Unfortunately, there is no such easy thing in the world. The only way to gain recognition and respect from others in the music industry is strength.

There are many talented people, but talent does not mean success. Shinohara has seen many young people with extraordinary talents, but few of them can succeed.

There is a saying that she thinks is very good, the genius who has not grown up is just a genius.

However, in terms of music, Wang Hao's impact on her was really too great. Kiyohara Shino had served as a judge in many music competitions before, including one in Wang Hao's childhood.

The music played by Wang Hao at that time always felt very mechanized. Although it sounded very beautiful, the level was not as good as that of a child, and it was even comparable to a professional musician, but it seemed that there was something missing. Things, such as the feelings of music, or the throbbing from the soul.

However, after many years, today's "Symphony of Destiny" turned out to be an unparalleled impact on Kiyohara Shino, only to realize that the young man in front of him has grown to the point of admiration.

It is not an exaggeration to say that with this "Symphony of Destiny," Kiyahara knew that Wang Hao was destined to become a musician in the annals of history.

"Since Teacher Qingyuan said so, then I won't be hypocritical. I would like to ask for your advice."

Wang Hao finally agreed to the other party, according to his original intention, he was unwilling to do it, but this was what the predecessor wanted, and he would naturally do his best to fulfill the promise, no matter the result.

In fact, at this time, Wang Hao can completely ignore what his predecessor said, and the other party can't cause him any substantive threat.

Having said that, Wang Hao still did not break his promise.

Without him, because this was the promise he made at the beginning, Wang Hao chose to follow his original intention, even if he could vaguely guess some general consequences.

But what if things really develop like that?And it doesn't necessarily become what you think.

Perhaps it was two lives, Wang Hao had already seen well in certain things, and his thoughts were also quietly changing. When he knew that he should be selfish, he couldn't become selfish at all.

"Thank you."

The predecessor was silent for a long time, obviously he didn't expect that the other party would really agree to him.

"Don't do this, maybe this is the cause and effect between you and me, it would be nice if you can just settle it."

Wang Hao responded with a faint smile, and the last trace of confusion in his heart also disappeared.

The communication with his predecessor was in the depths of the sea of ​​consciousness, but in reality it was only a moment later, and no one noticed what happened to Wang Hao.

The atmosphere on the stage was hot, and Ryosuke Kimura said while the iron was hot: "I and everyone are very curious, where will the Lord Master develop next?"

"It depends on the situation, but our community will launch a game called "CLANNAD" in the near future. Please support us by then."

Wang Hao seemed to be telling a very common thing, and he didn't feel anything wrong with what he said.

If you didn’t get the appearance fee, it’s good to place an advertisement on the spot. If you can save some points, you will save some points.

"Uh...cough cough."

Ryosuke Kimura and Nozomi Kanzaki were big heads, looking at Wang Hao, who was calmly advertising in front of them, felt a little bit dumbfounded, and found that they underestimated each other after all.

"Speaking of this, the god master teacher is really busy. Is it convenient for the god master teacher to reveal how his personal life is now? Has there been any trouble after the identity was exposed?"

Nozomi Kanzaki changed the subject very cleverly. Now that the other party's advertisement has been posted, it is useless to investigate this matter.

The director in the audience was also a little bit dumbfounded. After thinking about it for a while, he finally decided not to cut it. It's better to just sell the other side's face.

Seeing that nothing had happened to his advertisement, Wang Hao was relieved, and the other party finally brought the topic to the most critical point.

Before participating in this program, Wang Hao had an agreement with the program group. He can participate in it, but I hope that the other party can also discuss the topic of his identity when he is recorded.

This is also the biggest reason why he came to the show this time.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao replied with a wry smile: "Speaking of which, the exposure of my identity has had a great impact on my personal life. I didn't think I could hide it completely, but now I am in high school. Early exposure still caused a lot of trouble in my life."

"I am a relatively quiet person. Although I also like everyone's support and love, I still hope to live some ordinary days in my daily life."

Chapter 591: Please pay for your dreams

"It's really hard work. It seems that creators are not so easy. I also hope that you can give the god master a little more time to create. Anyway, it is a bit bad to cause trouble to others."

Ryosuke Kimura sighed next to him, that the culture of star-chasing is so common now that even irrational bastards will do all kinds of creepy behaviors.

As a person who has been in the entertainment industry for many years, Kimura Ryosuke was also troubled by illegitimate meals. At that time, the whole person was almost collapsed, and now I think about it.

Wang Hao has not encountered these situations, which is the reason why he did a good job of confidential work before. Fortunately, his phone number and home address have not been exposed.

Although I am only encountering some troubles when I am going to school, no one can say what will happen in the future, so it is better to take precautions.

That's why he made a statement on the TV show today. After all, not all fans are illegitimate fans.

As for the later, it will be handed over to Ye Qiushan for public relations processing. First, all his news will be suppressed. Once the time is over, the heat will drop, and then he will not have to worry too much.



Time passed quietly, and the recording of the live show was coming to an end. The home court returned to Wang Hao again, and the two hosts also began the final interview.

"I heard that the "Dragon Ball" serialized in Shueisha recently is facing the situation of being cut in the middle of the "Dragon Ball" that the god master teacher recently serialized? Is that rumor true? How much chance do you have for yourself?"

Kanzaki Helio asked interestedly, Wang Hao nodded: "It's true. After all, the opponent is Teacher Fujian. Even if it fails, it is not an incredible thing. It is better to say that success is more like a miracle. But even if it appears. The probability of a miracle is very slim, but before the last moment comes, no matter who the opponent is, I will not choose to give in."

"So that's the case, but that's what I said."

Hearing that, Kanzaki Nozomi also expressed understanding, after all, Fu Jian Yi Hiroshi is a master in the comics industry.

Kimura Ryosuke shook his head insignificantly. In fact, he is still a bit unfavorable about Wang Hao in terms of comics. Although the other party is indeed talented, he still feels that the other party is a little impulsive. After all, the opponent is the famous ghost, rich and strong .

Although he thought so in his heart, Ryosuke Kimura didn't directly say it. After all, he was still recording the show. He patiently asked the next question: "In fact, I have always had a question. Does God Master think what I am doing now makes sense? At present, many people in the society are criticizing God's master teacher for doing something wrong. The student's job should be studying. Will it not delay their studies and affect other young people?"

Wang Hao frowned slightly, and continued to speak, "I think this is a pursuit of dreams. Since I have decided to pursue dreams, then naturally I have to bear the consequences."

"Of course, as far as I am concerned, the job of a student is indeed learning. After entering the society, some people I know lament that the easiest thing in the world is actually learning."

"Nowadays, many people think that writing novels and drawing comics is very profitable, but the reality is not like this at all, but it is very cruel."

Having said that, Wang Hao sighed heavily and said with a wry smile: "It is not difficult to write a novel. Anyone can write it as long as he picks up a pen, but it is more difficult to write a profitable novel. A newcomer has just started. Writing novels is a normal thing. If you give up work and study to do this thing, it is very likely that you will not make money. If you can’t make money, you will only become a gnawing old man and add a burden to your family. ..."

“It’s even more difficult if you want to be a cartoonist. First, you have to have a certain degree of drawing skills, and you have to work as an assistant among various studios to learn. After learning to a certain level, you need to participate in a lot of contest-based submissions before serialization. , It’s only after getting a certain rank to qualify for serialization. In order to obtain this qualification, many people have even spent ten years. However, having serial qualification is just the beginning. If the next grade is not up to the standard, the serialization will not take long. Faced with a slash, it ended completely."

Wang Hao said these words without evasiveness. He didn't want to influence others because of his "exception".

In his previous life, Han Han became a very special example. Many students regarded him as an idol. In the end, they dropped out of school and chose to write novels or do what they wanted to do. They simply thought that as long as they dropped out of school to do it. Can succeed.

In order to avoid such a thing from happening, Wang Hao decided to make it clear here and continue to talk freely: "This world is often more complicated than imagined, and many times simpler than imagined, but it can exist in this real material society. It is also a kind of happiness, because we have the right to chase our dreams.

In any case, the current social education is a stepping stone. It may not allow you to directly succeed, but at least it will give you one more choice.

Maybe afterwards they will experience many other things and experience the difficult parts of life. They have been smoothed by the years of their sharp will, and their straight waists have been crushed by life, but they will still insist on chasing that little dream. ."