But if there is any major change in Xiazhiqiu Shiyu, it is absolutely impossible. Xiazhiqiu Shiyu is still the beautiful literary girl who does her own way, as always proud.

Even in the face of love, he is still very proud and always maintains an independent personality, and will never become a vassal. It is so dazzling that it is difficult to look directly at him.

Looking at the gaze of Shiyu Xiazhiqiu, Wang Hao immediately knew what the other party wanted to say. However, the current level of the two sides is too different. Mengxin still has to go through a journey to defeat the big devil. Wang Hao now chose strategy. Sex retreat, smiled and said: "Senior Xiazhiqiu, what a coincidence! I didn't expect you to come to this class as well. It seems that there is a destiny for the two of us to meet, Sister, look at the misunderstanding just now. is not it……"


Xiazhiqiu Shiyu, who had just returned the pear flowers with rain, immediately chuckled, and picked up the textbook to half cover her right side, and supported her left chin with her other hand.

Like a changeable witch, she is unpredictable, exhales like orchids, looks at Wang Hao with winking eyes, and whispers softly, "I didn’t expect that the pervert has been in love with me for so long. It’s really surprising. Do you just want to bully others like that?"

Hearing this, Wang Hao suddenly felt his bones crisp and a ripple in his heart. Although he has seen Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu turn his face many times like turning a book, every time he sees a different side of him, he always makes Human defense is hard to defend.

Wang Hao felt that if he continued like this, he would be taken over by this evildoer. It was really terrible.

Fortunately, I am an outstanding young man in the new era. I still have this determination.

Wang Hao immediately suppressed the waves of the lake in the heart, his face straightened, and said in a straightforward tone: "Senior sister, please respect yourself."

"The perverted gentleman is not as cute as before, which is really regrettable..." Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu sighed slightly, looking disappointed, as if she had lost some cherished toy.

"Jingle Bell--"

The bell rang after class, everyone got up and saluted the teacher, who nodded and packed up the textbooks and left the classroom.

Many classmates walked towards Xiazhiqiu Shiyu's position. Xiazhiqiu Shiyu also stood up at this time and looked at the other students and said, "Sorry, all those things I said in class just now were joking with everyone, I hope you don't mind. "

Chapter 583: This pillow is fragrant and soft...

Even if he changed classes, Wang Hao felt no different from before, and his deskmate was still the familiar poisonous tongue demon King Xiazhiqiu Shiyu.

Because he didn't communicate with other students in the original class, he was a bit like a "ghost" member in the class, and everyone ignored him.

But after his identity was revealed, the usual good days came to an end.

Now I have changed a new class. Because of the third year of high school, everyone is busy studying, so no one comes to disturb him. It can be said that Wang Hao can feel the usual days again.Congratulations, congrats.

It may be because the principal greeted the teachers in advance. As long as Wang Hao and Xiazhiqiu Shiyu did not affect others in class, no teacher would come to "remind" them when doing other things.

Of course, this is also related to the good academic performance of the two of them. Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu himself is a well-known genius student, and there is no problem with scores in Neon's top universities in China.

And Wang Hao got the recommended place early. With the knowledge in his brain, he doesn’t have to be afraid of exams and the like, and because of the reason he crossed over, his memory can be said to have soared, so he can’t forget it, but write it down. Nine out of ten are okay.

You can worry about whether you should go to the University of Tokyo or Waseda University, etc. You can even consider the world's top universities like Harvard and Cambridge.

Wang Hao became depressed again when he thought that he was so entangled in the university, it was really a headache.



In the next few days, Wang Hao's time here was quite substantial. It is worth mentioning that the ranking of Dragon Ball has risen significantly, directly occupying the second place!

Of course, there is still a big gap with the first full-time hunter, but despite this, this is still exciting news.

Sure enough, if you want to occupy a place in the weekly jump, you can only be qualified to compete with full-time hunters if you follow the path of the king!

When "Dragon Ball" was first serialized in the previous life, the reason for the downturn in popularity was that Akira Toriyama took the funny route.

Of course, this is not to say that "Dragon Ball" is not suitable for funny factors, but one thing to be clear is that this comic of Dragon Ball can only be based on kingly blood, and funny is only a secondary factor.

You know, before the previous life of Akira Toriyama serialized "Dragon Ball", he serialized a national-level comic called "Arale". This comic directly put Akira Toriyama at the top of the comics world. !!

However, even so, Toriyama Akira's next work "Dragon Ball" almost went straight to the street in the early stage of the funny line. Fortunately, he reverted to the kingly fighting style, and then pulled the disadvantage back and gradually reached the peak.

At that time, Toriyama Akira, because of his first encounter with this royal fighting style, the battle scenes and storyboards were relatively immature.

But Wang Hao is different. He has worked hard in this area, and practiced the shots all night in his exclusive space from time to time. This can be said to be qualified.

In this way, "Dragon Ball" can be said to be more blue than blue at this time, just like a beast that has just emerged from a difficult situation, and its invincibility has been built!

In the number of votes this time, there is only 92 votes behind the full-time hunter!Ranked second overall!!

I heard that all the editors at the time were shocked by the news. Although they had checked the Dragon Ball manuscript before the serialization, they knew that the quality of the manuscript had improved qualitatively, and the ranking was very high. May rush into the top six!

You know, this estimated ranking is already quite high. After all, "Dragon Ball" was still in the state of the crane in the last issue.

But I still didn't expect that the god master would be so powerful, as if the explosion of "BOOM" sounded, "Dragon Ball" was completely on fire!There is a complete fire!!

Station B, Tieba, forums, Twitter, etc., have started a series of discussions about "Dragon Ball".

There is also a rumor that I don't know the true or false. I heard that Fu Jianyi Bo, who was playing mahjong at the time, silently put down the mahjong in his hand, not even Duan Yao Jiu, picked up a lighter and lit a cigarette and ran to the studio.

That night, Wang Hao and Iida Ayano went to drink and celebrate again. This time it was not drinking in the Qiushui Villa. After all, it was troublesome to clean, but Wang Hao and Iida Ayano had a good relationship with some people. The editor of came to a wine shop to drink.

After drinking and celebrating, Wang Hao regretted it, because Iida Ayano was already drunk and dazed. Although he was drunk, he was still a little sober.

He had no choice but to carry the other party on his back, and finally found a taxi. When the driver arrived at Qiushui Villa, Wang Hao painfully paid a very expensive taxi fare.

After getting out of the taxi, Wang Hao looked at Iida Ayano who was already asleep, and he could only shook his head helplessly. Although he admired the courage of the other party drinking, it was not a problem to drink so unconsciously.

However, the next moment, Wang Hao's complexion became stiff.


Iida Ayano who was on his back suddenly vomited out, and he vomited directly on himself!

Wang Hao felt that he was awake a lot in an instant, and there was an urge to leave the other party here in an instant.

After spitting out a few words in his heart, he still carried Ayano Iida on his back and swayed the other person back to the room. Then he turned back to the bathroom and took a shower, completely removing the smell of alcohol on his body. After being removed, he wrapped a bath towel and left and returned to his bedroom.

Wang Hao felt that this scene was a bit familiar, but at this moment, even if he was dizzy even after taking a bath, he couldn't even think about it. He didn't even bother to turn on the light. He walked to the bed with a sense of familiarity.

Tomorrow he will go to the TV station to record the show. Recently, he has studied the show "Tokyo Times" in detail, and he is sure of how to answer it.

After talking to the other side and going to record tomorrow morning, he didn't want to give people the feeling of being a big deal because of being late, and he was really lacking now.

Once I lie down on the bed, I never want to get up again.

Wang Hao stretched out his hand to pull the quilt, but it didn't reach it. When he stretched out his hand again, he felt like he was holding a pillow.

Hmm... This pillow is really big and soft, and there is a fragrant smell, Wang Hao couldn't help but stretch out his hands and hug it tightly...

Wait, at this moment, a thought suddenly flashed in his mind, as if there was no pillow on his bed.

However, in the next second, a warm touch came, followed by a heavy fatigue, and Wang Hao fell asleep like this...

Chapter 584 My Youth Love Story