Well, it seems that the person concerned really does not know what happened.

"What happened?"

Wang Hao frowned, and he found a lot of abnormalities when he came along.

"Just pay attention to your surroundings."

Hearing what Xiazhiqiu Shiyu said, Wang Hao turned his gaze to the surrounding area and was taken aback. He found that the whole class was staring at him and whispering!

Seeing this, Wang Hao suddenly had a guess, and his heart gradually began to cool. He knew that his originally well-hidden identity had been completely exposed!

If his identity is not revealed, there won't be so many abnormal situations along the way, even in the class.

After all, he is not a banknote, and normally he would not attract the attention of the whole school.

He just didn't understand how his identity was exposed?

At this moment, the slender little fat man Hirano Toda walked towards him, with an expression of excitement on his face, and asked with anxiety and excitement: "Student Wang Hao... No! God Lord teacher! You are that way! Teacher God Lord, right? Last time I went to the Second Five Signing Meeting to ask for your signature!"

After hearing Hirano Toda's straightforward answer, Wang Hao's last fluke was completely cold. Is it really okay to be so direct?In any case, I also showed a little more suspicion!

And what exactly is this doing?He really couldn't understand how his identity was exposed?

Moreover, the exposure of his identity at this time period really affected him too much. It can be said that his private life has been completely disrupted.

Wang Hao sighed lightly. Now I feel very depressed. Now it’s useless to use ostrich psychology to comfort him. Kasumigaoka Shiba’s tone and the performance of everyone in the school and Hirano Toda’s straightforward answer just now are all An answer was explained, and his identity was exposed.

If you deny it at this time, you are playing everyone as a fool.

"Well, I am the God Lord."

Wang Hao smiled stiffly, and chose to face it calmly.

Hearing his answer, the students in the class yelled out of joy and immediately rushed towards Wang Hao.

"Sure enough, it is the god master teacher!"

"It's like a dream!"

"Teacher God Lord signed me! I have been paying attention to the Dragon Ball on the weekly jump!"

"I want it too! I want it too! Please help me sign on the second five!"

"Teacher God, can you take a photo with me?"


The scene was in chaos, and Wang Hao was also confused when he saw this scene.

But fortunately, he has a very human temperament, and he quickly adjusted his mentality. Looking at everyone's enthusiasm, he knew that he could not refuse today. After all, he was a classmate, and it was not easy to refuse.

At the moment he had to be patient and fulfilled everyone's requirements one by one.

"I don't understand a bit, why do you know my identity?"

Now that it’s done, it’s unrealistic to say something else to cover up. Wang Hao just wants to know how he exposed?How much was exposed?If he guessed it by accident, he would never believe it.

Hearing Wang Hao's question, everyone looked at each other, and finally, the sweet-looking Kuronuma Aina said, "Don't you know, the teacher of the gods? This matter is in the news, and we all learned about it after watching the news report this morning. "

Having said that, Kuronuma Aina took out a smartphone and clicked on the web page to open a report, and then handed it to Wang Hao.

"Thank you."

The latter took the phone and thanked him, and then stared at the screen of the phone with a serious look, quickly browsing, watching the content of the report, Wang Hao's face gradually sinking, his current identity includes his previous experience, etc. It was exposed!

Chapter 576 Jumping

It can be said that, apart from not reporting extremely private information such as his phone number and home address, the basic information is all about the same.

To be honest, he admired the reporter who reported this article. He didn't expect the other party to start from the weekly jump, and even dug out his other identity.

According to the picture on the report, the two reporters should be hiding next to Shueisha to take pictures. It seems that the other party has someone inside, and they got the news in advance and stayed there.

This couldn't help giving him a headache, but he was careless.

"Tingling, bell, bell—"

The class bell suddenly rang, and the students around his desk finally walked away and returned to their seats. Wang Hao heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, his home address has not been revealed yet, otherwise he might even consider moving.

Judging from the situation of going to school today, Wang Hao even had the urge to transfer, but he gave up after thinking about it for a while. He's all on the news now. Where is the transfer different?

Can hide past the first day, but not fifteenth.

This is a very headache. Although he has long thought about the consequences of his identity exposure, it is still a headache to think about it now.

To be honest, he originally thought that it would be best to expose his identity later, such as in college, because the situation of chasing stars in college is not serious, and everyone's thinking is more mature.

Exposing his identity in high school is fundamentally different from what he had originally thought, and it is also the most troublesome one. After all, young people at this stage are still very popular.

Especially the novels and comics he writes now, as well as the B station he created, etc., are also considered hot at the moment and extremely topical.

It's not that he boasted. Seven or eight of the ten most young people in Neon now know the gods, and he didn't expect that the whole class is actually his fans, or he underestimated his influence.

It’s not to advance or retreat.

He doesn't know what to do anymore. After all, it is not realistic to transfer to another school. The environment is also very good now. Even if it is changed, it may not be better than it is now.

and many more!Change the environment!

Seeing Wang Hao being sought after by others, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu didn’t know why she was so happy at this moment, but she didn’t show it on her face. Instead, she looked at Wang Hao and joked: “Oh, teacher of God, it’s so popular. Enviable."

Wang Hao didn't pay attention to what the other party meant. He looked at Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu with shining eyes and said, "How do you think I jumped?"

That's right, when Wang Hao just thought of changing the environment, Wang Hao suddenly had an inspiration, and suddenly he had a solution, which was to skip a level!

It is not too difficult for him to skip directly to the third year of high school. His predecessor has directly gotten the recommended places from the first-class universities and chose to skip the grade, so that he can change the environment faster.

When he arrives at the university, it doesn't matter if his identity is revealed, and in his opinion, it doesn't matter if he doesn't attend classes at the university.

"Are you going to skip to the third grade directly?" Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu frowned slightly, apparently already understanding the other party's thoughts.


Wang Hao nodded. He felt that this method was not bad. Otherwise, if he continued to procrastinate like this, he would still have a long time to finish high school.

After a while, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu stretched out her frowning brows, and set her gaze back on the book: "If you like it, why are you talking to me about this?"