"Make your dreams come true."

"Yes, just use it to believe."

"Then you can go ahead!"

That song, that dance, that muse performing on the stage is like the protagonist of reality, bursting out incomparably dazzling light.

The cute and cute dance is filled with a smile of youth. Every gesture of raising hands and feet is so attractive, as if there is a magic that makes people unable to divert their eyes. The Muse is telling everyone through singing and dancing that they are idols !

That's right, a unique school idol!This stage...wrong!The entire academy has become a venue for muses at the moment, shouting loudly that this is their home venue!

"The scenery depicted in my heart is the same place."

"Never give up."

"Keep pursuing it is our challenge."

"The temperature of vitality will not drop."

"Fly high with enthusiasm."

Everything in the surrounding environment seemed to be eclipsed, and the clear singing voice had moved everyone present one by one, perhaps the legendary sea monster singing was nothing more than that.

"When you are talking about longing."

"The firm eyes are my favorite."

"My favorite!"

Although the song has been sung, the muses on the stage are still dancing happily, dancing in the flowers like butterflies, and no one wants to look away from them.

The place where the butterfly flies has brought a faint light.

If there are miraculous colors in the world, Wang Hao believes that it must be the color he sees right now. It is difficult to describe the dazzling light in words, because it is too pale to express in words.

But there is only one thing Wang Hao can be sure of, and that is that Kosaka Honoka has fulfilled her promise and made Novota's venue full!

All the muses stopped dancing at the end of the music, and the scene suddenly fell into a state of dead silence.

"Papa Papa——!!!"

In the next moment, all the audience seemed to have just come back to their senses. Everyone immediately clapped, and there was a burst of thunderous applause, and there were endless discussions in the audience.


"Is this the real muse? Great!"

"Yes, it's great to be here."

"Well, otherwise I will miss this concert."

"It always feels... they seem to glow..."

"I decided to become a glorious muse fan in the future!"

The audience in the audience gave the most affirmative answer without a doubt, even the Yamada Fairy and others next to Wang Hao were deeply attracted by the light emitted by the Muse.

"Finally... did it..."

Kosaka Honoka said out of breath, and a few drops of crystal water fell from his face, making it difficult to tell whether it was sweat or tears, but the smile on his face looked particularly brilliant.

"Yeah, finally did it."

Ayase Eri, who is located next to Kosaka Honoka, also showed a faint smile.

All the Muse looked at the applauding audience under the stage. The nine people stood side by side and looked at each other, then laughed softly.


After the Muse’s concert was over, Wang Hao led the members of the current research club to introduce the Muse to each other for a while.

But when Wang Hao saw so many girls, what made Wang Hao speechless was that Akasaka Ryunosuke quickly hid behind him and An Yilun in the first place. It seems that femininity is indeed a trouble.

"Celebration Banquet, go!"

Soon it was time for lunch, and under the proposal of Kosaka Honoka, all the staff quickly reached the idea of ​​holding a celebration banquet.

Maki Nishikino calmly raised her hand at this time and said, "I have ordered the butler to pack the restaurant in advance. The location is nearby. It may be a little small, but it should still be able to seat so many people. Ready."

The girl's calm and indifferent sentence perfectly demonstrated what is rich and willful.

"Oh! Really deserves to be Jin Ji-chan, today Rin wants to eat a full cat~"

"Fragrant rice!"

"I want to eat barbecue!"

The starry sky said with eyes full of light, Koizumi Huayang couldn't help but shed a gleam of crystal saliva, and Yamada Fairy and others also followed by booing.

Seeing this scene, Wang Hao smiled bitterly. As for Maki Nishino’s local tyrant’s behavior, he doesn’t comment much. Although he should pay the bill at this time as a middleman, Wang Hao didn’t swell his face to fill up a fat man. After all, he is still in an economic crisis. status.

When you are too poor to eat and vomit, you may be able to ask Maki Nishikino for help, because everyone is looking at Maki Nishino's eyes with the words "withdrawing him" reflected in their eyes.

Originally, he was still worried about the problem of getting along with each other, but now seeing the members of the current research club and the Muse members talking and laughing, it seems that he is more worried.

"It's not too late, hurry up!"

Kosaka Honoka said righteously, but he had already walked a long way forward, leaving a shadow behind, and the rest followed unwillingly.

In a blink of an eye, instead, Wang Hao was at the end, which made him a little speechless. It seems that everyone's food-eating attributes are still full!


When he arrived at the destination, Kosaka Honoka was a little dumbfounded. Looking at the luxuriously decorated three-story restaurant in front of him, he finally couldn't help but complain: "Is this... a small restaurant?"

As for Wang Hao, who was next to him, glanced at Nishikino Maki, but did not speak, but the expression on his face was obviously weird.

"Well, the store manager himself said that, and he gave us a 20% discount."

Nishikino Maki shrugged helplessly, and at this moment a rough-looking man also walked out and said with a smile on his face: "Haha! Makihime is right, I am indeed a young man. The restaurant has just prepared the food, with a 20% discount.

In addition, my wife and daughter and I also went to the concert just now. Everyone performed very well. Thank you Muse for bringing us such a wonderful concert. If you need to say anything, you are welcome!"

"Thank you."

Kosaka Honoka could not wait to sit down nearby, picking up the knife and fork, and said in a horizontal tone: "Uncle store manager, you are such a good person!"

As the store manager, Yasharu Yasuhara was slightly startled when he heard these words, and then said heartily: "Little girl, you are really funny."