"The country will perish, and there will be ships everywhere."

This is the earliest card web game based on the island nation’s fleet during World War II.Because of the suspicion of calling for the soul of militarism, it was criticized very much, but his method of mothering well-known ships made the otaku crazy.

Girls like "King Kong Four Silly", "Nagato", and "Shimakaze" have caused a frenzy even in China, and the production of "Jianniang" animation has pushed this game to a climax!

Chapter 538 Global Edition Ship Mother

From these words and phrases, it can be seen that Jianniang C is famous enough, otherwise it would not be called a cult with the Dongfang series.

The fame meets the first requirement. As for the second point, the production is even simpler. The most troublesome part of this game is not the operation and the program, but the exquisite personal settings. The original painting by a ship's lady was so exquisite that it would take a long time for Wang Hao to make it.

The game of Jianniang c is still very simple in general. It does not require much capital investment, and it does not require time to settle like "Fate/Grand Order". It can be said that the only difficulty of this game is the original character painting. Wang Hao is very sure about this, because every person assumes that he has specific ideas in his mind.

First of all, the previous life’s ship girl c can be used, but Wang Hao’s idea is not satisfied, because the former world’s ship girl c is only limited to the historical ships of the island country. If he wants to do it, the ships will definitely not be limited to Island country, but will expand the scope to the entire world history!

Ships from other countries will create character designs based on his own experience, and he only needs to make a rough sketch, and there is no problem, but in this way, the original drawing of the character design needs to be completed a bit. Obviously he alone is not Too realistic.

"At most one original character painting per day, I'm afraid I can't do it alone..."

Although Wang Hao is still very fast in creating the original paintings, he estimates that if he spares time every day, he should be able to complete an original painting of Jianniang c.

It looks very fast to have an original character painting every day, but what Wang Hao intends to do is to make the ship's mother into a global model. In this way, even if an original character painting is every day, it is not realistic to want to complete such a large amount of work by one person. , After all, he has other things to do, it is impossible to waste a whole day on the creation of original character paintings.

"It seems we have to think of a new solution."

Wang Hao intends to be responsible for the original drawings of some of the more important characters, and then for other characters, he can design the sketches of the characters and hand them to others to complete.

"If you want to complete the exquisite persona of the ship, the requirements for the painter are a bit high. If this is the case, it will be difficult to handle by then..."

He stretched out his hand to touch his chin and couldn't help but sigh. He didn't expect a wave of unrest, because he knew few painters, and there were not many painters who believed that the industry was capable of accomplishing this task.

Jianniang Jianniang, the biggest selling point of this game can be said to be the exquisite characters, so the requirements for the original character paintings are quite high, and Wang Hao has no plan to fill the numbers.

"True Bai, Ying Lili, it goes without saying that the painting skills of the two of them are still too few, and there are only three of them, so it is impossible to complete such a large amount of work..."

If Wang Hao were to be a world-scale ship's mother, there would be at least a thousand ships of all kinds. With such a huge set of people, the three people don't know when it will be completed.

Wang Hao frowned slightly, he himself had no clue about these, because even if he knew which painters were famous, he didn't know each other at all, nor did he have any contact information for these painters.

"It's best to ask some professional original painting studios and freelance original painters with good strength. Can I ask Ayano Iida if there is a channel?"

Soon he thought of Iida Ayano, and realized that the other party should know these things. After all, Iida Ayano is also the editor-in-chief of Shueisha anyway, and he must know more or less many good original painting studios and painters.

"If you can find enough painters, there will be absolutely no problem in other aspects!"

The most urgent task is to find a painter with good ability. In terms of game production, Wang Hao does not plan to trouble other people in the current research institute. He can do it alone. This game is quite simple.

However, it’s still a long time to waste time for one person. After thinking about it, he decided to seek help from Akasaka Ryunosuke. If the other party joins, he doesn’t need to worry too much. The two can definitely cooperate in an extremely short time. carry out.

"If you want to finish quickly, you can only make Jianniang c a page game for the time being. This game will be placed on the game zone webpage of station b."

Although Wang Hao intends to make Jianniang c a mobile game, making it into a web game now does not hinder this, because the cost of making a web game is lower.

At the same time, there are deep reasons for doing this. A closer look reveals that there are really few things that attract people at station b. Wang Hao intends to develop station b into a comprehensive two-dimensional website, so naturally there will be more Aspect development.

Now I just have the opportunity. After all, Jianniang made a page game and placed it in the game area of ​​station b, which would naturally attract more users to stay.

"Try to complete more than 40 original character paintings within two weeks, and put them on the market as the initial c-page game of the ship girl. During the period, you can use maintenance methods to continuously update the original paintings. However, it is difficult to use large-scale promotion. "

Wang Hao thought slightly for a while, and he had already tapped his fingers on the tabletop unknowingly, making a rhythm of "dongdongdong", but he didn't notice it at all.

If the time is stipulated within two weeks, he can probably complete 15 original paintings alone, and the true white should be able to complete about 20, and Ying Lili should be able to complete 5 at this stage.

In this way, two weeks or so will be about the same time. Wang Hao is still very confident to make a web game in such a little time. After all, he has already planned in his heart and knows how to do the general program. Besides, this time, he is not alone in the production of "Eastern Seal of Demons".

As far as game programming is concerned, Wang Hao is sure that Akasaka Ryunosuke is better than him, and there are world-class genius Shiina Mashiro and the famous Kashiwagi Hideri in the original painting.

It is precisely because of their three super-class talents that Wang Hao has the confidence to do this.

No... it's not just three people!It should be a pair of four talents, because Ye Qiushan can rest assured that it is responsible for game operation.

Wang Hao felt that it would be much more reliable to hand over the operation rights of the game to Ye Qiushan. After all, Jiang was still hot, and he would definitely run into a wall in many places if he came by himself.

Moreover, Ye Qiushan is the most familiar with the operation. The most important point is that the other party has nothing to do now. Although Ye Qiushan is now in charge of the operation of the Tianshen Group, it is completely possible based on Ye Qiushan’s ability. Complete the task easily.

Anyway, the other party had nothing to do when he was idle, Wang Hao also maintained the attitude of doing more with the capable, and decided to hand over this glorious and sacred task to the other party.

Well, he didn't want to be lazy!

Chapter 535

Soon Wang Hao made up his mind. For the time being, four people, including him, Shiina Mashiro, Sawamura Hideli, and Akasaka Ryunosuke, completed the initial production of the Kanniang c game, and then handed it over to Ye Qiushan to run it.

During this period, I ask Ayano Iida to find an excellent artist and a good original painting studio, so that the subsequent creation of the original painting of Kanniang can be guaranteed.

Of course, the C-page game that has just been made is definitely within the scope of internal testing. It will also test and improve the game performance, game design, game balance, bugs, and server load to ensure that the game is in The public test can proceed smoothly.

At the same time, there is also a very important reason, that is, first collect a sum of funds through the internal test. Only with the funds can the Jianniang c-page game be made into a mobile game, otherwise the money will never fall from the sky. Also discuss with everyone.

It can be said that Wang Hao can think of this step with good intentions, if it is not really helpless, he has a better way.

This is a sad story. He could have done a good job originally, but unfortunately he can only do so because of lack of money...

There are not too many difficulties in this game. The most difficult thing is the mode and gameplay of the game, but Wang Hao has already had an idea about this, so he is confident about the production.

What should I say about the game of Jianniang c?Wang Hao feels that as long as a person who knows how to make games and has a perfect idea for this game, there is really no difficulty in other aspects except the original character paintings, and he can make this game by himself.

Of course, even this is still not possible. After all, the most important thing about the ship girl is the exquisite persona. It can be said that this is mainly a collection game.

After making a decision, Wang Hao doesn’t think too much about it. It’s just time when the mobile client of station b is officially released. Correspondingly, there is also this mobile app called "Lian "Empty" novel.

Because of its birth, this night is destined to be a night that many people cannot sleep.

As the person involved, Wang Hao fell asleep peacefully after finishing what needed to be done.


It was night, which brought darkness, but was broken by people in silence.

300,000 words are not too much, not too few.For people who read books often, it may not take long to finish reading, and it may even take only one or two hours for some people.

ACGN Forum, after just a few hours of fermentation in the light novel area, it has completely exploded at this time. The reason is very simple. It is a novel that caused all this.

Not only the ACGN forum, but also many miscellaneous novels and literature forums have completely exploded!The situation has even become more intense!!

Jin Tian played many, male gender, 32 years old, had a girlfriend not long ago, and now he has broken up for three months. He used to be a Mandarin teacher in a high school. He took a long vacation from the school because of a broken relationship. Maybe he can’t go out anymore. Up.

Because since the day of the breakup, he has never been to work again, and is isolated from everyone around him.