Do not compete with others for fame and gain, and will not become others' pawns. This is a realm that is not limited to your own world.

The predecessor obeyed the teachings of Mr. Wang, and has always upheld the attitude of being a gentleman. Mr. Wang left the celestial empire's house because he had achieved a state where a gentleman was indisputable, and he was unwilling to commit sibling with his brother.

Because in Father Wang Feng's memory, his brother always kept the best for himself, this time he should give in.

For this incident, the old man Wang Qing, who was located in the old house of the Wang family in the courtyard of the Tian Dynasty Yanjing courtyard, had always been very guilty of the old man Wang Feng, so later he rejected all the arguments and handed the position of the head of the family to Wang Hao's father, Wang Rendao.

But things backfired. Although Grandpa Wang Feng made the biggest concession, he still didn't expect his grandson to suffer this disaster.

After Wang Qing learned about this incident, he acquiesced to what Wang Rendao did, and kept one eye closed on the matter, but after this incident, Wang Qing seemed to change his feelings. It's getting older.

It can be said that if Wang Hao has not crossed over, it can be said that his predecessor does not exist in this world.

Regarding these grievances, Wang Hao didn't know until he fully integrated with the memories and emotions of his predecessor, which is why he made up his mind.

A gentleman does not fight and is regarded as innocent.

Grandpa Wang Feng has achieved this state, and Wang Hao now has no way to be so calm.

However, gentlemen also have disputes!Husbands do not fight, so the world cannot fight with them.

This is the realm that Wang Hao has reached now. He doesn’t want to go to the Heavenly King’s house to talk about some great principles by arguing with others, but intends to treat people with a low profile and do practical things, concentrate on doing what he wants to do, to prove it. Others see that no one else can argue with you and be convinced by you.

The reason why the old man Wang Feng named him "Hao" was that he hoped that Wang Hao could be a mighty man and cultivate a strong sense of righteousness. This name itself represented the greatest expectation of him.

"There is definitely a way!"

Thinking of this, Wang Hao clenched his teeth secretly, leaving a thin cold sweat on his forehead, not believing that he couldn't face the current situation with his own strength.

"Calm down first, even if it's useless to worry..."

After taking a deep breath, he gradually calmed down his anxious mood, and calmly thought about it again in his mind.

He picked up a pen next to him, Wang Hao turned the pen flexibly with his fingers, frowning and muttering to himself: "There are many industries that make money, but if the time is short, the results will be quicker. What do you do best?"

" seems that there is one that meets the requirements! How about making a game? It's not right?!"

Suddenly, a bright light flashed in Wang Hao's mind. He suddenly thought of something, and the pen in his hand fell quietly. He did not notice these details at this time, and he had completely focused on the question he thought of.

"There are many money-making games, but you still have to think carefully!"

There was still a gap between things and what he had imagined. Wang Hao couldn't help but shook his head slightly and smiled bitterly. There are a lot of money-making games, but the cost and time required are too long. What he was thinking about was not these games.

As he shook his head, he accidentally saw the phone on the desktop, his eyes lit up suddenly!

Chapter 537 Ship Mother

Mad... No wonder I can't remember, I forgot the mobile game just now!

I am still promoting mobile novels, and I am deliberately preparing to make the mobile client of station b into a diversified two-dimensional app. How can I forget the very lucrative field of mobile games?

With this in mind, Wang Hao immediately clicked on the page of the computer browser and began to search for the word mobile game. In short, it is better to understand the market situation first.

Although it is also a game, mobile games, PC games and galgame are completely two concepts. It can be said that the current game market is mainly based on mobile games to make money.

This is an inevitable trend, because the penetration rate of smart phones is much higher than that of computers. Carrying mobile phones has almost become a must-have for people. Mobile games are obviously more convenient than PC games.

"Soul Master?"

Soon Wang Hao searched for the current mobile game situation, and a mobile game called Yuhunshi attracted his attention.

Because this game looks pretty good, and the page should be a two-dimensional game, Wang Hao was attracted.

Generally speaking, the current situation of the mobile game market is pretty good. Wang Hao just searched a lot of reviews about mobile games. Among them, this is the most intense discussion about the soul master. This is also the main reason that arouses Wang Hao’s interest, and the soul master seems It is also the most popular mobile game at the moment.

Soon Wang Hao searched for detailed information about the Soul Master, and he took a breath, and couldn’t help exclaiming: “One, ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand, one million, one thousand Thousands, billions...wait! I'm not mistaken, am I? This is just one month of public beta, and it has already earned 1.3 billion tianchao coins! This Nima is making money every minute and every second!!"

Seeing this, Wang Hao suddenly became silent. Even if he didn't know the game of Soul Master, he was completely speechless when he saw the shocking money-raising data. You don't have to play him to know that this game is definitely fun. , Because it is not fun to go to Krypton Gold!

Although it is normal for some games to have one or two local tyrants, on the whole, everyone’s IQ is not stupid. If you encounter games that are not fun, you will definitely not charge up, but this soul master can make everyone willingly The krypton gold was paid from the wallet, and the game operator actually earned 1.3 billion Tianchao coins in a month, which shows that this game is extremely playable.

However, this may also be due to official propaganda. After all, many companies now have very effective propaganda methods.

Yuhunshi has been in public beta for more than half a year so far. In the first month, the official data was 1.3 billion tian dynasty coins, and the data in the second month was 1.28 billion. Wang Hao looked at the next data again. The average monthly income of a soul master is about 1.23 billion.

Seeing this, he became silent again, and didn't want to say anything about this game of making money.

Well, Wang Hao admits that jealousy has completely changed him, so I don't want to continue to discuss too much...

If he can earn 1.3 billion days of coins, what else can he not do?

Although money in this society is not omnipotent, it is absolutely impossible without money!

For example, what Wang Hao wants to do now requires money. It can be said that as long as he has money, the problems he faces now are not called problems.

So the question is, where does the money come from?╯▂╰

He shook his head heavily. He felt that this still couldn't make his mind sober. Wang Hao looked hesitantly and picked up the bottle of super-strong canned coffee next to him. After drinking it slurpingly, he immediately felt refreshed.

"This time, if you want to think of some games that can compete with the soul master, the popularity and quality of the game must not be bad..."

Although Wang Hao said on the surface that he didn’t want to play the Soul Master, his fingers still found a video about the Soul Master on the computer. After watching the video, he was very calm, making people wonder what he was thinking about. what.

One thing is certain is that he has desperately thought of a game comparable to Soul Master now in his mind.

As for the reason, it is also very simple, because Wang Hao is really stimulated by the monthly turnover of more than one billion yuan, and it is rare to have an idea of ​​"If I have money, it would be better"...

"Why don't you do a mobile game of the Xingyue series? "Fate/grandorder" is a mobile game with a terrifying level of gold."

In terms of mobile games, Wang Hao quickly thought of the Xingyue series, because "fate/grandorder" should be as good as the soul master in terms of gold, and with a little improvement, you can make a lot of money.After all, this is a game that uses love to generate electricity. As long as there is love, the masters will open their wallets obediently.

"No, if you want the game "fate/grandorder" to become popular, you must first slowly unfold the world of the moon. The early stage requires a lot of works to pave the way..."

It didn’t take long before Wang Hao rejected what he thought was a good idea. Although "fate/grandorder" was terrifying in terms of making money, all of this was the reason why there were many works before the Moon Series. It's completely a cooking game.

If he rushes to make it without other works now, he can imagine that he can definitely lose money, and this game needs a long time to complete and invests a lot of money. Wang Hao does not have any capital to do it now. This game.

Even if you want to make the game "fate/grandorder", you have to create the works of the moon series before that, such as "fate/staynight", "fate/zero", "sky no realm", etc...

Only through these works let the fans understand the world of the moon, will they choose to enter the pit to become a lunar man.

"The road to heaven is endless, since this kind of game that requires time to settle is not good, you can change it again, first set the scope to the famous one, and the production should be simple..."

Wang Hao quickly figured out the key point. To make money and a game comparable to Onmyoji, first of all, the reputation must be very loud, so the scope is very small.

If the simple production is added, the original small circle will undoubtedly shrink again, and Wang Hao soon has a name in his mind. It is a work that can be called a cult with the Oriental series. .

That's right!It's the fleet collection, this game called Jianniang C for short!!