He reached out his hand and touched his clothes pocket. There was still nothing. Wang Hao who came to this conclusion was a little disappointed.

and many more!

Suddenly, Wang Hao remembered something, and then reached out his hand to touch in his clothes pocket again. There was still nothing. This time he directly picked up the briefcase set aside, and quickly found a small puppet keychain from it. "If you don't mind, please accept this."

This keychain is an item that Wang Hao accidentally bought during his visit to the Muse campus today. It looked pleasing to the eye and bought it.

Then I bought it and realized that I was a big boy, and it was really difficult to carry this kind of puppet toy with me. I bought more of it and wanted to give it to others.

"Everyone has it, it would be best if you like it."

He bought nearly 20 in total. He wanted to buy them at the time and give them one or two keychains to everyone in the current research institute. I believe the members would like them very much, but he didn't expect it to come in handy at this time.

In fact, there was a more coincidental thing. Wang Hao carefully counted the people brought by the ghost lamp, no more, no less, just 16 people.

Four 4,484 books were sold at the signing event. At that time, Wang Hao felt that it was a pity that he hadn’t rounded up to a whole number, but God always seemed to like to fight him, because this face seemed to be a bit too fast. Could this be the legend Slap in the face at the speed of light?

Chapter 534: Warmth is everywhere

Okay, well, in fact, he doesn't need to care too much about this issue, or the point worth complaining about shouldn't be here. Shouldn't he care about things like anomalies in the middle of the night?

"Um... the time I agreed with the owner of this store is up, and he is probably back now, can I trouble you to lift the barrier?"

When he finished signing everyone, Wang Hao looked down at the time. It was already 8:52, and then he remembered the appointment with the bookstore owner.

"The concubine understands." Yuzao smiled and waved his sleeve slightly. The space seemed to be distorted at this moment, and then disappeared very smoothly. The beautiful and impeccable woman chuckled and continued: "The enchantment has disappeared, so the concubine will take the first step and ask the god master teacher to continue to cheer."

"Da Jijiang wait for me!"

The blonde Lilith left before seeing Yuzao and hurriedly followed. Finally, she turned her head and smiled at Wang Hao, "I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Lilith. Goodbye by the god master teacher."

"Well, you two are careful on the way."

I have to say that whether it is Yuzaoqian or Lilith, they are full of strong charm with every move, Wang Hao thought of the two in his heart, watching the back of the two.

"Then I have to say goodbye here too. I'm really sorry to bother the Lord God teacher so late."

The ghost lamp with the book put away looked very satisfied. Wang Hao also smiled and said to the other party: "It's okay. It's better to say that I have to thank you for your support. I am also very happy to like this work so much."

To be honest, he never thought that such a special group of readers would become his fans. This feeling still makes him a little weird. Could it be that other novelists or cartoonists will also encounter this situation when they open a sales meeting. ?

But it’s not realistic to think about it again. If I was not too surprised to reveal my true identity just now, the ghost lights and the group would not be calm about their true identities. After all, they were very concealed when they came, almost nothing like normal people. the difference.

Based on this, he can guess that there are clear regulations on this world and on the other side, and certain special existences will not actively be exposed to human vision due to regulations.

If you break this rule, you will be punished. For example, the monk in Tsing Yi last time obviously broke the set rules, so he was caught by the ghost lamp himself.

Wang Hao's encounter with this situation was entirely accidental. If he hadn't met the ghost lamp before, when the other party came this time, he would only regard this group of people as ordinary readers, right?

By the way, since that day, he has never encountered any abnormalities.

Well, even if his own existence is a rather abnormal situation, after all, Wang Hao is also a traverser, and he is also called a celestial traverser along with the neon high school students and the American Rangers.

Wang Hao laughed mockingly, looked at the time, it was 8:54, thinking that the bookstore owner should also be back.

Sure enough, as soon as he looked at the door of the store, he saw a familiar figure, and when he walked to the light, he realized that it was the bookstore owner.

As the other party walked into the bookstore, he wiped his sweat with his hand, and complained: "It's weird? I'm going to get lost nearby..."

Hearing the words of the bookstore owner, Wang Hao also had a cold sweat on his forehead, and he quickly slapped a haha ​​to cover up with a guilty conscience: "Hahaha, after all, the bookstore will not be open at this point in the evening? Hiratsuka-san felt a little strange, too. Normally, because there are fewer people in this period of time than usual."

"The god master teacher is right, maybe it's because there is no one around you?"

Bezo Hiratsuka, the owner of this bookstore, scratched his head in embarrassment. Thinking about it, this is true. He did not see the people around him when he was walking on the road just now, and his mood suddenly became nervous. When I got up, I didn't notice the environment when I walked, so I went to observe where there are people nearby?

Fortunately, he finally came to the store. It seemed that it was just a false alarm. Bezo Hiratsuka secretly made a decision in his heart. Recently, it is better to watch less ghost stories, otherwise it will feel strange and scary to walk at night in the future.

Wang Hao, who was standing next to him, breathed a sigh of relief when he saw this.

Bisheng Hiratsuka seemed to think of something, and quickly handed over the things he was holding to Wang Hao. "Teacher God has worked hard. This is a consolation item prepared by everyone for the teacher. It is just a trivial lunch. It may be a bit cold. But please accept it!"

"Thank you, then I will accept it."

Wang Hao hesitated for a moment, and took the bento from the other party with a smile. At the same time, he felt a little warm in his heart. Probably this is the warmth of reality. He looked at Hiratsuka Bisheng and continued: "Then I will I’m leaving now, I’m so sorry to have bothered for so long."

"No, no, no, we have to thank the god master teacher."

Bisheng Hiratsuka replied with a smile, watching Wang Hao leave with a sigh of emotion, he has already seen a star that is blooming with his own light.

The young people nowadays are really incredible...


In the park, next to the bench.

After Wang Hao left the bookstore, he did not go back to Qiushui Villa directly, but chose to come to the nearby park. With the bright street lights, he ate his bento by himself.

Except for lunch with everyone at the celebration banquet, he hasn't eaten dinner yet, and after working continuously for so long, he urgently needs to replenish energy.

Although this bento was a bit cold, Wang Hao felt delicious when he ate it. After a while, he wiped it out and said contentedly, "Thanks for the hospitality!"

"It's time to go back."

Sorting the trash into a nearby trash can, Wang Hao took out his cell phone to read the message, and then he had to return to the Qiushui Villa early because there were still things waiting for him to do tonight.

Well, yes, it's about the new book.

Of course, there is another very important thing, that is, the mobile client of station b will also come out with his new book.

A few days ago, he gave the mobile client of station b to Akasaka Ryunosuke for modification. Although he is still very confident in the app software he made, Wang Hao believes that it should be able to improve it by giving it to Akasaka Ryunosuke. Better.

After all, he can't guarantee that the software he made is the most perfect. There are definitely many loopholes in it. Because there is some time left, he gave it to Akasaka Ryunosuke.

Chapter 535 Set a small goal

After all, Akasaka Ryunosuke is a genuine genius in this regard. Although there is not much time left, Wang Hao believes that in these hours, handing it over to the other party will definitely make the mobile client of station b more perfect.

He is planning to release the client of station b at ten o'clock this evening. He has been preparing for this day for a long time, and it is also related to the future of Undead Chuan Library.

"There is no big problem, it is indeed much better than the original..."

After Wang Hao quickly returned home, he directly started the final test of the mobile client of station b, and found that after the improvement of Akasaka Ryunosuke, the performance has improved in almost all aspects, and the partitions have also been optimized a lot, not much worse than the current excellent apps. .

He was very satisfied with being able to do this.

At this time, he also opened his Twitter, Weibo and other accounts again, and told the news that the b site client and the new book were released together at ten o'clock.

Want to read a new book?can!As long as you download the mobile app at station b, you can watch it. At this stage, it can only be watched on the mobile terminal of station b. There is no other channel to watch. Even if you visit the computer terminal of station b, there will be restrictions on viewing.