Chapter 528: Encountering a Classmate

I have to say that people like Sufuzaki can indeed go further in the workplace.For others, it is difficult to think about this carefully. After all, from the current situation, it is not related to their own interests. Generally, only those with a long-term vision can pay attention to such details.

Although this bookstore is newly opened, it is of top-notch scale in terms of floor space and bookstore collections. However, due to the five-second signing event to be held today, all the bookshelves in the bookstore have moved to both sides.

After moving the bookshelves away, it looks as spacious as an empty hall. This analogy may be a bit exaggerated. However, with this spaciousness, at least it is easy to hold an autograph event, and the readers are consciously lining up. The team also has security personnel nearby, so Wang Hao naturally doesn't have to worry about chaos.

The vacant place in the middle of this bookstore is where Wang Hao is waiting. The table is a bit big, about three times the size of the school desk in the school. There are two or three chairs next to it, and a lot of "Second Speed "Five Centimeters" physical book, and some small objects and so on.

Even Wang Hao, who always thought he was very diligent, couldn't help feeling dizzy after seeing this pile of books, and couldn't help but whispered, "This...looks...the amount is a bit too much..."

Wang Hao inspected it visually, and initially estimated that there should be about two thousand books in front of him.

"Is the god master teacher too small? Don't worry about this question. The boxes next to them are also the second five physical books."

The bookstore owner smiled shyly, pointed his finger at the pile of cardboard boxes next to him, Wang Hao looked at the direction the other person was pointing, and suddenly didn't know what to say...

Well, in the face of this situation where the raw rice has been cooked, Wang Hao is also very helpless, and now he can only catch the ducks on the shelf no matter what he says.

Even if Wang Hao has not participated in the signing event before, he also knows that it is almost impossible to sell so many books on the first day. I believe that Dengeki Wenku should know this better than him.

Therefore, Wang Hao looked a little hesitant, and looked at Sufuzaki and the others in doubt and asked: "Um...Although this may not be appropriate for me, can you really be sure that so many books will be sold out?"

"Please don't worry about this. These books have been booked with real names. They should be sold out without accident?"

Speaking of the last, even Sufujizaki is a little uncertain. After all, this number is indeed a bit scary. He now has a hunch that the young man in front of him may be able to create an amazing record.

What is the sales volume of the second five? Sudosaki dare not pack the tickets. After all, the future is unpredictable, and no one knows what will happen next second.

Wang Hao: "..."

He suddenly regretted choosing to hold the signing event, and suddenly felt that his previous ideas were ridiculously wrong. At the time, he thought the signing event should be easy.

Fortunately, Wang Hao was wearing a mask at this time, so that this unlovable expression was not seen by others.

The bookstore owner also explained the venue with Wang Hao nearby, and he probably became familiar with it.Iida Ayano seemed to realize that Wang Hao was attending the signing event for the first time, and after he sat in his seat, he explained some knowledge about the signing event.

After listening to it, Wang Hao looked a little weird, looking at Iida Ayano and asking, "Is it okay to apply the comic book signing meeting to the novel signing meeting?"

Hearing this, Iida Ayano rolled her eyes and said naturally, "Of course there is not much difference! Only some details are slightly different. For example, when you go to a comic signing event, you can also ask the comic artist to sign. Draw a cartoon character in random.

There are no such requirements for the novel signing event. You only need to remember the requirements I just told you. In fact, the process is not too complicated."

"oh, I understand now."

Wang Hao nodded, it seems that he is complicating this issue.

Iida Ayano hesitated for a while when he saw this, and finally frowned and reminded him kindly: "If it doesn't work, you can also apply for a delay. After all, your amount today looks a little too much, and signing is also a physical exercise. If the delay is too long, you can slip away quietly. After all, your body is the most important."

Hearing the meaning of concern in Iida Ayano's words, Wang Hao was also moved a little, and smiled slightly at the other person: "Thank you for your concern, I will pay attention."

Iida Ayano's face turned slightly red when he heard this, and said solemnly, "Well, don't get me wrong. I'm just afraid that you will be exhausted and the comics will not be serialized on time. But I will receive the editor. Ministry’s criticism!"

Wang Hao just smiled softly at this point. He didn't expect that Iida Ayano, who looked very mature, would have such a frank side.

Although sneaking away is a good way, Wang Hao still wants to sign as much as possible for everyone who came to the signing event today, so he didn't think about sneaking away, just hope to complete the signature task within the specified time. .

Seeing that the time of the signing event was approaching, Kagurazaka Ayame also came to explain to Wang Hao some of the experience of the signing event: for example, try to sign as quickly as possible, if you write slowly one stroke at a time, it will take a lot of time.And when talking with fans, you must also pay attention to it. The topic should not be too deep, because there are many people waiting behind.Even if you feel impetuous, you must maintain a good attitude during the signing ceremony and so on...

At this time, Wang Hao was also listening carefully. After all, these are very practical experiences, and the signing ceremony is about to begin. Now I will write down these seriously, and it will be a lot easier later.

After another while, it was finally time for the signing ceremony. The security personnel at the door of the bookstore slowly opened the door of the store, and fans stood in line outside the door.

To Wang Hao's surprise, he happened to know the first person because he was his classmate, Hirano Toda.

This made Wang Hao not know how to express his current feelings, and at the same time secretly glad that he was wearing a mask, so he didn't have to worry about revealing his identity.

Hirano Toda looked very thin at this time, because the team had been in line for a long time at the door, otherwise it would not be ranked first.

But in his opinion, all of this is worthwhile. The moment Hirano Toda saw Wang Hao's eyes lit up, the decadence just disappeared completely, and his face was ruddy and excited and said: "Hello, my teacher! I! I like your work very much. Could you please sign me on these two books? When will the "Magic and Forbidden Book Catalog" be released?!"

The 529th chapter is the time of demons

Although the situation in front of him was a bit at a loss, Wang Hao was just stunned for about a second and then quickly recovered. He put the two books handed by Hirano Toda in front of him, and quickly read the two books. The book was signed with the word God Lord.

Then he returned the book to the other party. Wang Hao looked at the other party with a smile and said, "Thank you very much. There should be some time for the physical book of the "Magic and Forbidden Book Catalog", but I will arrange this as soon as possible. On Weibo and Twitter."

"I will pay more attention to it! Then I won't bother too much, I hope God Master Teacher can continue to persevere!"

"Well, I will work hard, thank you for your support."

Hirano Toda also knew that someone was waiting behind him, and after a few small chats, he took two signed books and left with satisfaction.

Seeing the back of the other party leaving, Wang Hao was secretly relieved. When talking with the other party just now, he was also very worried that he would be exposed, but now it seems that he is worrying too much.

By the way, your signature just now should be fine, right?

Just thinking about it, the second reader has already arrived in a blink of an eye.

At this time, Wang Hao has completely adjusted his mentality and decided not to think about other irrelevant things as much as possible, because every reader who came to this signing event came here with a serious heart, Wang Hao Of course, you can't be perfunctory.

That’s why he also worked hard and took seriously every reader who came to sign, but the communication time with everyone was not too long. After all, there are more people behind, if everyone talks about it. Minutes, it is impossible to complete the signature within the specified time today.

Wang Hao now tries his best to complete within six seconds, including signing and asking questions for everyone, and he can sign ten books in about a minute.

At this rate, there will be more than 100 books in ten minutes, and more than 600 books in an hour.

The stipulated time is from 1:30 to 7:30 in the afternoon, which means that Wang Hao can complete nearly 4,000 books during this period. He estimates that he should be able to complete it?

The bookstore here has prepared about four thousand five hundred physical books of "Five Centimeters Per Second". Wang Hao felt that he would have to work a little longer anyway. If it was delayed, he should finish it at about 8:30.

In other words, to fight continuously from 1:30 in the afternoon to around 8:30 in the evening for seven hours, this is simply impossible for the average person.

In addition to ensuring that the signature is beautiful and strong during the signing event, it is necessary to keep a clear mind and answer some questions from the readers, and maintain a good attitude during the conversation. Working in this state for seven hours is indeed Very difficult.

However, Wang Hao has always lived in a high-pressure mode, and his physical fitness is far beyond that of ordinary people, so he thinks it should be possible to clenched his teeth and insist on perseverance.

The reason why he forced himself so reluctantly is also very simple, that is, he does not want readers who come today to come with hope and return with disappointment.

The crowd in line seems to have never decreased. Wang Hao can no longer remember who the black-haired girl with glasses is the reader?The ninth and thirtieth place or the one thousand and thirtieth place?That's not the number...

Although I can't remember where the opponent is, Wang Hao still explained the opponent's problem with the best attitude.

"Teacher God Lord has signed for four consecutive hours without a break. In short, let's let him rest for a while!"

The owner of the bookstore next to him was already anxious. Originally, he thought that Wang Hao was just walking around, otherwise he would not wear a mask pretending to be mysterious.

"Yes, there will be problems if this continues!"