So...everyone took it.

Can't accept it!

On the surface, the Shengshi Dynasty Group is like a giant beast that has done business all over the world. It is definitely the world's premier super group, so it goes without saying.

Moreover, this is only on the surface. This huge family has existed longer than the neon royal family, and it is not as powerful as the neon royal family. It has long laid a lot of dark hands on the neon.

Neon’s truly powerful families and consortia know that they can’t disturb this sleeping dragon.

Of course, the Shengshi Dynasty Group has also let go, fair and fair competition, even if the Tianshen Group goes bankrupt, they will not intervene. If someone secretly makes a stumbling block to deceive others, then come to beat others.

Regardless of whether Wang Haocheng admits it or not, the status of the chief heir of the Wang family is the most powerful umbrella.

This has also led to people who were originally interested in this delicious cake at station B also put away their ideas.

After all, even if you intervene in it, several consortia will definitely not be able to withstand it. At least you have to unite many consortia and families to be eligible to intervene. However, the end result is only a small share of the interests of the crowd, not much.

Otherwise, there is no need to offend the dragon behind it.

Of course, there are also people who want to truly cooperate with station B.

It was not for this booming two-dimensional website, but for Wang Hao's background.

That person was also the partner Ye Qiushan was going to introduce to Wang Hao, Hideichi Mitsui.

Wang Hao's IQ is not low. In fact, he has already figured out the cause and effect, and he doesn't have much trouble with Wang Rendao's approach.

After all, when I was born again, I didn't know anything. To put it simply, it was like a rebellious child in adolescence. I didn't understand many things at all.

Or to put it more bluntly, at that time I was too naive.

Maybe at the beginning, I just put the creation of a two-dimensional dynasty on my lips as an excuse, and used this excuse to vent the negative emotions accumulated in my heart, wanting to prove myself.

After all, it's just that I didn't want to face the reality.

It is even possible that he did not like the second element at all from the very beginning, but because of his sudden rebirth and the loss of the future, he subconsciously used the second element as an excuse and tool to escape reality, desperately like a drowning person. I want to catch the last straw that saves my life.

Thinking of this, Wang Hao smiled self-deprecatingly, with indescribable sarcasm on his face, which was a mockery of him.

It was only after meeting the people around him that he began to quietly change from inside to outside, and he gradually understood many things.

It was also after meeting them that I really began to accept the world and truly fell in love with the second dimension.

It is precisely because of love that he is willing to do so much and think so much even if he is tired like a dog.

He is very happy that he can become who he is now. Although he still has some knots, Wang Hao is still very happy because he has gradually found his true self and gradually matured.

Of course, all of this is also related to the group of problem children who trouble themselves all day long.

Wang Hao narrowed his mind slightly, and he was not as disgusted as he once was about relying on family power.

Even after a while, he had decided to go back to the celestial dynasty again, but for now he still had to get things done on the neon side first.

Take out the phone from his pocket, glanced at Hideichi Mitsui's contact information on the computer screen, and then glanced at the current time. Finally, Wang Hao put down the phone.

Wang Hao is never overly humble, nor overly arrogant.

But for myself, it is still too early to get in touch with Mitsui's family.He didn't want to owe a favor to others for no reason. In many cases, favor is more difficult than debt.

Forget it, wait for a while.

I just wanted to put my phone back, but an email was sent in time.

Wang Hao clicked on the email, and then the expression on his face was a little embarrassing. If the other party didn't say anything, he might have forgotten about it.

The email was sent by Kosaka Honoka, asking Wang Hao about the dubbing of the game character last time, how long will it take to officially start.

The production of "CLANNAD" is coming to an end, and it is indeed time to find someone to dub.

Chapter 597 The Daily Life of the Muse

Of course, Wang Hao asked μ's to come over as a dub. The fundamental reason at the beginning was to train them and give them a chance.

If it doesn't work, you can only find professional voice actors.

After all, the game still needs to be done well, and the dubbing cannot be sloppy. If the Muse cannot match Wang Hao's ideal character voice in the end, he can only find a more professional voice actor. There is no doubt about this.

Of course, in fact, there is no need to entangle too much, in Wang Hao's opinion, even if the Muse loses the election, it is nothing.

Because he first invited the Muse to participate in the dubbing, in order to let the Muse get more exercise and increase the winning percentage for the championship.

So even if you fail to participate in dubbing this time, it’s okay. It’s better to learn more sound skills. These experiences may be extra help when singing on stage.

Although this is the case, Wang Hao would be very happy if the Muse really succeeded in the campaign, because he would not have to bother to find a voice actor.

[Understand, I will put the script in the group later, and please familiarize yourself with it. If the election is successful, I will also be paid accordingly. Please do not refuse, just treat it as a job. If you are really upset If you do, just work hard.

After deliberation several times, Wang Hao finally edited the draft, and finally checked it again and found that there was nothing wrong with it and clicked to send it.

If the Muse really participates in the role dubbing, although it is a special kind of training that he can enhance his control of the voice while dubbing, he can't really make everyone busy.

Although the experience of being a voice actress can be regarded as a kind of training for Muse, it still helped Wang Hao a lot in the end.

There is an old saying in the celestial dynasty that the brothers will settle accounts.

Maybe it's love that people are willing to help you, maybe they didn't think so much, but Wang Hao has to think well.

Now that Wang Hao, who has gradually matured his thoughts, his view of the problem has changed a lot from before, in other words, he sees more comprehensively and clearly.

If he changed to the previous one, he might not think so much, but now he is willing to think more.

It's like when he was editing the email just now, he thought about it several times and added the reasons for his work, hoping to make the Muse more convenient to accept.


On the other side, Otonokizaka Academy.

As usual, Kosaka Honoka and others were preparing to go to the rooftop for training. Just half of the training, the gods were not beautiful. When they turned their faces, it began to rain heavily, and it was getting worse.

Seeing this scene, everyone had to turn around and go downstairs in frustration. It turned out that there was no way to train today, so they had to go back to the club room to rest together.

Not long after returning to the club activity room, the Muse began to chat and discuss again, with various topics.

Nicole Yazawa and Maki Nishikino were in a daily quarrel, Minami Kotori was responsible for persuading the peace, Tojo Nozomi smiled and stood beside him as if watching the excitement, adding two sentences from time to time to add fuel to the fire.

Sonoda Umi is discussing what the Muse will do next with Eri Ayase. Kosaka Honoka, Hoshizora Rin, and Koizumi Hanayo are discussing seriously...what should I eat later?

Then chatting, the topic went around Wang Hao without knowing how, and then talked about the last time Wang Hao invited them to become voice actors.