"Teacher Yabuki, it's nice to see you!"

Upon hearing this, Wang Hao's expression was also a little surprised. He turned his head and looked at the slightly fat man in front of him. He didn't expect that the other party was the author Yabuki Kentaro!

It is impossible for ordinary people to serialize a manga in the weekly magazine jump, which has many powerful enemies, especially harem comics. However, Yabuki Kentaro has turned this impossible into reality. .

The Kubo leader laughed at Yabuki Kentaro's confused look, and introduced him: "Yabuki-sensei, this is the most dazzling new star in our circle, Lord God teacher!"

"It turned out to be the god master teacher! I didn't expect it to be as young as the rumors! It turned out to be a hero." Hearing this, Yabuki Kentaro also showed a look of surprise on his face.

"Don't dare to be, I'm far behind the predecessors."

Hearing the compliments from the other party, Wang Hao felt a little embarrassed. Wang Hao, who was next to the Kubo leader, was a little excited. After all, he met one after another on the way, and these big comics didn’t know the impact. How many people’s childhood.

Chapter 553 Special Meeting

Not long after Wang Hao and Kubo leader had just finished greeting Yabuki Kentaro, a greeting came from the corner.

"Ms. Kubo! Long time no see!"

When Wang Hao looked back, he frowned slightly, always feeling that the other party was familiar.

The visitor is also a middle-aged uncle, but compared to the others, the other person's figure is slightly thinner, wearing a pair of metal half-rim glasses, and looks more graceful.

The more he looked at the other person, the stronger his sense of vision in Wang Hao's mind. He dared to bet a pack of spicy strips, where he definitely saw the middle-aged uncle in front of him, but now he just can't remember.

However, Kubo Tairen recognized each other instantly, and walked over with enthusiasm and shook hands with the thin middle-aged man, "Teacher Fujian, long time no see!"

Hearing the words of Teacher Fujian, Wang Hao suddenly looked surprised. How can he not understand who is standing in front of him now?This person in front of me is the famous rich and righteous man!

Fujian Yoshihiro looked at the Kubo leader and said enthusiastically: "It's been a long time since I saw you. Didn't Mr. Kubo finish the death of God recently? Come over to play mahjong when we have time. We have missed one of three recently. After playing mahjong, we can go for another drink. "

"Isn't this a bit bad? Teacher Fujian, haven't you been serializing recently?"

Kubo said with a wry smile, Fu Jian Yi Hiroshi immediately straightened his waist, "but no one can find inspiration for playing mahjong without a rule!"

Wang Hao, who was standing on the side, was speechless for a moment, and finally realized that what the other party said was actually so reasonable?!

"Well, since Teacher Fujian kindly invites the appointment, I have to be disrespectful."

The leader of Kubo shook his head slightly, looking forward to Fujian Yoshihiro's proposal. After all, he did not relax during the serialization. Originally, he still wanted to quickly finish the serialization of Reaper, and relax afterwards.

Unexpectedly, the Reaper has been serialized for so many years, and even if he had a precious vacation at the time of the serialization, he didn't know what to do. After the serialization was over, the Reaper had fallen into confusion.

For this, Kubo Tai really envy Fu Jian Yi Bo. It is estimated that Fu Jian Yi Bo is the happiest person in the entire comics industry. Not only is fame and fortune, there is also a sweet wife in the family. It's called Shu Tan.

Moreover, Fujian Yibo's talents seem to be inexhaustible, and every cartoonist is extremely envious of this, because Fujian Yibo's cartoon talents are genuine and every cartoonist is looking for it. Real thing.

After Kubo took a sigh, he immediately said to the other person: "Teacher Fujian, let me introduce to you, this is the god master teacher."

"Hello, Teacher Fujian."

"Good teacher, God Lord."

Wang Hao bent slightly towards Fujian Yibo to show respect, and the latter responded with a smile, his eyes flickering slightly.

Regarding this, Wang Hao didn't notice anything abnormal. It's better to say that he was still a little excited. After all, the influence of Fujian Yibo's comic works is not covered.

Unknowingly, a group of people also came to this destination, usually deciding whether the weekly jump is in the Shueisha meeting room.

This meeting room may be the first time for all the cartoonists present. Everyone’s work has been cut here, but it also allows every cartoonist to make progress. A meeting room that people love and hate.

The faces of everyone are complicated, and even the manga world leaders such as Kubo Taito and Fuken Yoshihiro are no exception. Some of their works have been cut here.

Reaper and full-time hunter may be said to be the favorite works of the majority of comic friends, but they are definitely not the favorite works of Fuken Yoshihiro and Kubotai.

This is like the dragon ball of Akira Toriyama in the previous life. Dragon Ball was the favorite of most people at the time. However, as a manga artist Akira Toriyama was almost driven crazy by this comic. He wanted to end it. It was opposed, because at that time the commercial interests of Dragon Ball were too great, and there were too many things involved behind it. Whether it can be finished is no longer a matter for the cartoonist alone.

As a manga artist Akira Toriyama, his favorite manga has never been Dragon Ball, but this is rarely known.

Wang Hao took a deep breath and looked down at his watch. There was one minute left before the specified time. This minute made him feel so difficult, because he already probably knew what would happen next.

There may be things that can't be undone, but he still has to do his best, even if he fails, he will never regret it!

Time went by every second, when the second hand restarted, the closed door of the conference room slowly opened, and an ****** editor walked out of it, watching everyone smile and said, "Teachers, Come in quickly."

After hearing this, everyone hurried in curiously. After all, this legendary conference room would not be open.

When they walked inside, they realized that there was no exaggeration, that is, the conference table in the middle was relatively spacious, and the other layouts were similar to those of other offices.

As soon as he entered the conference room, Iida Ayano came to Wang Hao and led him to a position in the lower left corner.

This conference table is not too big, it can only be regarded as a medium-sized conference table. The cartoonists did not sit on the conference table. After all, the cartoonists serialized on the weekly jump are here, plus the number of editors, this conference table is obvious Some are not enough.

Of course, big guys like Kubo Tairen and Fujian Yoshihiro are still qualified to sit on it. As for Wang Hao, like other cartoonists, sitting next to his editor in charge, to be precise, he should be behind him. The conference table is only one step away.

When everyone was seated, the initiator of the meeting, Shuji Matsumoto, the editor-in-chief of the weekly jump, slowly stood up from the center and bowed deeply to everyone: "Invite in your busy schedule. All editors and teachers are really sorry for coming to the meeting!

I have something to discuss with you today, maybe I will leave here after today, but despite this, I still won’t regret what I did today!So I invite all teachers to come here and hold this special meeting together!!"

"Papa Papa——!!!"

Hearing what Shuji Matsumoto said, everyone chose to applaud at this time. Although everyone felt the deep sadness and reluctance in Matsumoto's words, but there was no regret!

At this moment, Shuji Matsumoto clearly knew that he was going to retire soon. After this meeting was held, he would be fired before retirement, but he had to do this!

People have committed many regretful things in their lives. In order to avoid such things from happening, then boldly take a step forward and change all of them.!

Chapter 554 Rolling

"I think everyone knows that in the past, in addition to the editors' daily meetings, this conference room will also decide whether the next works will continue to be serialized, and today is no exception!"

Shuji Matsumoto said loudly and powerfully, and everyone's hearts suddenly became tight.

Most of the cartoonists on the scene showed a nervous look on their faces, and there were more doubts in their hearts, because for the cartoonists, this meeting can be said to be ridiculous!

Yes, it is ridiculous!

Because in the final analysis, the participation of cartoonists in editors' meetings is an incredible thing in itself, just like having all employees participate in high-level layoffs meetings.

What's more, it was unprecedented for Shuji Matsumoto to pull all of Shueisha's cartoonists, including the "Big Three", to participate in the serial meeting.

Fujian Yibo, who was sitting aside, narrowed his eyes slightly. It seemed that something very interesting would happen today.

Shuji Matsumoto looked around, clearly seeing the expressions of most cartoonists at this time, and couldn't help but sigh slightly.

He naturally knows what he did today, but now he has to do it. He has no way to watch the brilliance of the weekly jump ruined in his own hands. There are so many things carried here, even though there is little hope. , But he only has the option of going forward, right?

"Presumably everyone here still has doubts about today's meeting. I also want to say sorry to everyone who took time out of my busy schedule to participate in this meeting. Thank you so much for participating in this meeting!!"