"Of course it's okay. This time we have someone inside, the young man we met last time. That young man has already served as an intern editor in the weekly jump. The intelligence source still has a high degree of credibility."

Naoto Nakata said confidently that the information this time actually exceeded his expectations. He didn't expect that the young man would actually apply for the job successfully, even though he was only in the internship period.

"I hope so, but today I plan to follow up on the latest intelligence of a lawsuit. It is a pity to give up so."

Watanabe took out a towel and wiped the camera lens, with a look of regret on his face.

Upon seeing this, Naoto Nakado smiled disdainfully, and said unceremoniously: "Compared with today's comparison of intelligence, that kind of lawsuit is not worth mentioning!"

"Hey, I hope so. I will be able to take photos of the recently mysterious "God Lord" later. Now young people like to watch these news."

"Okay, okay, don't talk about it, now I still stare at the door, lest the exclusive big news runs away."

"Hey, that's what I said, go have another drink in the evening."


The chat between the two ended here, and they looked at the door of Shueisha again seemingly inadvertently.

Sukeyuki Watanabe and Naoto Nakado are also well-known in the press. They joined the press department since they started at university. Many clubs and famous people in the school have been reported by them, and they even contributed some articles to the newspaper. .

After graduating from university, the two also joined the newspaper directly, often revealing many negative news about celebrities and idols, and they also reported some heavyweight news exclusively.

It is precisely because of this that the two people will be famous in the press, but because of these things, the reputation is a bit bad, but the two don't care.


A bell rang, Naoto Nakata took out his mobile phone from his pocket, looked at him immediately after reading the text message, and quickly took out the camera, and then said to the nearby Watanabe Sukeyuki: "I'm coming out, and remember to pay more attention later. Young men, every young man is photographed, and the god is inside."

There is no permission in Shueisha to generally not allow photographs, especially during meetings, so they will stay here and take photos of the young male first, and then confirm with the newcomer after a while.

Of course, they will also pay the new editor based on the weight of the news.

"Roger that!"

Watanabe's expression also became serious, and he quickly got up and walked to another corner next to him, staring at the door of Shueisha with his camera, standing motionless, ready to press the shutter.

Not long after, a group of people walked out from the gate of Shueisha. There were dozens of people, including cartoonists and editors.

Watanabe Sukeyuki and Naoto Nakata squatted down quickly, raised the camera and pressed the shutter, for fear that someone would be missed, time was very tight, after all, the memory card was taken away by the sneak shot.

The two constantly search for young men in the crowd, try to take a close-up photo of each young man, and at the same time be careful not to be found.

Although the two of them had a real effort to escape, after all, they had been caught several times when they were shooting secretly before. When encountering a bad-tempered host, they would be directly reimbursed by the camera if they were beaten.

But that’s all in the past. Now the two of them have already practiced superb skills on their legs. Even if they are found, they can quickly run away, but the two still don’t want to grow extra branches, so they cautiously squat down and take photos without being discovered. Secretly photographed is the best result.


After coming out of the door, Wang Hao's face was full of solemn expressions, and he felt heavy pressure all over his body. He focused on how to rebirth "Dragon Ball" from the ashes, without noticing anyone hiding in the corner to take pictures.

Want to defeat "Full-time Hunter", this is basically a difficult goal in the current comic industry.It's so difficult to win just once, let alone overtake the tenth issue of "Full-time Hunter" in a row!

Although knowing that this is an almost impossible goal, since Haikou has already been boasted, he must do it anyway!

There is no turning back now, and you will be benevolent if you fail.

Thinking of this, he felt a little headache.

"Full-time Hunter", this comic is really hard to surpass for comic artists. Fu Jian Yi Bo, as a comic master-level character, belongs to the type of ghost with talents, and his understanding of comics is extremely tricky, so basically It is impossible for Shang to make mistakes in the next plot.

Iida Ayano noticed Wang Hao's abnormality, and asked with a light smile: "What? Feel stressed now?"

"The opponent is Teacher Fujian. Would you believe it if I said that I couldn't feel any pressure at all?"

Wang Hao rolled his eyes angrily. His opponent was Fu Jian Yoshihiro, a ghost in the comics world, even a master-level figure like Kubo Taito did not dare to despise it.

Iida Ayano also had a wry smile on her face: "I thought you were not afraid of anything after seeing the way you stood up and spoke."

"In that case, you can't lose your momentum."

"makes sense."

Iida Ayano nodded and continued to ask, "What are you going to do next?"

What should I do next?What can we do?

Wang Hao sighed. He was also at a loss. He only felt that there was a high mountain ahead, and it was impossible for anyone to cross this mountain to the other end.

To become a symbol, reality is far more difficult than imagined. Now he doesn't even know how to take the first step, and he feels like he has nowhere to start.

They talked while walking, and it didn't take long for them to come to the parking place.

Wang Hao stretched out his hand and took out the car key from his pocket and quickly sat in the driving seat. Then he looked helplessly at Iida Ayano, and said softly: "Anyway, I should find a cafe to sit down. I miss you too..."

The 562nd chapter Ji Yong Shangshu's entanglement

Naoki Yoshinaga is very nervous now. With the end of the meeting, the cartoonists and some editors have left Shueisha.

He walked out with the crowd and carefully looked around when he reached the door, and quickly noticed Watanabe Suke and Naoto Nakata who were hiding in the corner.

The latter winked at him and then left quietly.

Ji Yongshang Shuxin understood, after wiping a cold sweat, he looked at the middle-aged man next to him and smiled: "Teacher Takahashi, I suddenly remembered something else. I'll come to visit again when I'm late."

The cartoonist, known as Takahashi, smiled freely and waved his hand indifferently: "No problem, let's talk about it tomorrow, it's a rare holiday today."

"Then Mr. Takahashi, I will leave first."

After Ji Yong Shangshu bowed to the other party, he turned around quickly with some guilty conscience, paying attention to the pedestrians around him from time to time while walking, and looked a little hurried.

"I always feel that Ji Yong-kun today is a bit strange..."

Takahashi, I frowned as I watched Yoshinaga Naoki's hurriedly leaving the back, I always felt something strange.

"Well, after all, Yoshinaga is still a newcomer during the internship period. It is natural to be at a loss when encountering such a special meeting. The rare vacation can't be wasted like this."

After Hideichi Miyamoto took out his phone and took a look at the schedule, Takahashi and I stopped suspicion and stretched out easily: "Forget about rare holidays and annoying things. Let’s go for a long-lost drink together. !"

For cartoonists who are serializing, rest days are very rare and precious, and it is better to relax at this time.



"The agreed place should be here."

Yoshinaga Naoki took out his mobile phone and checked the message sent by the other party. If nothing else, it would be the Japanese food store in front of him.