Seeing this scene, Wang Hao's expression became a little complicated, and he didn't know what to say.

He also felt very grateful for his own rebirth and cherished the hard-won life now.

But at the same time, Wang Hao still had a trace of guilt deep in his heart, or guilt for his predecessor.

The picture dissipated, and everything returned to darkness.

Wang Hao raised his head and sighed with a complex expression. At this time, he fully understood the cause and effect.

By now, Wang Hao has probably figured out what is going on, or he should have understood it last time, but he has been unwilling to believe it. He shouted to the top, "You have been there all the time?"

There was silence in the wide space, and there was no answer.

It seems that everything he speculated is just an illusion.

But Wang Hao knew that all of this was not an illusion, but at this time he recalled all the things that were wrong before.

Wang Hao now has a flash of light in his mind, catching all kinds of clues, and continuing to speak to the air: "Actually, I should have understood from the beginning."

"When I was reborn into this world, you should also have your own consciousness, right? At that time, you also had physical possession, but I didn't realize it."

"Presumably you also know what I'm talking about. At the time, I gave the state a second-to-explosive name, but I didn't expect that the state in that mode would actually be you."

"If it were you, then it would make sense, because the so-called "God Mode" is not controlled by me at all. It is completely triggered in a random state. At that time, I felt like a different person, even a little bit of myself. The emotional fluctuations are not even noticeable, and it is indeed strange to think about it."

"If this is only the case, maybe I will not have doubts. After all, even the journey through rebirth has happened. Then there will be such a second personality state in comics and novels, I think I will not be born. doubt."

"But you did something wrong. Although I don't know what you encountered or what you think about, this mode is only triggered a few times for a short time. If you look at the previous triggering situation, it will be obvious later. So many opportunities can be triggered, but the so-called'God Mode' disappears strangely!"

"The most important point is that, for whatever reason, you shouldn't have appeared in front of me last time!!"


"Huh? I thought I was hiding well—"

A crisp sound suddenly sounded, instantly making Wang Hao's eyes sharp, and he looked at the place where the sound originated with alert.

As if sensing Wang Hao's vigilant gaze, the owner of that voice said with a helpless wry smile: "Don't worry, there is no evil to you now, after all, I should have been a dead person."

As soon as the voice fell, the dark space suddenly lit up, and the day came in an instant, and the person who appeared in front of Wang Hao was exactly the same as him!

The only difference between the two is that he is wearing white clothes at this time, while his predecessor is wearing black clothes.

"I don't believe that an honest person would make such a move."

Wang Hao in white said with a cold face, although he felt guilty for the person in front of him.

"Well, I admit it."

Hearing this, Wang Hao in black stretched out his hands directly and said frankly: "Although I didn't have much attachment to this world before, there are still things that I worry about. If I just leave like this , Will always be reconciled, it is only natural to want to try something?"

Chapter 570 The World

"I hope so."

Wang Hao said softly, his predecessor's words were still very convincing.

If the other party concealed something just now, then there is definitely a problem.

It now appears that the current attitude of the predecessor is quite sincere, Wang Hao’s expression also relaxed slightly, frowning and saying: "You showed up in front of me last time on purpose? I think you are not just It's so boring to come out and chat with me."

Wang Hao didn't believe that the other party just came out and wanted to say hello to him. Although he didn't know whether his memory before rebirth was known by the other party, the memory of his predecessor and his personality were arguably the most familiar.

"You should be clear. After all, we two know each other best in the world."

The former looked directly at Wang Hao, but did not answer directly.

"Is it true?"

Wang Haoran didn't dodge his predecessor's gaze, but shook his head with a wry smile.

Before the two sides met, the other party told him the answer.

Can he not do it?

The answer is no, because as the predecessor said, they are the people who know each other best in the world.

The predecessor knew he would not refuse.

The expression on Wang Hao's face also gradually became more solemn, staring at his predecessor earnestly, saying word by word: "If that is the cause and effect between you and me, I will naturally not escape! I will take care of all this! "

"Thank you."

A sincere smile appeared on the face of the predecessor, smiling happily.

Seeing this, Wang Hao suddenly became silent, because he also knew all the memories of his predecessor.

Since his mother and grandfather left, his predecessor seems to have stopped laughing. In addition to his illness, it seems that the misfortune of this world has been added to him.

Originally, that person was able to untie this knot, and his world had just become better, but everything quickly disappeared like a meteor.

He couldn't help but began to think secretly, would this world be too unfair?

Some people are born with a happy family, a healthy body, and a carefree life.

But some people are destined to be miserable from birth.

Is this world wrong?

Wang Hao became confused. Originally, he was very grateful that he could be reborn in this world, but now he also realizes that his luck is based on the misfortune of others, so he has a deep guilt for his predecessor.

He also wanted to ask the other party, why can he smile so candidly?Why can I be so relieved of all the misery?

Because in the previous life, Wang Hao's own experience was full of misfortune, so he was able to understand his predecessor very well, and it was precisely because of this that he did not understand why the other party was so calm.

Wang Hao wanted to ask this question very much, but in the end he chose to remain silent because he wanted to find the answer by himself.

"Well, I know you have a lot of questions you want to ask me, so let's start with this space."

The predecessor didn’t think so much, and introduced himself: “When I came into this space, it was also when you first came into this world. I didn’t know much at first, but after many experiments, I did. This space!"

"This space appeared because of the broken godhead in the sea of ​​knowledge, or the broken godhead that constructed this space. The reason why I can still exist is also because of the relationship of this space. Although I don't have too high authority, But because of the loopholes in the rules, it allows you to see those memories."

"I call this space the world!"


Hearing this name, Wang Hao's mouth twitched. He really wants to blurt out Varudo, but there is no JOJO in this world, so don't worry about the line of Ko Nordio.