"Welcome back, perverted monarch in embarrassment."

Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu replied faintly, looked at him carefully, frowned and continued: "Mr. Pervert, hurry in and take a bath. I don't want to become a fool after you catch a cold."

Withdrawing the preface, this guy is really hard to change.

Wang Hao's complexion was drawn, and he took a deep breath. The emotion accumulated in his heart disappeared due to the poisonous tongue attack of the other party. After adjusting his mentality, he immediately complained: "Although I am very grateful for your kindness, this That's not the same thing at all! After all, what kind of cold will it take to become a fool..."

"Looking at how mentally you look, you probably haven't burnt your head yet. It's really enviable that you have such a big nerve."

Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu walked around Wang Hao lightly, with a very graceful gait, and a venomous tongue as before. He gave a chuckle and continued to comment: "In this way, wet play is not bad, no Thinking that you still have this kind of hobby, did you pervert deliberately?"

"I deliberately you are a big-headed ghost! What are you thinking in your head?!"

Feeling the fierce gaze of the other party, Wang Hao subconsciously took two steps back, his old face blushed, and his face that had been cultivated to the thickness of a city wall became a little shy.

After seeing Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu covering her mouth and laughing, Wang Hao also reacted to something wrong. After all, why should he be shy!

Although the clothes I am wearing are wet, I am still wearing clothes anyway!Besides, even if a big man is looked at, there is still a piece of meat.

However, if a good man does not fight with a woman, he should stay away from right and wrong for now.

Cough cough... This is definitely not because I am shy. After all, I am still wearing wet clothes. If I keep on like this, I won't catch a cold. I will wait until I go in and take a shower.

After making up his mind, Wang Hao decided not to take Lixia's Qiu Shiyu again, and was about to walk in directly ignoring the other party.

"Yeah, such a shy side of the pervert is really kawaii!"

Just a step forward, the crisp laughter like a wind chime floated over. As a result, Wang Hao staggered and almost fell to the ground, turning his head and glaring at an unscrupulous girl with a black belly. : "Yeah Kamaxi! You are kawaii!"

As soon as he said this, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu's face turned red.

However, Wang Hao didn't see this scene, and left the scene quickly without looking back.

Wang Hao, who was teased, began to remember the small book, the nasty, poisonous tongue devil, and I will find this account one day!

After walking into the hallway and changing his indoor shoes, Wang Hao quickly went back to the room and picked a set of clothes, and then went downstairs to the bathroom for a hot shower.

While taking a shower, he began to think of the next thing to be busy again, but it was a pity that he was really weak recently.

After this period of work was over, the start-up funds were almost available, and Wang Hao decided to expand the current scale.

The animation studio must be established. Although it is more convenient to hand over to the outsourcing company, it is still very lossy in the long run.

And next, I plan to develop into games, such as the planned ship girl, which is also essential to more professional game studios.

Now I am just preparing to make a prototype, and after making it, I have to improve it. It is impossible to make it without any problems.And after a game is launched, daily maintenance and activity updates require professionals.

As for the "Modern Dimensional Research Society", it can only be regarded as a fan club, or that everyone is gathered together because of hobbies, and most of them are students. Wang Hao can never really treat everyone as a staff member.

There is also a manga studio. At present, his manga assistant is Ying Lili alone, which is a bit pitiful to think about.

Nowadays, many cartoonists in the industry have specialized studios. Basically, they start with three or four people. A cartoon assistant like Wang Hao is rare.

In addition, there are also station b and Fusingchuan Library that also need to be sorted out. The seiyuu firm still needs to have a certain foundation to be established later.

Only by rectifying these things, the Tenshen Group he has created now will transform from a shell company into a real company.

In fact, Wang Hao felt that he was a little bit sorry for Ye Qiushan, so he threw a nearly empty group to the other party and ran behind the scenes alone as a shopkeeper.

In order to live up to the trust of the other party, I still have to hurry up and make some achievements.

You have to hurry up to get out animation studios, manga studios, game studios, voice actors, etc., together with the original B station and the undead river library, and slowly integrate into the shell company of Tiansheng Group, and then Tenshen The group will be gradually filled, and the two-dimensional dynasty that belongs to him will truly take shape!

That's right!

Wang Hao has never stuck to a single thing. From the very beginning, he planned to make the Tianshen Group into a real two-dimensional dynasty, creating a diversified two-dimensional group integrating ACGN and other diversified ones, and becoming a unique leader in this industry.

By then, Wang Hao's creative speed will be much faster. As long as he is responsible for creating ideas and giving a rough draft, his ideas will be created by the following people, and he will have more time at that time.

After all, one person can't take care of too many things, no matter how many people are, it's not a joke.

Just like the god of basketball, Michael Jordan, there is a Pippen around him.

Of course, one bite can't be fat, but Wang Hao has worked hard for so long, and now he has finally seen the embryonic form, he will inevitably feel a little excited.

After coming out of the bathroom, Wang Hao immediately ran back to the bedroom excitedly, ready to draw up a plan, and then talk to Ye Qiushan.

When Wang Hao sat in front of the computer for an hour, he quickly drew up a detailed plan, and at the same time there were some plans for his future. After he was done, he sent a copy to Ye Qiushan in his mailbox.

About half an hour later, Ye Qiushan also gave a reply and his opinion, and at the same time introduced Wang Hao to a real giant, the Mitsui Consortium known as the "Mitsui Empire"!

The other party intends to let Wang Hao cooperate with one of the candidate heirs of the Mitsui Consortium, Mitsui Hideichi, the second son of the Mitsui family.

Strike while the iron is hot. Ideas are always ideas. If they are not implemented, everything is on paper.

Hesitate and give it for nothing.

He, Ashina Hiroshi, will never become a white boy!

Chapter 596 Quiet Change

If you want to get funds quickly, you can actually pull investment.

Regarding investment, Wang Hao thought about it for a while at first, but because of not having many channels, he had to give up in the end.

After all, what he needs is not a small amount of money, and coupled with the lack of skills in the recent clone, he has no time to find someone to invest in it, so Wang Hao can only rely on the plan he has drawn up step by step.

In fact, Wang Hao also knows that now many people in Neon have realized how much benefit the b site he created will bring in the future, and many consortia have already estimated the future value of this two-dimensional website.

Judging from the current situation, this two-dimensional website is very diversified. You can basically find all the information related to ACGN here, and the most important thing is that the user's stickiness is also very high!

In the final analysis, Neon is a big country with a two-dimensional culture. Although most people in this country don't like anime very much, everyone has to admit that the prospect of the two-dimensional is really promising, whether it is the future or the ability to attract money.

Station B is really on fire. Although Wang Hao just made a good start, it has grown to the point of a prairie fire like a single spark.

In such a short period of time, the traffic has soared from an unknown small website, and the user’s activity is also rising. Many young people who like the two-dimensional culture have fallen in love with this website, and there are constantly people Becoming the UP master and starting to cast videos, many foreign netizens even came here admiringly, and the traffic once entered the top three of all neon. Following this momentum, it will not take long to dominate the neon.

Of course, it is of course not only Wang Hao's credit that will become like this. Although he has made a good situation, Ye Qiushan is still operating behind him.

In any case, based on the current assessment alone, station B is at least 10 billion yen or more. If you sell at this time, you can easily sell for tens of millions of dollars.

If you manage well, continue to develop this momentum, and expand the website to the world, even close to a trillion yen is not impossible!

Station B is thriving, and it's not that no one wants to take it directly, but in the end it is nothing.

The reason is simple, because it has received a warning from the Celestial Wang family.

If you don't agree, you can just fight the economic war or compete secretly.