The conversation between the two quickly made the atmosphere become harmonious again, but Shiina Shiana tilted his head slightly, and his amber pupils stared directly at Wang Hao's eyes, "But Hao looks very unhappy..."

Wang Hao was shocked in his heart. He didn't expect that True White's awareness would be so sharp, but he didn't show a strange expression on the surface. He just shrugged helplessly, half-jokingly said: "There is nothing, it may be that there are too many recent events. I'm a little tired."

"That's why Hao has to rest well."

Shiina nodded dumbly, and suddenly stretched out her little white hand on Wang Hao's head and rubbed it lightly, and said, "If Hao is exhausted, I don't know what to do..."

"Sorry, everyone is worried."

Feeling the helplessness and confusion in Zhenbai's tone, Wang Hao suddenly felt a pain in his heart, and a faint smile appeared on his face again.

The reason for his distraction was not only Iida Ayano’s affairs, but more importantly, the deep anxiety in his heart and the vague smiling face that reappeared in his mind. This kind of uneasy originating from the unknown is the reason. The most critical reason for distracting him.

Yeah, what are you doing?Even showing a troubled expression is nothing but trouble for others. Just bear it by yourself, and it won't cause trouble for others.

That being the case, it's fine to hide it by yourself from the beginning. Instead of worrying everyone together, it's better to worry about yourself. Why didn't you understand such a simple thing?

"I'm stuffed."

Wang Hao smiled and said, reached out and picked up the tableware in front of him and put it in the kitchen. After cleaning, he returned to the bedroom on the second floor.

After Wang Hao returned to the bedroom on the second floor, Sawamura Yinglili said, "Do you think there is something wrong with Haojun's appearance today?"

"I think so too." Qingshan Qihai hesitated for a while, and also said what was in his heart.

"When Haojun wants to talk, he will tell us, everyone don't worry too much, after all, everyone has their own secrets, and Haojun will be angry if he continues to entangle him."

Kato Megumi said with a chuckle, and everyone was relieved at what he said, and he stopped discussing this issue.

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[Another explanation, this book will not be an eunuch, and we are reluctant to just enter the palace like this, and finally decided to write it at the same time as the new book, and try to update it every day, so I hope everyone can support it.

Chapter 552 Meeting of Big Brothers

After returning to the room, Wang Hao lay exhausted on the bed, a deep emptiness swept his mind.

That feeling of restlessness came again.

"Papa Papa--"

Wang Hao stretched out his hand and patted both sides of his cheek fiercely, and forcibly cheered up.

"Anyway, transfer all the funds over..."

Turning on the computer, Wang Hao took a deep breath and quickly logged in to his personal online bank account. This bank account contained the contribution fees remitted from Denko Library and Shueisha.

In his current personal account, he has a total of more than 70 million yen. He directly sent 40 million yen to Yukoshita Yono to develop the Fujikawa Bunko, and then sent it to Iida Ayano. He used 20 million yen as the manuscript fee to find an artist. In the end, Wang Hao remitted 9 million yen to Ye Qiushan. This fund should still be used for a while.

After tossing for a while, Wang Haoneng watched the 70 million in his account directly fell to more than 1 million, and couldn't help showing a wry smile on his face.

The money flowed out before I got to my hands, and it was really spent like water, and the ancients did not deceive me.

Of course, Wang Hao is confident that he will earn all the money he spent, and he will be motivated only if he is under pressure. If there is no pressure at all, it would be boring.

Specifically, he is not shaking M!Not shaking M!Not shaking M!Say the important thing three times!


Early the next morning.

Wang Hao got up from the warm bed early in the morning, put on his clothes, folded the bed, and went to the bathroom to perform one-stop services such as brushing his teeth and washing his face. Finally, he stood in front of the mirror and checked and confirmed that there were no major problems. In the underground garage, drive to Shueisha.

Normally cartoonists don't participate in meetings, especially those related to Slash. Wang Hao has never heard that the editor will invite cartoonists to participate. He just doesn't know if the cartoonists in the past are a group or the only one.

When something goes wrong, there must be a demon. Wang Hao always has an unknown premonition while driving, but he doesn't want to end here.

"This is really nerve-wracking..."

With a light sigh, Wang Hao silently increased the speed.

He can be said to be familiar with the location of Shueisha, after all, he has been to that place several times.

As soon as the vehicle entered the corner, Wang Hao recalled the route in his memory, chose the most convenient shortcut, and arrived at the destination in a short time.

When Maybach just stopped in the parking lot, Wang Hao drove by another black luxury car. The door slowly opened. When he saw the person getting off the black car, he showed a trace of surprise on his face and immediately turned towards The other party said hello with a smile: "Mr. Kubo, good morning."

"Master of God, good morning."

Seeing Wang Hao's arrival, Kubo Tairen's face did not show any surprise, and he replied with a smile.

Wang Hao nodded slightly to show respect to the other party, moved to the side of Kubo Tairen, and the two marched side by side.

After walking a few steps, Wang Hao turned his head and asked aloud: "Does Mr. Kubo come to the meeting today?"

Seeing Wang Hao's puzzled look, the Kubo leader burst into laughter: "Yes, but the protagonist this time is not my outdated uncle, hahaha—"

"No, no, Mr. Kubo, you are humble. Everyone has always appreciated your contribution."

Wang Hao smiled bitterly, even if the god of death was over, no one dared to stand up and say that god of death was too angry. This is the horror of being a phenomenon-level comic.

Just like Dragon Ball in the previous life, after many years, the influence has not diminished, but the popularity has become stronger and stronger, affecting the childhood of generations.

In today's comics world, who would dare to stand up and say that Kubo leads people to trouble?If someone really said such a thing, it would definitely arouse public anger and be countered by all fans and cartoonists.

And respecting predecessors is the most basic truth. The reason why the comics industry continues to improve is because of the contributions of predecessors. No matter where you look at it, Kubo Tai is worthy of respect.

"Mr. Kubo, good morning!"

"Mr. Kubo, good morning!"


Sure enough, the two talents had just walked to the gate of Shueisha, and suddenly a large number of cartoonists greeted Kubo Tairen, ignoring Wang Hao next to him, and regarded him as Kubo Tairen's new editor.

As for why I say this, it’s because when many cartoonists greeted Kubo Tairen just now, they said, "You are the new editor in charge of Kubo teacher?" "You guys have to work hard." And so on.

Wang Hao didn’t feel embarrassed about this. After all, he hadn’t appeared in public. It’s normal for other cartoonists not to know him. The annual meeting of Shueisha will be held for more than half a year. Cartoonists and editors will be present.

Wang Hao is also looking forward to the annual meeting in his heart. Although Shueisha's comics are well-known worldwide, not many people know what the majority of comic parents who draw comics. After all, the cartoonists are also very hard to rule out. Except for Wang Hao, whose hand speed can be used as a bug skill, most cartoonists basically have to catch up manuscripts in the studio every day.

"Mr. Kubo, good morning."

At this moment, a fat man with a fat body waved to this side, and walked over slowly with a smile.

"Teacher Yabuki, good morning."

After seeing the person coming, Kubo took the initiative to walk over and greeted him, then looked at Wang Hao and said, "I will introduce you, this is Mr. Yabuki Kentaro!"