It wasn't until she couldn't shed tears that Jin Tian Zante put down her hand and looked at the reflection of herself in the mirror. His face was very haggard, but his eyes had gradually become more energetic.

He stretched out his hand to slowly support the floor, stood up slowly while holding on to the wall, step by step to the counter next to the bed, and took out a group photo from the drawer.

Kanada Jintian saw this photo and felt sad, and had an urge to cry, but there were no tears to shed, "Jimi...waiting for me, no matter where you are at the end of the world, I will definitely come to you!"

From this moment on, Jin Tianzou didn't realize how jerk she had been in the past three months. Jimi must be drifting alone somewhere alone. She must have had some difficulties when she chose to leave her side, and she didn't want to be sad.

However, he was huddled here like a coward, and he didn't dare to think about it on the other hand, Kanada Jintian had enough of himself to escape reality!

How disappointed would Ji Mei see such a cowardly herself?

Jin Tianzou turned his head and slowly glanced at the bright mobile phone screen. He was very ashamed of what he had just thought. He picked up the phone and began to compile a long book review. I hope the teacher of God can see this comment.


Wang Hao naturally didn't know the series of things caused by Liankong. If he knew it, he would be very pleased, because in his opinion, it is undoubtedly a very meaningful thing to help others.

Of course, he didn't know the details now. He woke up early in the morning and began to secretly see the timing, ready to have a good exchange with Sawamura Yinglili and others.

Because today is Sunday, everyone has free time and there is no need to be busy preparing for school.

Wang Hao quickly found the opportunity to take Sawemura Hidelily, Zhen Bai, and Long Nosuke to the study.

The three of them quickly took their seats. The study room is quite spacious, and it is a good choice for office or reception of guests.

"What's the matter if you call us?"

Sawamura Hidelily looked at Wang Hao bluntly and said, which made him a little embarrassed to stretch out his hand and scratch his face, "Is there something going on if I call you over?"

Chapter 541 Let's be the ship mother together!

"What... It turned out to be okay. Then I am going to revise the draft, so I will go back now."

Sawemura Hidelily sighed, and slowly stood up, looking ready to leave at any time, but he still didn't move.

Wang Hao, who was sitting next to him, looked at this scene with a twitch. This guy definitely did it on purpose, right?

No, no, when Sawamura Hidelili looked at him triumphantly, Wang Hao had already determined that it was definitely intentional.

Well, even if the other party did it deliberately, he really didn't do anything. In the face of this situation, Wang Hao could only give in helplessly. He didn't expect Ying Lili to become so powerful unknowingly. It seems that he made a mistake this time.

Wang Hao sighed slightly and said: "I do have something to discuss with you. I plan to complete a page game in about two weeks. I want to ask Ying Lili and Zhen Bai to complete the original character painting."

"Are you usually so idle?"

After hearing Wang Hao’s words, Sawamura Hidelily couldn’t help but complain, which made him a little embarrassed, so she shrugged helplessly and replied: “No way, you also know that sometimes inspiration comes and there’s no way to abandon it. ."

Although this answer is far-fetched, Sawamura Hidelily chose to believe in Wang Hao. After all, inspiration was hard-won, especially in the area of ​​creation.

Sawemura Hidelily is not incomprehensible, but in the end she intends to ask about the specific workload first, "Anyway, let me talk about how many original paintings I am responsible for?"

"I plan to ask Ying Lili to be responsible for 5 original character paintings, and Zhenbai will be responsible for 20 original character paintings."

Wang Hao directly answered the other party's question without thinking, because he had already thought about this matter last night.

Upon hearing this, Sawamura Yinglili's complexion turned a little weird. Seeing Wang Hao's eyes with a trace of pity and sympathy, she sighed softly, and said: "Um...we also know that Haojun is more stressful at work. Great, if it doesn’t work, just take a good rest, and everyone won’t blame you..."

"You guy, don't you think I'm confused?"

"Isn't it? You should know the current situation of Zhenbai and I. It is completely impossible to complete such a huge workload. You should understand this kind of thing yourself!!"

Sawamura Hidelily directly expressed her dissatisfaction. Even Shiina Shiro, whose expression has always been indifferent, quietly frowned. Seeing Wang Hao, she shook her head slightly, and said with some disappointment: "Ho, I might not be able to do it. ..."

"Of course, it is really difficult to do this step under normal circumstances."

Wang Hao smiled mysteriously, and took out two paper bags from the side beside him, "I have completed the sketch of the character, so I put it inside. I believe there should be no problem with this, right?"

As soon as he finished speaking, he walked over and handed two document bags to the two of them. One of them was obviously thicker, and the other was slightly thin.

This is the task he divided according to the strength of the two. Even though she has a very strong personality, she has no idea that her task is much simpler than true white, because she is as clear as Wang Hao. How terrible is his strength.

That's almost a level that normal people can't imagine, and each painting is completed very quickly, and the quality of the completion is even more unclear.

With the character design sketches, it is really not too difficult for Zhenbai to complete the 20 original character paintings. It is a very easy task for Zhenbai. Even with the sketches, it is also possible to hand over the task of 40 original character paintings to Zhenbai. Can be easily completed within the specified time.

Of course, Wang Hao would definitely not do that. After all, Zhenbai also had other things to be busy with, and if he left it to Zhenbai to do it all by himself, he would feel very guilty.

"The most important thing about these original character paintings is to be exquisite and the quality must pass the test. I will also be responsible for some original character paintings."

He said his request, Shiina Masashi opened the paper bag that Wang Hao handed over, his eyes lit up, and his face calmly said, "If there is a draft, no problem..."

"You have prepared so comprehensively, can I still refuse?"

Sawamura Hidelily also received the draft of the character design sent by Wang Hao. With this sketch, there is really no trouble creating it. The most critical issue is the level of the artist.

Even with the character design sketches, if a painter's level is not enough, the original painting created is also a failure.

Akasaka Ryunosuke sat on the sofa and said faintly: "I should be responsible for the production of the game, but without a specific plan, it is impossible to complete the production of the game in two weeks."

Wang Hao nodded, indicating that the other party shouldn't worry, and said confidently: "Yes, you have to ask Ryunosuke to make the game, but I will also participate in the production, and I have already figured out the general mode of the game."

Seeing Akasaka Ryunosuke’s still somewhat puzzled expression, Wang Hao continued patiently and explained: “For the time being, I just want to make this game a small-scale web game, so I don’t need to be too particular about the initial production, and then we can Slowly improve, and then make this game a mobile game."

Akasaka Ryunosuke frowned and asked: "Wait...I understand what you mean, but I want to know what kind of game you are going to do? If you want to make a web game a mobile game, it is not Not an easy task."

"I was negligent..."

Hearing what the other party said, Wang Hao was taken aback for a moment, and then a bitter smile appeared on his face. He almost forgot that he hadn't told Akasaka Ryunosuke and others what game he was going to do. No wonder the other party would have questions. .

After thinking slightly for a while, he briefly thought about the ship’s mother in his mind, and quickly came to a conclusion, watching everyone slowly said: “This game we are going to do is called fleet collection, or ship for short. Mother c, everyone can think of this as a collection and development game.

The reason why it is referred to as the ship girl c is because the most attractive part of this game is the motherhood of all kinds of historical ships. The origins of these ships cover the whole world, which means that the people of our game are all sourced. For all kinds of historical ships, with such a huge historical background, there is no need to worry about the lack of outstanding people.

The initial plan for the web game will allow players to collect the anthropomorphic characters of warships in the game, while strengthening and transforming the already collected warships, and finally defeating the deep sea fleet in battle and creating their own Fleet.

I plan to use the page game as the basis of Jianniang C, and continue to expand and update this game mode until it is mature and will be made into a mobile game to market!"

Chapter 542 Standing on the shoulders of giants

"The motherhood of warships, this idea is really attractive!"

After hearing Wang Hao's words, Akasaka Ryunosuke's eyes suddenly lit up.Although he himself suffers from feminine phobia, it is a reality after all. After all, Akasaka Ryunosuke thinks he is no different from other normal people, and has no special hobbies except for femininity.

He can also chat well with girls on the Internet, and he also plays some galgames when he is fine, and even played one or two harem games before.

Therefore, Akasaka Ryunosuke is very optimistic about this game, and the setting of maidening warships is really novel. He has not heard of works of the same theme so far. At this point, Akasaka Ryunosuke has to admire. It can be said that this work has a very big brain.

The most important thing is to use the historical ships of the world as the background, so that there is no need to worry about future creations.