Are you suggesting something?

The corner of Wang Hao’s mouth twitched, and finally he sighed helplessly, saying, “Don’t think about those high-calorie foods, and you have to wait at least half an hour after eating. You can only choose vegetables and some healthy proteins. Food, everyone should pay attention to diet recently."

You can't eat directly after exercise, because doing so will have a very bad effect on your body.

It takes at least half an hour to eat, because after strenuous fitness exercises, the human body consumes a lot of calories, and it is prone to fatigue and hunger. At this time, a correct diet is needed to help consolidate the fitness effect.

"Although you are right, Haojun, I am really hungry now. It doesn't matter what I eat. I have almost become a herbivore recently. I really want to taste the taste of meat and cake..."

Kosaka Honoka said pitifully, Sonoda Hai rolled his eyes without hearing the words, "Guoguo, you haven't lost much weight, you have to keep going."

Hearing what Kosaka Honoka said, Wang Hao was a little bit intolerable, but he could only comfort him: "Honoka, Haiwei is also doing this for your own good. Anyway, let’s stick to it during this period of time. After all, there is Many people are looking forward to the Muse’s concert."

"Really? Are we really recognized?"

At this hearing, not only Kosaka Honoka, but Tian Yuan Haiwei and others' eyes lit up.

Wang Hao was slightly startled when he saw this, and noticed that the depths of everyone's eyes were full of hopes to be recognized.

He hadn’t noticed this before, so he nodded without hesitation, thought for a moment, and said, “Of course it’s true! There is one thing I forgot to tell everyone. I created a fan game club. All of the members have become fans of the Muse, and they will also come to attend the concert next week.

And I believe that the muse is not just them. There are also many fans looking forward to this concert. The fans have recognized you, so I hope you can show the best to the fans!"

"Great, we are recognized by everyone..."

Hearing this, the eyes of the three of Kosaka Honoka, Nan Xiaotori, and Tian Yuan Haiwei were a little wet, because the three of them felt the deepest.

Wang Hao looked sad, and he couldn't help but recalled the Muse's first three-person concert. The empty hall at that time might have caused a lot of influence on the three of them.

However, Kosaka Honoka and others did not give up at that time, but insisted on it until now, and then there is the current muse.

Chapter 510 Harsh Requirements

It wasn't until 1 o'clock in the afternoon that Wang Hao left the Otono Board Academy, and he also formulated a long-term training form for everyone, as well as another urgent special training form.

The training volume of the long-term training table should be a little easier. For the time being, you don’t have to deliberately complete it. However, everyone must meet the conditions specified above next week for the urgent special training table. The person responsible for supervision is Tian Yuan Haiwei and Xuan. Eri Se.

Although this training form stunned many people, none of the members stood up to protest. They just complained. After all, they also knew the seriousness of the matter, because next week was the concert.

Everyone has a burning fighting spirit and the joy of being recognized. They don’t want to disappoint the audience who recognizes the muse, so even if no one is supervising, everyone will also earnestly complete the training and then train out. The results are reflected on the stage, with the best side to show everyone the real muse!

Knowing that until Wang Hao left, everyone still stayed in the academy and began to prepare for the next new song. Although they could not get results before the concert next week, this kind of precautionary behavior is indeed very commendable.

Now everyone in the team is beginning to show their own characteristics, but there is no extra distinction between them. Instead, they help each other and cover up everyone's shortcomings through the team.

Even the arrogant, cold, and music-loving Maki Nishikino that Wang Hao had known before has finally recovered a little hidden personality in this team, which is undoubtedly good.

"Hey, it would be fine when those guys can do this..."

Wang Hao looked at the Muse team and couldn't help but compare the Modern Dimensional Research Society. It was clear that both sides were established at the same time, and there are still a lot of problem children.

It's not that there has been no change. Wang Hao noticed the changes in every member of the current research institute. It may be because of things that often make him headaches that he feels that there is not much change.

After leaving Otonokizaka Academy, Wang Hao did not return to the Qiushui Villa for the first time, but drove towards the Mianwu production site by tram.

Although he asked for leave every Saturday and Sunday, he still had to go and check it out. After all, she still had the identity of the chief supervisor.

When Wang Hao arrived at the production site, the lunch break of the employees just ended, and they all greeted him enthusiastically when he saw Wang Hao's arrival.

Wang Hao smiled and nodded, and when he sat in his seat, he asked Daisuke Takamura next to him: "Supervisor Takamura, is there any problem with the production?"

"There is no big problem with the scenery, but there is still some uncertainty in the performance of the characters."

"Then please pick out this part and show it to me."


Daisuke Takamura hesitated for a moment, and did exactly what Wang Hao said. After taking up the phone and talking for a while, the staff next to him immediately started to work.

The huge screen in front of him also began to appear. Wang Hao narrowed his eyes slightly, sitting on the chair with his body slightly tilted, staring at the screen flashing on the screen carefully, for fear of missing a trace.

"In terms of the background, the camera transition is very good, and it seems that Supervisor Takamura has become familiar with it."

When the screen ended, Wang Haoran nodded in satisfaction.

"Thank you, I will switch according to what the god supervises you."

Daisuke Takamura's complexion turned red. After being in and out of society for so many years, he should have been calm, but now Daisuke Komura is a little embarrassed after hearing Wang Hao's words.

Because every time when Wang Hao was away, he would inform Daisuke Komura in advance how he would shoot next.

Originally, Daisuke Takamura was still a little unhappy. After all, he has been in the business for so many years. Although Wang Hao is a genius, he holds that his qualifications and experience as an animation supervisor are definitely much richer.

However, a newbie who has just entered the industry is now pointing fingers at him. Although Daisuke Takamura also admires each other’s talents, this feeling is always very uncomfortable, and he himself is well-known in the industry as an animation supervisor, otherwise it is also I won’t work at Toho anymore.

But after all, Wang Hao was the chief supervisor of the plan this time. Although Daijie Takamura was not happy in his heart, he still did what the other party told him.

Then, looking at the filmed animation, every shot switching was perfect. Daisuke Takamura thought he was inferior, and he was really convinced by this young man.

When a person is equal to oneself, it may also give people the idea of ​​wanting to compete, but if there is a gap between the two parties that is impossible to bridge, they just want to defeat the other party.

This kind of behavior is called courage, but on the other hand, it is too stupid. After all, reality is not comics or novels. The reason why reality is called reality is because everything seems so realistic and cruel.

The above is Daisuke Komura’s thoughts. He also believes that all the adults in society have the same thoughts as him. If they find their own shortcomings, they must be corrected. If it is for the sake of face, then they will be eliminated by others sooner or later.

"Supervisor Gaocun is too humble."

Wang Hao didn't say much in this regard. He himself recognized the strength of Daisuke Takamura, because some things Wang Hao said told another supervisor that the other party might not know what to do.

Even if it is done, it is likely not to meet his ideals, but the answer given by Takamura Daisuke satisfies Wang Hao. Although there are some slight deviations from the ideal, as long as Wang Hao makes a little modification, he can achieve his ideal effect. .

In the neon society, the two-level differentiation is really serious. The more the top companies in the industry, the employees in them are basically elites, which is why the reputation of top companies will become more and more famous.

If he changes to another company, Wang Hao estimates that it will be difficult to meet a deputy like Takamura Daisuke. I am afraid that he might turn his face directly, let alone hold the same humble attitude as Takamura Daisuke.

It can be said that the relationship between the two is a bit delicate now. Daisuke Takamura is learning from Wang Hao, so Wang Hao's position at this time is somewhat similar to that of a teacher.

Wang Hao didn’t pay much attention to this. He nodded and said with a serious face: “The expressions and movements of the previous shots were all deleted and re-produced. I don’t want to see this again in this movie next time. Exaggerated expression.

In addition, when the seiyuu talks, try to be able to lip-synch with the character as much as possible, and delete the dubbing of the first few exaggerated expressions!"

Chapter 511 seems to have forgotten something?

"This is too messy!"

Daisuke Komura finally couldn't help but raised an objection. Wang Hao smiled when he saw this, and asked, "Then Supervisor Takamura, what are you talking about?"