God descends the second element

God descends the second dimension Chapter 419

In fact, they almost missed the true identity of the God Lord this time. Originally, both of them thought that the true identity of the God Lord should be a very ordinary person, such as an ordinary genius high school student. However, a closer inspection revealed that it was not easy.

At the beginning, they searched the name on the encyclopedia, only to find that this young man had won many awards before, such as the Chopin Youth Piano Award. This young man has won five consecutive championships!

At that time, there was a frenzy in the music industry, and it also attracted a lot of attention in the society. Wang Hao’s true identity entered the eyes of the public at this time, and he was dubbed the "genius of the times". .

Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, Wang Hao never participated in any competitions, otherwise no one would deny that he could continue to win the championship.

It is said that time is the most potent poison. With the passage of several years, the "genius of the times" has faded out of people's vision, as if a meteor fell.

At that time, Watanabe Suke and Naoto Nakado still sighed for a while, who would have thought that the "genius of the age" who fell like a meteor would be born again as the "God Lord"?

It's considered a complete accomplishment when I came here to end. After all, such news is still very entertaining, and at least it can arouse public opinion in the world.

But the keen Watanabe Sukeyuki immediately saw Wang Hao's father's name on the encyclopedia, Wang Rendao, chairman of the Shengshi Dynasty Group.

In this way, this news has been upgraded to another level in an instant in their eyes!

It can be said that in the eyes of many people, the status of the grandfather of the Shengshi Dynasty Group is even more dazzling!After all, this is one of the largest supergroups in the world!!

"Have you contacted over there?"

Naoto Nakata rubbed his temples, closed his eyes and sighed slightly.

Hearing this, Watanabe Sukeyuki made an ok gesture and replied: "No problem, after all, they are all old acquaintances. I have passed the information on, and it should be printed now."

As soon as he finished speaking, Watanabe Sukeki laughed bitterly. After working for most of the day, it was finally over, but there was a sense of emptiness.

He got up from the chair and stretched his waist, strolled to the window, and gently pulled down the lily leaf on the curtain with his right hand. Outside was a colorful and prosperous night scene.

"have a drink?"

Watanabe Sukeyuki turned his head and squinted at Naoto Nakata who was lying on the chair. The latter languidly got up from the chair, yawned, nodded, and said, "Let's go! Have a drink after work , Relax!"

The two hooked their shoulders and walked out of the office happily.

For most office workers in Neon, going to an izakaya for a drink after get off work has basically become a norm, after all, the accumulated pressure needs to be released.

The two habitually came to the izakaya closest to the company. There were already many customers here, mostly office workers in suits and ties. They all sat together eating and drinking, like a lively scene.

After Sukeyuki Watanabe and Naoto Nakata ordered shochu and snacks, they sat at the busiest table and started talking with others.

The night belonging to office workers has just begun.


In the early morning of the next day, the breeze was cooler, and mild sunlight fell on the ground.

When the alarm clock rang, Wang Hao also got up on time. Opening his eyes and bathing in the morning light still felt pretty good. He felt that he was in a good state of mind. This may be related to the late setting of the alarm clock, and he finally got a good night's sleep.

After getting up and yawning, Wang Hao sat on the office chair without even changing his clothes. He turned on the computer and inserted the USB flash drive. After seeing the file data, he felt that he was in a better mood. The portable space is really a good gold finger.

The only regret is that this space is dominated by the godhead, which means that the godhead will inevitably disappear when one enters this space.

But now he can't manage that much, at least his harvest is still full.

If it is not a critical moment, he decides to enter this space less in the future.

He stayed in the portable space for a total of three days, spent a full two days learning the battle scenes, and the scraps turned into a hill. Although I dare not say that the battle scenes are as good as fire, but compared to before It's much better.

If you say that the battle scorer has a perfect score of 100 points and a pass of 60 points.Before Wang Hao could score 30 points at most.

After 48 hours of hard training in the portable space, he has already reached 30 points, but now he has risen to 59 points. He can barely cope with the serialization in the first week or two, but it is far from enough to deal with the next crisis. !

You know, this time the opponent is the master of the comics world, Fu Jian Yi Bo, who has been dubbed the title of "ghost"!

It's a pity that he is currently in a bottleneck in the battle storyboard. Drawing comics doesn't mean that he can keep growing by stubbornly working hard. Otherwise, there won't be so many cartoonists who have been drawing for more than ten years.

To break through the current bottleneck, it is absolutely impossible to work hard. Fortunately, he can still handle this two-week serialization at his current level.

"Is this point already?"

After backing up all the data in the USB flash drive, Wang Hao noticed the time in the lower right corner of the computer. It was already nine o'clock in the morning.

Fortunately, there is no plan this morning, he is hungry now.

Wang Hao put on a set of clothes again, went to the door and opened the locked door.

After the lessons of the last Yuzhi Yazi night attack, Wang Hao is now accustomed to locking the door of his bedroom upside down, otherwise there will always be a sense of fear.

At this point, there are no people in the Qiushui Villa. After all, everyone is a student. They should go to school or go to school, and students should still focus on learning.

Well, although he has no right to say this...

Going downstairs to the kitchen and opening the refrigerator, Wang Hao quickly picked the ingredients. He decided to make fried rice with the leftover cold rice, eggs, ham, meat, etc. last night, because this is the fastest.

Wang Hao is already very proficient in cooking. He easily cut the ingredients into pieces and fry them in sequence. It didn't take long to complete this bowl of fried rice.

Seeing this big bowl of fried rice, to be honest, he was a bit rejected. He just poured all the leftover cold rice in last night. He felt that he would get tired of eating halfway through, and he might not be able to finish it by himself.

It may be because of hunger. Wang Hao hesitated for half a second before moving his mouth. The moment he took it, he felt that the fried rice he made was extremely delicious. The fried rice was reduced at a speed visible to the naked eye, and Wang Hao also showed a satisfied smile: "It's so fragrant."

Chapter 574 Strange Eyes

After a simple meal, Wang Hao began to return to his room to continue working.

Originally, he wanted to report to the school in the morning, although he himself greeted the principal, but it took too long to go to school.

Of course, this is also because of the portable space. If he didn't find the portable space before switching to it, he probably won't have the American time to go to school.

Wang Hao has been working in the portable space for several days. It can be said that he has completed a lot of work, and drawing cartoons has also encountered a bottleneck. If he stays at home and works hard, the ghost knows when the bottleneck will break through.

Combination of work and rest is still necessary, so he chooses to go to school to relax.

For Wang Hao now, going to school is really relaxing. In fact, relative to society, school can really be said to be a relaxing place, at best it only requires serious study.

After entering the society, all kinds of complicated interpersonal relationships and realistic pressures will follow one after another. If one is not handled well, it will be easy to die. These are more than twice as difficult as studying in a classroom.

Most people will miss the time in school after entering the social work. Youth on campus is one of the easiest times in a person's life.

It's a pity that it's almost ten o'clock. He can't go to school at this point. It's too conspicuous if he goes now. He doesn't like being so high-profile. He can only wait until noon, so he can just go to school with day students.

The comics have fallen into a bottleneck in this regard, and Wang Hao does not intend to continue practicing for the time being, but begins to prepare the serial manuscript for next week.

This time the opponent is the famous Fu Jian Yi Bo, so Wang Hao didn't use the fast method of painting in the past, but calmed down and slowly made the name.

In order to concentrate on creating, he shut down all the electronic products and locked the door of the bedroom, just because he was afraid of being influenced by the outside world to make the sudden inspiration disappear.

Time passed slowly, and there were more scraps on the ground, and he is still creating NAMEs.