"That's it."

Wang Hao nodded. As long as he understands these things, he looked at the two and continued and said: "I still have a small request and I hope the two can agree. That is when this time the signing ceremony, please allow me to bring Go to this."

While talking, Wang Hao picked up the briefcase he was carrying, and took out a white mask from it without hesitation.

"Even if I say no now, there is no way to stop the god master teacher, right?"

Sudosaki smiled bitterly, which made Wang Hao a little embarrassed, "Thank you for your understanding."

"The time will be up in a while, so please come with me to the place of the signing meeting."

"Ok, trouble."

As soon as the voice fell, the four of them stood up. When Wang Hao stood up, he stretched out his hand and put the mask on his face. They fit together perfectly, and suddenly filled with a mysterious aura.

Iida Ayano and Kagurazaka Ayame walked on the left and right sides, while Sudosaki led the way, which happened to put Wang Hao in the middle.

I have to say that this scene is indeed very attractive, and it has also attracted the attention of many people around, because Wang Hao's current appearance is indeed very attractive.

He wears a mask similar to a white clown. The lips of the white mask are drawn with a red arc of smile, but his eyes are so cold that it makes people confused whether he is smiling or not. In line with his tall and straight figure, It looks very attractive.

Although the act of wearing a mask is a little second, Wang Hao can't think of other better methods. After all, he doesn't want to reveal his true identity so early, and talk about future things later.

And his move is not too much for Secondary Two, because Neon is really a secondary secondary country, and employees from all walks of life have nicknamed each other, such as the Tigers of Steel, the Four Heavenly Kings, etc. Ah, some even think that it is not easy to go out without a loud nickname.

At the same time, the neon people also like to give other people nicknames, just like in Wang Hao’s previous life, I heard that the neon people gave some nicknames to members of the Celestial Movement, such as [Deep Sea Demon King], [East Sea Dragon Prince], [ Raging Waves and Tsunami], [Imperial Destroyer Tiger], [Imperial Destroying Dragon], [The Strongest Queen], etc. are second-degree nicknames...

It can be seen that the mud bomb is really a country that has broken the table in the second half, and perhaps it is already the world's first in this regard.

Compared with these, Wang Hao's actions in wearing a mask are a little trivial. On the contrary, he thinks that keeping it mysterious is also a good way.

Chapter 527 Second Five Signing Meeting

With that said, Wang Hao suddenly realized that there were indeed many second-rate second-rate people around him.

The place where the signing event was held was a bookstore near the editorial office of Dengeki Bunko. Because it was nearby, everyone chose to walk over without taking a car.

It was originally planned to be held in Akihabara. Dengeki Bunko also has a pretty good bookstore in Akihabara, but considering various reasons, I still didn't choose there.

The reason is also very simple, because the bookstore here has just opened. If the god master is allowed to hold a five-centimeter-per-second signing event here, it will naturally accumulate a certain degree of fame and let more people know about this newly opened bookstore. .

When everyone arrived, Wang Hao realized that there was already a long queue in front of him. He was taken aback and looked at Sutosaki puzzledly and asked, "Did we go to the wrong place?"

Seeing Wang Hao's expression, Sudosaki couldn't help but smile wryly, "You didn't go wrong, it's the god master teacher, you underestimated your influence."

The expression is quite resentful, but Sufuzaki has always been worried about Wang Hao's smashing of the Wenku pigeons. He had known it before and opened the skylight to speak up.

After all, in his opinion, the other party will definitely become a leading writer in the future, and losing such a master-level figure would make it painful to change to any publishing house.

"Haha, that's it..."

Wang Hao could naturally hear Sutosaki's grievances, which made him smile rather embarrassingly, and it was not good to say more about this, so he had to continue to follow everyone in silently.

When the security personnel who had been in charge of maintaining the order of the bookstore saw Sutosaki, they didn't stop them, so they let a group of people in.

This scene happened to fall in the eyes of everyone in the line, and there was a burst of discussion.

"Hey, why can they go in without queuing? And the time for the signing party hasn't arrived yet!"

"Is it necessary to ask such a simple question? Those people who can get in must be the people involved, and the person taking the lead is a bit familiar to me. Where did I see it?"

"The person taking the lead is the editor-in-chief of Dengeki Library. The other two women next to me are not sure, but I guess the god master teacher should be the person wearing a white mask!"

"What you said really makes sense. As far as I know, the god master teacher should be a young man of sixteen or seventeen. The two mature sisters in OL costumes are obviously not in this range."

"That's true, but wearing a mask is really foul! It makes people confused at all?"

In addition to the readers discussing gossip, several reporters in the distance also showed a dejected look.

"What the hell! I didn't expect to wear a mask even at the signing event. It's really unprofessional!"

Some reporters said indignantly that they thought they could capture the true appearance of the god here, and then broke the news in the magazine, which would definitely cause a sensational news.

After all, people have always been curious about mysterious things, and the true identity of the god is still a mystery. Naturally, it seems very mysterious in society, and it has also made many people curious.

"After lying in ambush for four or five hours, it seems like another trip for nothing."

As reporters, although I am very used to staying in ambush everywhere, the wasting four or five hours in vain still makes them a little bit angry and helpless.

There was a burst of enthusiastic discussion around. Although the voice was not too loud, it still reached Wang Hao's ears. This made him feel a little strange. After all, he was the first time he held the signing event.

Originally thought that there would not be many people at the scene, that is to say, it was a cutscene, but seeing the long dragon in front of him, he suddenly felt that his life was dark.

Wang Hao sighed. It seemed that he would be busy later, but he didn't hate this feeling. On the contrary, she was very happy to be recognized by so many people.

Sutosaki turned his head and saw Wang Hao's sighing expression. He thought that the other party was frustrated because there were too few people. He immediately explained comfortingly: "The signing ceremony will begin in more than 20 minutes, but the master teacher does not need to be too frustrated. Worry, there are still very few people here, and the signing will continue until 7:30 in the evening."

"Hahaha, that said..."

Wang Hao opened his mouth, and his heart became even more bitter. Unexpectedly, these numbers were just the beginning, and the time would actually last until 7 o'clock in the evening.

Hmm...now he only hopes that he will not get tired of his hands because of too many signatures. Speaking of which, his signature should not be too ugly, right?

Wang Hao had never paid attention to his signature before, but now he is a little worried. It seems that he will find a chance to practice his artistic signature more in the future.

When Sudozaki and his party just stepped into the threshold of the bookstore, the bookstore owner walked over enthusiastically. After looking around the crowd, he was a little stunned as soon as he reached out his hand.

The bookstore owner knows Sudozaki and Kagurazaka Ayame. What he can't tell is the other woman and the person wearing the white mask. Which of these two is the god?Who should you shake hands with?

For a while, the bookstore owner stretched out his hand in embarrassment, but he couldn't take it back directly, so he had to maintain his current state.

"When I first met, I am the Lord of God, so please give me advice."

Upon seeing this, Wang Hao directly stretched out his hand to hold the other party's hand, and chuckled humorously: "I am very grateful to the boss for providing a venue for my signing event, otherwise I don't know where to hold the signing event."

"No, no, the god master teacher is polite."

Upon hearing this, the bookstore owner shook his head without thinking about it, and said sincerely: "You can come to our new store that has just opened for a short time to hold the signing ceremony, which invisibly motivates us a lot. The reputation of our bookstore is to thank you."

Hearing the sincere and unpretentious words of the bookstore owner, Wang Hao also had a lot of good feelings about the bookstore owner's attitude. After all, this kind of sincerity without any concealment can easily make people feel good.

Sufujizaki next to him was a little embarrassed. After all, he chose the location of the signing event this time. In fact, it would be better if the signing venue was now Akihabara.

But this bookstore, like Dengeki Bunko, belongs to Kadokawa Bookstore, and it is a new store that has just opened, which is completely incomparable with the bookstore in Akihabara.

But there are deeper reasons for Sudosaki to do this, because he has reached his level. In addition to the Dengeki Library, he must also consider the interests of the entire group, so as to show a good image and make it more convenient for future assessments. Promoted to headquarters.

Why not do this kind of thing that can get a good reputation in the headquarters just by doing a good favor?