Wang Hao finally decided to suppress the throbbing in his heart forcibly, because he is no longer him. Since he is destined to be fruitless, it is better to let himself die with this feeling alone.

He shook his head slightly, he decided not to think about it for the time being. He looked at Kaoru Miyazona and said with a smile: "Kaoru, don't be too aggressive. If you feel unwell, you must tell me."

"Well, I know, but I can't be troubled by a small illness!"

Kaoru Miyazon nodded reluctantly, his mood was a little lower than before, but there was still a strong smile on the surface.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine."

Wang Hao comforted him softly, and then slowly stood up, and looked out of the pavilion with Kaoru Gongyuan on his back, making it difficult to see the expression on his face.

But the weather at this time is much better than just now. God's face changed as fast as a book. It was clear that it was pouring rain just now, and now it has become drizzle again.

A ray of sunlight appeared beside the dark clouds in the distance, slowly falling down the earth, and the clouds were seen.

The colorful rays of light constructed a bridge in the air, forming a gorgeous rainbow, gorgeous and beautiful, making many people look up and wonder.

But no one noticed that the gorgeous rainbow was slowly disappearing, maybe even if they noticed, they wouldn't care.

The rainbow is like fireworks. It is amazing when you first see it and desolate after it blooms.

It seems to be two extremes, but in fact it doesn't matter at all, because rainbows or fireworks are good.

Like a rainbow is a lifetime, like a firework is also a lifetime, as long as it blooms, this is enough.

Rainbow's life is still too short after all, but the meaning of life does not lie in time.

Time passed quietly, and the raindrops gradually disappeared.

Slowly watching the rainbow disappearing little by little in the sky, Wang Hao turned around again, smiled at Kaoru Miyazono and said, "The rain has stopped, I will drive you home, Kaoru."

"Thank you Ernie Chan, that would be a problem!"

Kaoru Miyayuan nodded, and did not be polite with Wang Hao, because she really treated him as an older brother. Does she need to be polite?

When he came, Wang Hao still remembered the original road. Although he was really wandering around at first, it does not mean that he didn't write down the nearby route.

I recalled the journey just now in my mind. It takes about six minutes to walk from here to the parking lot.

Wang Hao walked ahead and led the way. Sunlight stretched his figure. Kaoru Miyayuan followed behind him. He raised his head and saw the tall and reliable figure behind him. He was a little stunned for a while.

I don't know why, she felt a trace of loneliness and sadness in her heart, always feeling that she was about to lose something important.

It seems that the familiar figure in the memory in front is leaving his side little by little.

Obviously close at hand, she gave her the illusion that she could not catch up with the other party no matter what.

I always feel that the other party seems to disappear at any time.


The two parties came to the parking lot. Kaoru Miyazon stopped suddenly when he was about to get in the car, his eyes were reddish, looking at the strange and familiar childhood sweetheart in front of him: "Honey!"

"what happened?"

Wang Hao stopped his hand operating the steering wheel, and Kaoru Miyazon asked in a flustered manner: "Honey will always be by my side, right!"

Hearing this, Wang Hao's expression was stunned, but his hands trembled for a while, and he soon recovered his calm. He looked at each other helplessly, and said, "Silly girl, I am your Ernie sauce. Staying with you until you grow old, one day you will meet the one you love, hold hands with him until you grow old, and create a new family, and then I will retire."

"Although this is the case... but..."

Kaoru Miyazon seemed to want to say something, but Wang Hao didn't give the other person a chance to speak, and he changed the subject directly: "Okay, if you continue to say this, you will catch a cold. You are already weak. If you catch a cold again, I will The guilt is serious. Get in the car and I will take you back."

"I'm not that vulnerable..."

"Be more obedient, your body can't stand up to such fuss. If you continue to be so headstrong, you may not even be able to attend the next concert."

Hearing what the other party said, Kaoru Miyazon seemed to want to say a few more words, but after seeing Wang Hao’s wry smile, he opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say, so he sat down in the back seat a little unhappy. Looking at the scenery outside the window in a daze.

Speechless all the way.

After driving for half an hour, Wang Hao finally sent Gong Yuan Kaoru to the door of his house, and declined the other party's invitation to let himself in and change into clean clothes to avoid catching a cold because of something at home.

Wang Hao and Kaoru Gongyuan waved their hands goodbye, and then slowly turned the car on, and disappeared into the street in a short while.


The black Maybach drove lonely on the avenue, and seemed to blend in with the quiet surroundings, quite an indescribable solitude.

"Have you really decided? I think you should know the consequences better than me..."

There was an inexplicable sound of questioning from the depths of the sea of ​​knowledge. It was the predecessor who was communicating with him.

"So what? I know what you want to say, and Kaoru's condition may not get so bad." After listening to the other party, Wang Hao replied calmly.

"The child's condition is worse than you think."

After a moment of silence, the predecessor spoke again.

Hearing this, Wang Hao shook his head gently, continued to stare at the scenery ahead, drove the car intently, and continued: "Everything has cause and effect. If all this is destiny, let it end here. Right."

"It seems that I lost after all..."

In the end, there was only a bitter and slightly admirable voice that echoed in the depths of Wang Hao's sea of ​​consciousness. His predecessor fell asleep again, because every time he wakes up now, his own existence will quickly fade away.

Perhaps the next time we meet, all cause and effect will come to an end, and it will come to an end.

"Is all this destiny?"

"No, I'm sure, this is a choice I made by following instinct!"

"If this is the case, then we should have done a good job of enlightenment!"

Thoughts were in my mind, but Wang Hao's consciousness did not waver at all.

There are always things that people have to do in their lives. Even if Wang Hao is incapable, he will fight hard, not to mention that he now has the ability to change the situation.

After driving the car to Qiushui Mountain Villa, he breathed a long sigh of relief, especially when he saw the black-bellied "Senior Sister" standing at the door, Wang Hao smiled again and a trace of warmth appeared in his heart.

Here, someone is waiting for him to go home.

Chapter 595 Plan

I just don't know how long this warmth can last.

Perhaps he was unreasonably worried, thinking too much.

Parked the car in the parking space next to him, and Wang Hao said hello to the other party: "I'm back."