"When I first met, I didn't expect that the god master teacher was as young as the rumors, and it turned out to be a hero."

Kubo nodded with a smile, and Wang Hao felt a little embarrassed when he heard the compliment from the other party, and said modestly, "No, no, I'm not even far behind."

"As far as I know, the god master teacher is the first such young cartoonist in the history of comics."

Hearing that, Kubotai showed a bitter smile on his face, shook his head as if he was laughing at himself, walked slowly past Wang Hao, looked at Wang Hao with some relief, stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder, said : "Humility is a good thing, but don't be overly modest. Please continue to work hard like just now. The possibilities in the future are limitless.

You have to remember that as a serial cartoonist, you are now pinning the hope of many people!"

"I will do my best!!"

At this time, Wang Hao was not keeping a humble attitude, but was a little surging when he was told by Kubo's leader, and the blood in his bones was also aroused.

"Then we won't bother here."

Mr. Kubo smiled faintly, his face was full of relief. As a Taishan Beidou-level figure in the comics industry, and also a senior, what he is most happy to think is that the flames of hope can continue to spread.

And Wang Hao's appearance is indeed a faint flame with infinite possibilities.

Watching the Kubo leader and the editor-in-charge leave, Wang Hao couldn't help but sigh. He looked at each other's back with a trace of respect. He is indeed a master, and his mind is much broader than ordinary people.

"Okay, people are already far away. You continue to stand so strange sights from the people around you, and what is the thing you guy came to ask me to say today?"

Ayano Iida reminded him with some dumbfounding, that Wang Hao came back to his senses and found that there were indeed many people around him looking at him a little strangely, which caused him to sit down quickly.

Then, like a okay person, I took a sip of the tepid coffee in front of me, and looked at Iida Ayano seriously and said, “Actually, a game I’m in charge of recently requires many excellent painters and skills. Nice studio, so I want to ask Ayano if you have any news from you?"

As an excellent manga editor, in addition to having excellent working ability, interpersonal communication is basically first-rate, and he also knows many channels, which naturally includes keeping in touch with many excellent artists.

After hearing the words, Iida Ayano rolled her eyes helplessly, sighed slightly, and said with a slight headache: "I knew that you didn't feel at ease when you came here. This is the first time I saw you like you in my career. Such a desperate cartoonist, but you did find the right person."

Chapter 544: Teacher Eromanga!

Just as Wang Hao thought, Iida Ayano did know many good studios and outstanding painters, which is also related to the position she held.

As the editor-in-chief of Shueisha, even if she doesn't take the initiative to contact some painters, there will be many good painters who will take the initiative to contact her.After all, most painters are yearning for the career of a professional cartoonist. For example, Sawamura Hideli has also contributed like Iida Ayano, but it is a pity that she was ruthlessly brushed down.

However, because the style of painting is very good, Iida Ayano also left the contact information for Hideli Sawamura, and you can continue to submit future works.

In addition to these artists who come to submit contributions, comic editors generally have another responsibility, which is to find comic assistants for the comic artists who are serializing.

For example, for a manga artist who just debuted, he definitely can't serialize on time every week on his own. The manga editor in charge will take the initiative to find some manga assistants to help him, so he naturally knows many studios. .

In fact, many people in the society are quite biased towards the profession of comic editing, thinking that comic editing exists only to remind comic artists, but if you really think so, it would be a big mistake!

It can even be said that a good editor is essential for a cartoonist.

You can give a simple example. For example, in the previous life, Wang Hao knew the author of Naruto Masashi Kishimoto, and the editor who was in charge of him was Yasuke Yasuke.

It can be said that this is the original editor in charge of Naruto. He is a major contributor to the popularity of Naruto in the Ninja exam. Kishimoto often mentioned the opinions of this original editor during interviews. Very important.

It can even be said that without Yazaku Yasuke, Naruto’s work would never have been so wonderful. The most beautiful parts of Naruto’s work were all born under the control of Yazaki Yasuke. It was a pity that he was not until after the Battle of Itasa. , Was transferred away from Kishimoto, unable to continue to be responsible for the supervision of Naruto Manga.

The reason why Yazaku Yasuke left is also very helpless, because he is too old, and the editorial department thinks that Yazaki is already very old, and there is no way to continue to be in charge of Naruto.

However, it can be said that Yazaku Yasuke and Kishimoto have already had a deep bond. Although the editorial department has arranged a new editor for Kishimoto, when the new editor gave him his opinion, Kishimoto was still in mind. It bears in mind the opinions Yazaki Yasuke once gave him.

Later, even more helpless things happened. After Yazaku Yasuke left, the quality of Naruto comics dropped drastically, but at this time Kishimoto was already a world-renowned manga master.

The new editor didn't dare to point fingers at Kishimoto's manga, nor did he propose amendments to the unreasonable parts of Naruto. Instead, he chose to obey Kishimoto's unreasonable plot arrangements.

As for the last Naruto's mouth escape, it is precisely because of the departure of Yazaku Yasuke that Naruto ushered in the content that was born after the new editor, and even today there are still critics of Naruto's unfinished.

Wang Hao believes that if Yazaku Yasuke can accompany Naruto to the end, he and Kishimoto should be able to create a true ending that belongs to Naruto and bring it all to an end with a gorgeous battle.

For Wang Hao, Iida Ayano is equivalent to his Bole, and the two are more like Bo Ya and Zhong Ziqi in ancient times.

When "Dragon Ball" was not favored by everyone, Iida Ayano had always chosen to stand beside Wang Hao, and supported him, and at the same time made Wang Hao realize what a real manga is.

If one day Shueisha wanted to change the editor in charge of "Dragon Ball", then he might also choose to leave Shueisha. Wang Hao did not tell the other party.

"Oh, forget it, maybe I owed you something in my last life."

Ayano Iida shook his head helplessly. He was quite troubled by Wang Hao's behavior, but there was nothing to do. After sighing, he continued: "It should take me more than a week to find all the staff."

"Enough time!"

Wang Hao clapped his hands and nodded with excitement. He gave Ayano Iida a thumbs up and praised: "I am indeed the editor-in-chief. It has solved my troubles so easily."

Thousands of wear, only flattering.It can be said that flattering is already a skill of the magic oil level, and it happens that Wang Hao has also learned this skill these days.

Sure enough, Iida Ayano showed a smug smile at the corner of her mouth, and then gave up, saying: "Actually, there is a very good light novel illustrator recently. I think that person should be able to help you. He is from Dengeki Bunko , But we can grab it."

"Huh? Who is it?"

Upon hearing this, Wang Hao immediately cheered up. Although he wanted to complain about Ayano Iida's method of digging a wall, he no longer struggled after thinking of his recent similar actions.

He is now a little interested in the person Iida Ayano said. Maybe you can find more excellent light novel illustrators through this line. After all, the requirements for the original paintings of Kanniang characters are quite high, and you can find more. Some people with superb drawing skills are naturally a good thing.

Because some excellent illustrators are indeed very powerful. For example, Zhenbai was responsible for the illustrations of novels before. It can be imagined that the water in this area is also quite deep.

"You should have heard the name of that illustrator. He is the famous fiction illustrator and teacher of erotic comics!!"

"Are you talking about that mysterious erotic cartoon teacher?!"

Upon hearing this, Wang Hao was indeed a little surprised, because he learned about this erotic cartoon teacher from Yamada Fairy, and Yamada Fairy also said that he planned to investigate the situation of the erotic cartoon teacher before, but he will think about it after encountering Zhenbai. It took a while to finally give up the goal.

This shows how strong this erotic manga teacher is. The Yamada Fairy compares him with Shiina Masaki, a world-class talented painter, who is regarded as a "god" by many painters in the field of painting. !!

At that time, Wang Hao also became curious, and then went to see the works of the erotic cartoon teacher. Although most of the illustrations are lustrous, the level can be said to be quite high, almost at the same level as Sawamura Hidelili.

He even thought that if this erotic cartoon teacher ran to draw the book, his popularity would definitely not be lower than Ying Lili, because the other party, just like the pen name "erotic cartoons", is very good at drawing erotic images, and the level is quite high. , The degree of exquisiteness is staggering.

Chapter 545 Special Channel?

Faced with such an excellent painter, Wang Hao naturally wanted to ask for help from the other side. He was ready to eat soil. After all, he still had to pay a certain price to hire a painter of this level, and Wang Hao needed to find a painter. The quantity is not small.

Of course, if it weren't for him to receive a royalties soon, Wang Hao wouldn't find so many artists.

"Actually, the erotic cartoon teacher did not sign a contract with Dengeki Bunku, but he has been drawing illustrations there since his debut."

Seeing Wang Hao's interest, Iida Ayano smiled mysteriously, which made him a little confused, and asked with some suspicion: "How do you know these things? The personal information of the erotic cartoon teacher seems to have been Very mysterious...

And if, as you said, the erotic cartoon teacher did not sign a contract with Dengeki Bunko, personal information should be more concealed."

The erotic cartoon teacher can be said to be the most mysterious light novel illustrator at present. So far, no personal information about the erotic cartoon teacher has been circulated, and even whether the sex is male or female has become a mystery.

Of course, this mysterious erotic cartoon teacher occasionally draws illustrations live on the Internet, but he always wears a mask, so no one else knows his true identity.