However, Wang Hao is not an ordinary person after all. After a brief shock, he recovered and started thinking about the next question.

If, as the predecessor said, staying in this "world" for 24 hours, and only 1 hour outside, it would really help him, but the help is still limited.

Because here can only bring him time, but the essential things are useless if they can't be taken out.

In a simpler way, for example, Wang Hao coded a hundred thousand words like a hardworking bee in "World" and archived these hundred thousand words for later release.

So the question is, he wrote a hundred thousand words in the "world" and saved the manuscript, can he just bring it directly to the real world?

If he can't bring it into the real world, it's equivalent to wasting his time in this "world" to code words, which can be said to be completely meaningless.

Wang Hao wanted to call out his predecessor to ask, but considering that the other party had just fallen asleep, it was a bit bad that he could not wait to interrupt him so much.

After thinking for a while, Wang Hao quickly made up his mind to try first if he could take things out.

He reached out and took a paintbrush just created in the "world", then closed his eyes and thought about leaving the space.


A cold wind blew by, and moonlight poured in through the window.

When Wang Hao on the bed opened his eyes, the first thing that caught his eye was pitch black.

He got up from the bed, picked up the remote control beside him to turn on the light, and looked around through the light, and found that he had returned to the bedroom in the real world. When he looked down at his hands, there was no paintbrush, which made him suddenly disappointed.

Chapter 572 The Identity of the God Lord!

The reason I was disappointed was that the things created in the "world" couldn't get into the real world.

Although he also knows that the probability of bringing it out is very small, he still wants to try it out and think about the problem from another angle, which may have different gains.If he just gives up like this, it will always make him a little unwilling.

Although it is said that the things created in the "world" cannot be brought out, from another perspective, since the things created in the inside cannot be brought out, is it possible to bring things in from the outside?

Thinking of this, Wang Hao's heart suddenly became hot, and he could only hope that this would succeed.

Judging from the current situation, this possibility is the greatest. There are already examples of predecessors in the "world". I don't know whether life objects in the real world can be brought in, but he doesn't think this possibility Too big, because the predecessor can exist in the "world" itself is a very special example.

It can be said that the predecessor and the self are in a state of symbiosis of one and two souls. It is not surprising that such a situation will occur, but this particular example should not happen to oneself, so it can be ignored.

He estimated that he should not be able to bring other living beings into the "world". He only wanted to bring in some common daily necessities, such as pens, paper, USB flash drives and other daily necessities.

After all, the "world" is his own exclusive space, and this space is not a so-called illusion, but a real parallel world composed of the godhead, and the godhead itself cannot be guessed by common sense. Wang Hao feels that the non-living objects he touched still have May be brought over.

Just do it. Wang Hao came to the desk and took out a USB flash drive from the drawer. As long as he can bring this in, it's okay. After all, he can store the finished things in the USB flash drive.

As for pens and papers, it doesn't matter whether you bring them or not. If you are in a hurry, you can bring them in and finish them, but you still need to practice more now.

This USB flash drive is backed up. Several copies of his previous work data have been backed up. This USB flash drive is one of them. If it works, just bring it in later and continue working.

If it still doesn’t work, he will only have to honestly retreat in it. After all, there are still many things that he can do. Improving himself is the most important thing. The appearance of this exclusive space has already given him a big surprise. .

If there is anything worth complaining about, it is that every time you want to enter the "world", you have to fall asleep.

Wang Hao, who had just woke up once, didn't feel much sleepiness, but after a while of psychological hints, he quickly fell asleep.

After entering the exclusive space several times, although I dare not say that he is familiar with the road, Wang Hao is probably used to it.

He lowered his head, holding a USB flash drive in his hand, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. It seemed that his guess was correct.


The night continues.

At night in the big city of Tokyo, there are still many people active. They may be buying drunk to relieve their sorrow, or they may be staying up late to work overtime.

The city is fast-paced, and sometimes it is more lively at night than during the day. After all, it is at night that most people who are bored with work during the day can relax.

During this time period, there are also office workers who are working, such as reporters.

Naoto Nakado and Suke Watanabe, they happened to be journalists who were staying up late to work.

In the magazine office of a certain building, Naoto Nakado and Suke Watanabe can be said to be very excited after receiving the big news today. As soon as they came back, they began to organize the information and prepare to write an explosive news!!

The two of them can be said to be quite experienced. Sometimes it's not enough to get a general news. It often requires a lot of details to get a firm foothold.

When the two of them wrote news reports, they often used the technique of seven points of truth and three points of false to create, seven points of true and reliable dry goods, three points of exaggerated content, such articles can undoubtedly attract everyone's attention!

Nevertheless, the two of them also pursue the quality of the article, and always hold an attitude of preferring less than indiscriminate. It is this dedicated attitude that makes them famous in the industry.

"Watanabe, how about this modification?!"

Naoto Nakado exclaimed with some excitement, this article has been edited back and forth many times, and this is a change he is more satisfied with.

Hearing Naoto Nakata’s shouting, Watanabe Sukeyuki immediately turned around and quickly browsed through the redacted article, and his face suddenly showed a bright smile: "That's enough! I believe it is absolutely. The big news tomorrow!"

The article in their hands can be said to be heavier than any big article reported by the two before, and it can be said to have an international impact!

While this made them happy, they were also a little worried.

Originally, they only knew the true identity of the divine lord, and heard from the mouth of Yoshinaga Nasaki that the young man said crazy words at the Shueisha serial meeting.

To be honest, the weight of this news is quite substantial, but it is still a little bit worse than the real explosive news.

Naoto Nakado and Suke Watanabe have been reporters for so many years, and they have a certain amount of information channels in their hands. After knowing the true identity of the god, they began to understand Wang Hao himself through various channels as usual. details.

I didn't know if I didn't check it. When the two of them checked carefully, they were shocked!

That young man named Wang Hao has many more identities than the identity of God Lord, among which the most terrifying background is the only son of Wang Rendao, chairman of the Shengshi Dynasty Group!

Shengshi Dynasty Group!This is an internationally recognized super group!Even many top groups in Neon have shares in the Shengshi Dynasty Group!!

Moreover, the Wang family behind the Shengshi Dynasty Group has existed for thousands of years, which is a bit longer than the existence of the neon royal family. It can be said to be a true thousand-year-old family!Top gate valve!

It can be said that this long-established Wang family belongs to the kind of real aristocracy just like the neon royal family.

Even when the Wang family was in its heyday thousands of years ago, Neon was still one of the many affiliated countries of the Tang Dynasty. At that time, the Wang family had already been among the three males. In its heyday, there was a prime minister. , The gap between the two cannot be neglected!

But now the patriarch of the Wang family is Wang Rendao, and the first successor is naturally Wang Hao. From the outside, Wang Hao will also follow the path of inheriting the family.

However, what everyone did not expect was that such a top heir to a family family would actually draw cartoons in neon!!!

They can imagine what a sensation this report will cause!

The 573rd chapter is really fragrant

The true identity of the god is the news that attracts readers the most, and you can imagine that it can cause a lot of heated discussion without guessing.

Of course, this is also related to Wang Hao’s identity as God Lord. After all, the name of God Lord has multiple auras. Genius cartoonist, best-selling author, film supervisor, etc...