However, the text of "The Story Series" itself is difficult to read, and it is not easy at all, and there are basically no illustrations in it.

Moreover, in the previous life, "The Story Series" was still published by Kodansha. Generally speaking, Kodansha's works are not light novels at all.

There are many reasons, which are not discussed in detail here.However, Nishio Restoration also mentioned that the Don't Mind Monogatari series are regarded as light novels. Generally speaking, the Monogatari series is a controversial work.

At a speed of five centimeters per second, you can enjoy the treatment of a single line. To a large extent, it also has the same place as the Monogatari series. Many people think it is traditional literature, and some people think it is light novel.

But in Wang Hao's view, five centimeters per second is more biased towards traditional literature. He doesn't believe that readers can laugh after reading the second five.

But now the definition of light novel is really fascinating, everyone's point of view is different.Even in the previous life, the new works of the great writer Haruki Murakami are classified as light novels.

Even if he insisted on discussing it, he couldn't tell the reason, so he didn't care much.There is a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people.

Wang Hao suddenly had a ridiculous hunch, thinking in his heart that the popularity of Second Five has just begun...

"In any case, the economic crisis we are facing is temporarily lifted. However, the revolution has not yet succeeded, comrades still need to work hard!"

Wang Hao walked slowly to the balcony with a rippling smile, looked into the distance, and took a deep breath.

The clear blue sky, warm sunshine, and white clouds, the world is so beautiful, all these make Wang Hao Shixing mad, just about to chant two poems casually, his thoughts are immediately beaten by the phone ringtones from his pocket Off.

Wang Hao had to take out his mobile phone from his pocket, reached out and clicked to connect: "Ayanosan, what's wrong? Is there anything important?"

As soon as I answered the call, Iida Ayano said in a low voice, "I'm here to inform you of something very important. You should be free tomorrow morning, right?"

"Well, free, did something happen?"

Upon hearing this, Wang Hao frowned slightly. Although the two are currently communicating on the phone, he can hear the anxiety and tension in Iida Ayano’s tone. Even if he still has some confusion, he still realizes. The problem is serious.


Hearing Wang Hao's question, Iida Ayano's eyes began to hesitate again, and she became silent. Wang Hao did not speak at this time, but waited quietly for the other party.

Although the usual Iida Ayano has no morals, he is still very reliable at critical moments, and has always been full of vitality. Few people remain silent like they are now, which means that there is something after all.

The two have been together for a while, and Wang Hao can probably guess the problem now, just waiting for Iida Ayano's answer...

The 551st chapter alone

After a while, Iida Ayano said in a low tone: "...The editor-in-chief has just made a decision. A special meeting will be held in the editorial department tomorrow morning. This meeting may be related to... It means that you must attend..."

"Is it so fast? I know, I will be there tomorrow morning."

Wang Hao's expression sank, and his original good mood suddenly fell to the bottom.At the same time, the phone was also hung up over there.

The time that should come will always come. Although he also wants to slow down the time, is it time now?

Looking at the blue sky in the distance, Wang Hao sighed softly. Time always passed so fast unconsciously.



On the other side, the editorial department of Shueisha is still busy.

The comic editors were in a hurry, some were in charge of checking the NAME, and some editors kept talking on the phone, sweating on their heads and explaining what was going on.

Shuji Matsumoto was pleased to watch this scene, even if the current situation of Shueisha is very bad, but the editors are burning with enthusiasm, the situation is not optimistic, but now it is enough to do his best.

Although the final result may be disappointing, as long as you work hard, you will never regret it!

"I am really old..."

Shuji Matsumoto laughed at himself, and the current Shueisha has finally become the former editorial department. Everyone is working hard!

After taking a deep breath, Shuji Matsumoto slowly got up from the chair and walked out of the editorial office firmly. He decided to make one final struggle for this place where he dedicated his life to his youth, even if the price was to leave. Here, at least he will not regret it.

After coming to the window sill alone, Shuji Matsumoto slowly lit a cigarette, and as the smoke ring spit out, he also dialed the phone.

"Is it Teacher Fujian? I have something to ask you..."


"Ding Dong..."

The doorbell rang softly, and a young manga editor wearing glasses had an unusually fast heartbeat, because he had just become an official editor and was transferred to be in charge of a well-known manga god.

Minato Udagawa was nervous to the limit at this time, and quickly took out a handkerchief and wiped the cold sweat on his face while the door was still open.

"Bang Dang" sounded, the closed anti-theft door slowly opened, and the person who opened the door was the author of Reaper, who has become a master Kubo in the comics industry!!

"It's the new Udagawa-kun, right? Come in!" Kubo led the person looking at the new face outside the door and said softly with a smile.

"Hi! Excuse me, teacher is taking a break!!"

Minato Udagawa's face flushed red and shouted, and he bowed respectfully to Kubo Taito with a 90-degree bend. At this moment, his inner excitement could not be expressed in words.

"You don't need to be so polite, Udagawa-kun, we will all be partners on the same front in the future." Kubo Taito laughed directly, and suddenly missed the previous self.

"I see! I will definitely not let your teacher down!" Udagawa Minato said excitedly.

The Kubo leader didn't continue to say anything, and led Udagawa Minato directly into it.

This is a messy comics studio with all kinds of scrap paper scattered around. Although this room is not too bad, it is unacceptable for most people who love to be clean.

Udagawa Minato is also a little bit clean, but this room is not dirty at all in his opinion, which makes him respect Kubo Tai.

"What's the matter with Udagawa-kun coming over?"

After the two parties were seated, Kubo took the lead to ask. Minato Udagawa immediately sat upright and replied: "Mr. Kubo, things are like this..."



"Ho, are you unhappy?"

At dinner time, Shiina Masashi gently pulled Wang Hao's sleeve, and suddenly spoke.

Hearing Zhen Bai’s words, Wang Hao came back to his senses. At the same time, he noticed the sights cast by other people. He smiled bitterly, and stretched out his hand and gently rubbed his small white head: "I was just in a daze, making everyone worried I'm sorry."

Others immediately breathed a sigh of relief when they heard this. After all, everyone would be distracted, which is not something to be surprised.

The fairy Yamada said disdainfully: "What? So you guys are also distracted. I thought you were an iron robot."

"Are you complimenting me?"

Wang Hao's face twitched. He is not in the mood to complain about the Yamada Fairy. The latter rolled his eyes helplessly: "If you think it is, it will be fine."