But to be honest, it was the first time he saw this kind of whiteness, otherwise he wouldn't be as flustered as before. He always felt that since coming to Qiushui Villa, the character of this child has changed a lot.

Wang Hao sighed for a while, walked slowly to the bedroom door, and after looking back, he found that Zhen Bai had also returned to the room. It is estimated that he should go to find the manuscript.


As soon as he walked into the bedroom, the cell phone in his pocket rang, Wang Hao took it out and opened it, and found an email from Shiiida Ayano.

It didn't take long for him to finish reading the entire email, and replied with an understanding. After sending it, he closed the phone and gave a wry smile: "This guy, really cooing..."

The general content of the e-mail sent by Iida Ayano is that it is too troublesome to clean up now, and after returning home, I used to drink a few bottles of beer and couldn't drive. I will come back tomorrow morning.

Wang Hao walked to the window and opened the window. The refreshing breeze came in from the outside window, which instantly made people feel a lot fresher. If the window is not opened, the air in the bedroom is always a little stuffy.

He stretched out by the window, moved his muscles and bones, then turned to sit on the desk, bent over and stretched out his hand to open the lower drawer, which contained the completed Dragon Ball manuscripts that had not yet been serialized.

The thick stack of manuscripts is still very heavy to hold in his hand, and he has spent a lot of time and effort to create it before, but now it is of no use.

Thinking of this, he became a little melancholy, looking at the shredder next to him hesitating.

"No, break it when it breaks!"

After only a moment of confusion, Wang Hao made up his mind again, took the manuscript and stood up and walked to the large paper shredder next to him, saying that all the results of his previous labor were discarded!

Sometimes, if you go the wrong way, if you are still confused, you may go wrong even if you start again.

When you break, you can only start a new journey.

But seeing the fruits of my labor being shattered one by one, to be honest, I still feel a bit painful, but at this time I must be determined.

"Boom boom boom——"

As the last manuscript completely disappeared from hand, a crisp knock on the door rang.

"Please come in."

Wang Hao raised his head and shouted, it's time to come here if you count the time.

With a sound of "click", the door was opened, and it did not surprise him. The person who came was Shiina Mashiro.

Somewhat worrying is that Zhenbai has changed into the white silk pajamas that she usually wears when she sleeps. It belongs to the one-piece one, the skirt is not too long, and the slender legs show snow-white skin. The morbid white, but red in the snow, looks extremely attractive.

Shiina Mashiro revealed an innocent and sexy charm all over his body. The two were contradictory, but in Mashiro's body, they didn't seem abrupt at all. On the contrary, it would give people a kind of "it is so".

I always feel that the atmosphere has become ambiguous, there is an illusion that the air will automatically turn pink, and Zhenbai seems to be a little different recently.

In more straightforward terms, who can stand it!

"Ho, what's the matter?"

Shiina Shiba tilted her head and looked at Wang Hao in a daze, which made her react from the sluggishness.

"It's okay, I just dazed for a while!"

Wang Hao rarely blushed, and shook his head quickly to let distracting thoughts disappear from his mind!

After calming down for a while, he suppressed the restlessness in his heart. He didn't dare to face Zhen Bai's gaze directly. He turned his gaze to the paper bag that Shiina Masaki held in his hand, and he knew that it was the second five. The original manuscript, but still a symbolic question: "Is this the manuscript?"


Shiina nodded, and passed the document bag in his hand.

Wang Hao reached out and took the document bag, carefully unpacked it, and took out the original manuscript like a precious treasure.

The first moment he saw the contents of the original manuscript, the whole person was stunned, or because the brain was so shocked at this moment that he temporarily forgot to think, he now felt like he was hungry in the desert. People who have been for a long time suddenly came to the oasis and found the cool Wang Quan, all trembling, and there was an indescribable touch!

too strong!

This style of painting that people can indulge in at first glance is really horrible. In terms of painting ability, Zhen Bai has almost reached the realm of gods. This is definitely not a joke!

Although this is only a comic, the picture in front of me is so excellent that it is impossible to pick out the fault. At first glance, it is hard work, and Zhenbai also used several difficult techniques in drawing, which is picked in the entire comics industry. Not a few.

How do you describe it specifically?

Well, Wang Hao thought about it for a while, it was the same as "Rurouni" created by Inoue Takehiko in the past.

Although the two are not the same type, they can be said to belong to the fairy style.

There was a soft drizzle outside the window, and raindrops hit the window. The man looked out the window with a calm expression. From the inside to the outside, the whole person revealed an inexplicable loneliness, which seemed extremely mature.


Wang Haoran took a deep breath. This was just the first frame at the beginning, which had already shocked him greatly.

He couldn't wait to move his eyes down and began to browse the next content.

…………, time passed slowly, Wang Hao didn’t know how much time he had spent, because the manga manuscript in his hand was too attractive, which caused him to temporarily forget everything about the outside world and just wanted to read the manuscript wholeheartedly. For fear of missing something, now I finally read the manuscript in my hand.

Looking at the manuscript in his hand, he now has some people who don't know what to say, a little bit can't believe that the manga NAME he gave to Zhenbai a few days ago, the other party can actually create this kind of perfection, it is incredible!!

Chapter 568 True White Growth

"Art of the comics industry", this is the evaluation given by fans all over the world on the comics created by Zhenbai, there is really nothing wrong with it.

In terms of storytelling, because of the comic NAME as the base, there is no big problem, the rhythm is also very good, with the original excellent plot, coupled with this style of painting that can be called a work of art, Even Wang Hao, who has always been demanding of Zhenbai, couldn't find any major flaws at this time.

"Congratulations, the manuscript of this sentence is very good! Compared to before, it is really a great improvement, really amazing!"

Wang Hao did not hesitate to give Zhenbai a thumbs up, and did not stingy with his compliments, because he knew how much effort the other party had put into it.

Hearing this, Shiina's face turned red imperceptibly. Although it was only a slight change in an instant, Wang Hao could feel a clear happy mood.

Having been with Zhenbai for so long, Wang Hao is already very good at capturing the emotions that the child usually expresses. Even if most of the time the expression on the other's face is still as indifferent as usual, he can still analyze it nine out of ten.


Shiina Shinairo blinked, and stretched out her little hand to grab the corner of Wang Hao's clothes, as if she was acting like a baby. It's better to say that this is a "true white" acting like a baby.

Seeing the other person like this, Wang Hao shook his head helplessly. He really couldn't resist the kindness of Zhen Bai, so he stretched out his hand toward Shiina's small head with a wry smile and rubbed it gently. Said: "Yo Xi Yo Xi, Zhen Bai is really like a child in this respect."

Originally, Wang Hao thought that the other party had grown up to the point where he could not teach him. He didn’t expect to have such a childish side, but he didn’t hate this kind of thing, or there was still a hint of happiness, because the real white he knew was still the same. , Still as well-behaved as before.

And in the next second, something unexpected happened to him. Shiina Shiro suddenly broke away from Wang Hao's hand, took a step back slightly, frowning with a calm expression on his face and said, "Ho, I have already Not a kid anymore."

Before Wang Hao could react, Shiina Zhenbai turned around and picked up the manuscript and left the room. Only Wang Hao, whose face was filled with a dazed fragrance, remained.

When he recovered, he suddenly heard a loud clicking sound in his heart, which was a heartbreaking sound.

Wang Hao:??????????