Until now, Jintian Zouduo has never understood why the world would be so unfair to him?

He and his girlfriend belonged to childhood sweethearts who grew up together. Like a coincidence of fate, they saw the book five centimeters per second through the introduction of netizens.

Kinda Kata originally thought that his speed of five centimeters per second was similar. When he was a child, he was forced to leave because of family reasons, but there was a fundamental difference in essence, because in the end she mustered up the courage to take the train alone to confess to her girlfriend, just like Guishu. The other party also agreed.

But he didn't expect that everything seemed so ridiculous in the end. He found that his destined ending had not changed at all. Things that should come will always come, and no matter how misfortune will always come to him.

After all, I broke up with the other party. It's clear that they have reached the point of discussing marriage. The two parties have also made an oath. It is a pity that the other party left without even seeing him for the last time. Jin Tianzou feels that he has no luxury. Many, just begging to see the other party one last time, but unfortunately she didn't even give herself this humble request.

From that day onwards, Jin Tian Zuo Duo became unwilling to trust others anymore. It felt terrible to look at others, and even thought about why there are so many people.

He dared not go to school again, afraid to face everything he had once, and just wanted to stay alone in his own cabin.

It's been three months, and it's been three months. Since this time, Jin Tian Xianduo has always hoped that his girlfriend can reply to him. At the same time, Jin Tian Xianduo is also constantly sending messages to the other party. However, the final result is nothing but nothing. Audio.

He has completely given up his mind now, only willing to deal with the Internet, Jin Tian Xianduo now only wants to believe that the talents on the Internet are the most real human beings, because they do what they want and speak their own truth without hesitation.

He has had enough in reality to keep showing false smiles to others and nodding humblely!

""Love the Sky"? Isn't this the name of that galgame game?"

Jin Tianzhuang easily picked up a can of beer from the side. Now he has lost a lot of weight. It is not an exaggeration to describe him as skinny. His eyes are full of bloodshot eyes and his face is full of stubble, no longer the demeanor of the people’s teacher before. It is like a decadent middle-aged vagrant.

I am afraid that he appeared in front of the students he taught, and no one would know him today, but Kanada was very satisfied, thinking that he was the real self without restraint.

After drinking a can of beer, Jin Tianzou had an abnormal flush on his face, and he threw the can nearby.

"Speaking is better than singing. There are always some unseen bastards who like to exaggerate. They must all fall into the eyes of the navy. I want to see what it is?"

Jin Tianzou looked at these comments with disdain, and he was also a Mandarin teacher, so he must personally expose these disgusting navy.

He turned on the computer and searched for the novel called "Lian Kong", but it turned out to be annoying for Jintian, because he couldn't find this novel on the computer and watch it directly. Some comments said When I was able to download a mobile phone software to watch, I suddenly became a little angry.

Taking a deep breath, he still downloaded the software on his mobile phone. After spending some time, he successfully found a novel called "Love the Sky" in this app.

Looking at the release time, thousands of people have rated it in just a few hours, with a score of 9.9. The number of clicks has exceeded 300,000, and the comments in the comment area have reached 10,000.

The 540th chapter those things caused by the love of the sky...

"It looks like the quality of the navy is pretty good this time, but it's still too obvious."

Jin Tian Zou Duo is very disdainful of the data in front of him. This kind of invitation to the navy can be said to be everywhere on the Internet.

You must know that it is already late at night, and there are still so many people who have not slept at this point, and they have deliberately ran into this newly created app, which is not long before, which is suspicious no matter where you look at it.

Neon’s life rhythm is very fast, Jintian play is also very aware of normal office workers and students, etc., have already rested during this time period, and now this activity is very abnormal.

Not surprisingly, Jin Tianzuo judged that it was definitely some navy who took the money deliberately speculating here, and then the following topics would definitely intensify, continue to spread around, and gradually attract other people's attention.

Sometimes people who don’t know can easily be led by others, and at this time they will develop a mentality of conformity.For these little tricks, Jin Tian played a lot of disdain.

He originally liked this author named God Lord a little bit, but after his girlfriend's incident, Jin Tian Xianduo was no longer willing to trust anyone.

Because in his eyes, other people must be full of lies, and what he sees on the outside may not be the most true. Kinda Kata also learns to constantly question others and think things in the worst direction.

In the beginning, Jin Tianzuo was mostly a teacher of Chinese studies, believing that Mencius, the ancient man from the heavenly dynasty, believed that "the beginning of man is good at nature", and he has always maintained a trusting attitude.

But he has completely overturned the original ridiculous idea, and is more willing to believe that Xunzi, who put forward different theories from Mencius, believes that Xunzi's saying that "the beginning of man is evil in nature" is the truth.

Mankind has been malignant since its birth. Everyone has material desires and pursuits, which are inherent in sex, unlearned and natural. It is this pursuit of material desires that determines the evil of human nature.

But through the current growth environment, everyone has learned to pack themselves and hide the vicious side, but everyone knows that such an approach is of no use at all, because the deepest part of everyone’s heart contains original sin.

Jin Tian Zanduo's thoughts have quietly changed unconsciously. He just wants to expose all the evils of other people around him. First of all, he should start with this god.

Thinking of this, Jin Tianzou reached out his hand and clicked on the e-book on his mobile phone and watched it quietly.Perhaps the only thing he hasn't changed now is to keep quiet while reading books.

If that day, I did not meet you.

I think I won’t feel

So painful,

so sad,

So sad,

So sad comes from it.

But if I did not meet you.

I won't know

So happy,

So gentle,

So in love,

So warm,

So happy...

I was crying,

Today, still looking up at the sky.

Looking up at the sky.


Two hours later, Jin Tianzuo was completely silent. As a Mandarin teacher, his reading comprehension level is still very good, and he can basically do ten lines at a glance.

"It's weird? It's clear that I won't cry again, why are there still tears still flowing down?"

Unknowingly, Jin Tianzuo's eyes kept falling with tears, as if he could not restrain the tear glands, his body did not listen to him, and suddenly he felt a sudden pain in his heart, curled up on the ground in pain, and emitted Sad scream: "Why? Why is it like this! Jimi, where are you?!"

He could see himself in the opposite mirror as soon as he opened his eyes. Jin Tianxu stretched out his hand to cover his eyes, but tears soaked his palm.

In fact, in Jintian Zouduo's heart, he has always been unwilling to believe in another possibility. Perhaps he has been deceiving himself for so many days, just texting ignorantly instead of looking for it in person, because Jintian Zou is so afraid that the truth he found will cause He collapsed.

He knew that Jimi was not that kind of person. Both of them were childhood sweethearts and Kanada also knew what kind of girl she was. If there was no special reason, he would never leave without saying goodbye.

After seeing this novel called "Love in the Sky", Jintian Zouduo's anxiety has never been so strong as it is now. At this moment, he has already made his sense.

As long as Ji Mei is okay, even if she silently exits, there is no problem, he is willing to watch it by herself.

"Jimi...you must not have an accident!"