, you must be fired!"

"Really? That's really exciting..."

Listening to the other party's anger, Wang Hao responded indifferently with a smile.

This makes Yazawa Nicole feel like a punch on the cotton, she couldn't help but gritted her teeth gently. The other party clearly didn't believe in herself. One day she would definitely make this guy look good!

With this episode, the atmosphere on the scene has become a lot more relaxed. Wang Hao also understood for the first time the role of Yazawa Nicole in the team, looked at the other party with a weird expression, and thought in his heart, this Maybe the guy is unexpectedly suitable for being a mascot...

Seeing Wang Hao's gaze, Yazawa Nicole immediately stared back fiercely, but instead gave Wang Hao a very cute feeling, which made him once again strengthen the impression in his heart.

If Yazawa Nicole knows what Wang Hao is thinking, I am afraid that she has run over and bit Wang Hao severely, shouting that you are the mascot!

It's a pity that no one is destined to know what he is thinking. Wang Hao can't help but frown slightly when he sees the joy of everyone's faces and the discussions around him, "Although everyone has made significant progress, it is still There are many shortcomings that cannot be ignored."

It is a good thing to be more confident, but at this juncture, Wang Hao is afraid that everyone will be overconfident. After all, next week will be an important concert. As an agent, he will naturally eliminate all factors that may affect the concert.

After Wang Hao's words were spoken, the discussion around him stopped. This made him nodded with relief and continued to speak slowly: "Although everyone’s performance is very good, most of you are physically It's too stiff! For example, Rin, when you danced just now, you obviously showed stiffness in many places. You must know that softness is the foundation of the foundation."

"Um... Rin clearly performed perfectly yesterday!"

Xingkong Rin said aggrievedly, Wang Hao shook his head and didn't say more. There are people who are better at this aspect. He simply turned his head and looked at the side of Xuanze Eri and said, "Eri-chan, in this regard. I'll leave it to you."

"oh, I understand now."

Ayase Erri nodded seriously and looked at the starry sky Rin and said, "Rin, come and sit on the ground, spread your legs, and try to stretch your hand forward."


Upon hearing this, Hoshizora Rin still honestly followed what Ayase Erri said, sitting on the ground, letting go of her legs to the sides, and slowly stretched her hands forward.

Seeing this scene, Ayase Eri, who was standing behind Xingkong Rin, squatted down, reached out her hand against the opponent's back, and gently pushed forward, making Xingkong Rin's eyes widened suddenly, with a little glow in her eyes. Splash couldn't help but let out a sorrow: "Okay, okay...it hurts...meow!"

"Does this hurt?"

However, Eri Xuanze's expression remained unmoved, and she continued to say coldly: "As Haojun said, softness is the foundation of the foundation, but your foundation is really bad.

So everyone must spread their feet before the concert next week. In addition to straightening their hands forward, they must also be able to stick their stomachs to the ground!"

"Huh? No! You still have to stick your belly to the ground!!"

Xingkong Rin's face became even more horrified, like a frightened cat. Many people on the scene also heard that their expressions changed, and even the arrogant Yazawa Nicole's face turned pale.

Upon seeing this, Ayase Eri said coldly: "I repeat! The softness of the body is the foundation of the foundation. If you want to continue practicing, everyone must be able to do this!"

Chapter 509 Are we recognized?

"If you can't do this before next week's concert, then the success of the performance will depend entirely on luck when it is officially performed!"

At this hearing, everyone fell silent, and Yazawa Nicole sighed slightly, "I guessed the bad premonition."

On the other side, Minami Kotori completed the action with ease according to Eri Ayase’s words, letting go of her legs straight in both directions, without a slight bend at the knees, and stretched her hands straight forward, and his belly was easily attached. ground.

"Xiaoqin is amazing!"

This move immediately caused the exclamation of Kosaka Honoka and others.

"Now is not the time to admire others, everyone has to do this."

Ayase Eri said loudly next to her, and at the same time she began to direct everyone to train, while Wang Hao stood by and watched quietly.

Time slowly passed, during which everyone had tried several sets of actions.

I have to say that Ayase Eri is really professional in this regard. At least Wang Hao is ashamed, and the other party did not forget to say some comforting words while training the middleman, "You also want to make this concert a success. Can the audience be immersed in the dance? Then it is a matter of course to achieve this level! Keep going for ten minutes!"


The trainees gritted their teeth and reluctantly replied, trying to keep their bodies from trembling and trying to maintain the current posture.

Ten minutes later, Ayase Eri nodded and continued: "The physical training will be done again! I believe you can definitely do it. If you can't even do this, you will be on the stage because of physical strength. Fall down early without supporting!"

Although Ayase Eri was directing the training of everyone, she herself was also involved in it, and she was only a little sweaty, and she had extra strength to direct everyone to practice.

From this point, Wang Hao can see that Xuanze Eri's foundation is indeed very good. In fact, there is no need for the other party to follow the training, but this attitude undoubtedly infected everyone.

Everyone did not answer what Eri Ayase said at this time, because they were afraid that they would fall like this after speaking, but everyone was training hard and had already given the most firm answer.

"Very good! You can rest from the beginning again. Although hard training is a good thing, everyone should know where your limits are and don't put your body under load!"

After finishing the physical training, all the members were sweating profusely. Ayase Eri still said in a cold voice without shaking. Everyone also did not raise any objections after hearing this. They all gritted their teeth and continued training, because They can't fall down here!

Wang Hao, who was sitting next to him, was slightly lost when he saw this scene. Although he had confidence in all the Muse members, the perseverance of everyone was beyond his imagination.

At the same time, this also made the trace of confusion in his heart completely disappear, and he has to cheer. How can he be behind the girls as a boy?

Although he may have worked very hard in the eyes of others now, Wang Hao felt that he should be able to do better, so he naturally had to work harder next.

After all, there is only one time of youth, maybe this is the first time he really enjoys youth, right?That's why Wang Hao didn't want to just waste his youth, some days are destined to be gone forever.

After all the training, everyone seemed to be paralyzed and didn’t want to move. Some just lay there and started to rest quietly. Kosaka Honoka was one of them. “I’m really tired! I thought Xiaohai and Hiro-kun were demons. , I didn’t expect to grow up to be the real devil. Just now I thought I was going to die..."

"Rice...rice...I want to eat delicious rice..."

Koizumi Huayang leaned against the wall next to her, feeling as if she was exhausted, only eating freshly baked white rice to regain her strength.

"The meat bun...Rin wants to eat the hot meat bun..."

Hearing Koizumi Huayang's words, Xingkong Rin also made a weak sound, completely unlike the usual lively and beating appearance.