"Jianniang? Maybe this game will catch fire unexpectedly!"

Sawamura Hidelily also showed an expression of excitement on her face. She was very interested in the game Wang Hao said, and couldn’t help but analyze: “The audience for this game should be otaku and military enthusiasts. The set of characters can also attract the love of a group of public players!"

As a well-known painter in the book world, Sawamura Hidelily naturally knows that the most important thing in this era is the appearance, whether it is in the two-dimensional or three-dimensional.

For example, when you read the book, although the plot is also important, I believe that the most important thing for most people is the exquisite style of painting. If the picture feels too bad, then it will not produce the mood that makes people want to be stunned.

Simply summarized in one sentence, cuteness is justice!

"Then trouble everyone, I have to prepare other things for this game."

Wang Hao smiled at the three of them. The production issues have been settled. Next, I have to discuss with Iida Ayano and Ye Qiushan.

After leaving the study, he went back to his bedroom, took out the Dragon Ball manuscript in the drawer, and prepared to hand it to Ayano Iida in person.

After all, he had to go to the Shueisha editorial office to meet with Ayano Iida, and Wang Hao was too embarrassed to let him run around every time.


On Sundays, this time should be the time when most office workers and students of Neon are on vacation. It is a precious holiday, but there are still schools that need to make up classes and companies that work on Saturdays and Sundays.

Shueisha is the kind of company that still needs to work on Saturdays and Sundays, especially editors. They are often the busiest at this time. After all, the latest weekly magazine jump will be on sale on Monday.

Moreover, Ayano Iida, as the editor-in-chief, was relatively busy, so Wang Hao planned to come and find him.

When he got downstairs, he took out his phone and sent a message to the other party, stating that he had arrived.

Not long after, a hurried figure walked towards him, Iida Ayano took a breath and looked at Wang Hao and said, "I was still preparing to come and look for you. I didn't expect you to come here early. , How is the manuscript completed?"

"Well, actually you don't have to worry about it. After all, this is the manuscript for next week. Haven't you checked it this week?"

Seeing the appearance of the other party, Wang Hao was a little bit moved while not laughing or crying.

Yes, in fact, the mode of his serialization is very different from other cartoonists. Wang Hao is currently in every week of the serialization, he will give the content of the next week to Iida Ayano in advance, and the other party will read it. Give yourself advice later.

Wang Hao will also refer to the opinions given by Iida Ayano in detail, and then make changes. Now he is no longer going his own way as before.

I took the document bag containing the Dragon Ball manuscript from Wang Hao. Iida Ayano didn't open the bag to read the contents, but asked faintly: "You should have other things you want to tell me when you come over? "

"Sure enough, nothing can be hidden from Editor Iida's fiery eyes."

Hearing this, Wang Hao showed an awkward and impolite smile, shrugged helplessly, and continued: "Let's talk about the details at the nearby coffee shop."

"Come with me."

There are many cafes nearby. One of them has a very good environment. The editors of Shueisha often bring cartoonists to talk here. It can be said that many editors and cartoonists have become regular customers there, and even run away when they are fine. Sit down.

Iida Ayano brought Wang Hao to this cafe, and sat down in a relatively quiet place, familiar with the road.

After the waiter finished serving two cups of coffee, the two parties did not rush to talk. Iida Ayano immediately opened the file bag in her hand and began to watch carefully.

While watching, Iida Ayano's expression gradually brightened. The moment I put down the manuscript, he couldn't help but praised: "Yes, the character's movement has improved a lot!"

"After all, you just told me about this problem not long ago, but I feel there is still a problem somewhere."

Wang Hao smiled bitterly. Through the communication with Iida Ayano, he has realized many of his shortcomings, and the description of the battle scene is particularly weak.

The manuscript this time can say that Wang Hao has already worked hard. Compared with the previous characters, the movements are indeed smoother, but there is still something wrong.

But he really has no way. It should be said that Wang Hao has encountered a bottleneck in this area, and he must find a way to overcome it to lead to a bright road.

"It's great to be able to do this."

Seeing that Wang Hao was still dissatisfied, Iida Ayano couldn't help rolling his eyes, and continued: "I did receive the manuscript, and there is nothing to change, but I hope the plot will develop faster. Try to have more passionate plots.

Also, don't worry for now, I will bring you some relevant information tomorrow, which should be helpful to you."

"I will try my best. Please also ask for the information."

Wang Hao nodded, and did not reject Iida Ayano's kindness, because he now knew that he wanted to create a good manga, and he would never do it alone.

In addition to the editor's help is very important, the hard work of the predecessors is also very important. It is precisely because of the continuous contributions of previous cartoonists that there will be today's cartoon world.

Many manga skills have been explored through generations. It can be said that the current manga artists are already standing on the shoulders of giants, and it is for this reason that they have to work harder.After all, if standing on the shoulders of giants is not as tall as giants, it would be a bit sad.

Chapter 543: Coincidentally Encountering Kubo Leading People

This principle is similar to the process of human science and technology development. For example, at first, people walked on two legs, and then used carriages, boats, etc. as vehicles, and finally today has evolved into cars, airplanes, etc., and even the soaring space was born. Rocket.

If we put it in the past, these surprising developments are absolutely unimaginable, but it also shows that nothing can be achieved in one step. The reason why we can achieve such a great success now can be said to be close to the efforts of our predecessors. Related.

Looking at problems on the shoulders of giants is undoubtedly a lot easier and saves a lot of trouble.

But now the comics world is a bit sad, even if many cartoonists stand on the shoulders of giants, they still do not exceed them.

Solemnly packed the original manuscript, and after putting it in the bag that she carried with him, Iida Ayano took a sip of the warm coffee and frowned slightly, as if thinking of something, she couldn't help but sigh slightly. With a sigh of relief, he put the coffee aside and said hesitantly: "Um...the editorial department will hold a special meeting here in a few days. You may be required to attend at that time. Do you have time? "

"Of course it's okay! Um... Recently, I should be able to spare time, and then you can call me."

Wang Hao answered the other party's question directly without hesitation, with a smile on his face.

After yesterday’s busy schedule, his next schedule will be much easier. At least in the next one or two months, there won’t be too many things to do. After all, he has already made the schedule.

Even if you encounter an emergency, you can adjust the time. Things like attending a meeting are fine.

Seeing Wang Hao's promise so readily, Iida Ayano was a little uncomfortable for a while, but she calmed down quickly, and after a deep breath, staring at Wang Hao's pupils said seriously: " I hope you can promise me one thing, no matter what happens, don't lose your current enthusiasm for comics.

Sometimes failure is not terrible, on the contrary, it is because of failure that people can realize their shortcomings and achieve greater success!"

"Do you mean that Dragon Ball... is likely to be cut in half in the next meeting?"

Upon hearing this, the smile on Wang Hao's face gradually converged, and his face became very calm. He was clearly speaking in a rhetorical tone, but there was no trace of confusion on his face, but rather firmly gave himself. 'S answer, said: "Although I have already achieved my consciousness in my heart, I also believe that Dragon Ball will continue to be serialized!"

"You...you are really overconfident, shouldn't you worry more?"

Iida Ayano smiled bitterly. Although she sounded complaining, she was very satisfied with Wang Hao's answer.

"Hahaha! The recent young people are indeed arrogant, but this confidence is indeed very exciting!!"

At this moment, there was a burst of hearty laughter from the side. Iida Ayano immediately raised her head when she heard this, and the person who looked at the noise couldn't help exclaiming, "Kubo-sensei? What are you doing? Will appear here?!"

Hearing the words "Teacher Kubo", Wang Hao's eyes sharpened instantly. The person who can be called by Iida Ayano in honorifics, and whose surname is Kubo, is undoubtedly the only master figure!

He quickly turned his head, and immediately saw a middle-aged man who was about forty years old with a vicissitudes of face.The other party also saw him, and also showed a faint smile here.

Seeing this look, Wang Hao had a new impression of the famous "Ms. Kubo". He originally thought that the other party was a serious and meticulous person, but he did not expect to be unexpectedly kind.

Wang Hao also hurriedly greeted each other with a smile at this time, and said, "When we first met, I am the god master. Hello, Mr. Kubo!"