As a result, with the encouragement of everyone, Kosaka Honoka sent the email just now.

"Hui Naiguo, how does Haojun reply to Meow?"

Xingkong asked with a carefree voice, and immediately the other girls stopped their movements and looked at Kosaka Honoka.

"Haojun said that if you pass this voice actor interview, you can get a salary. As expected, Haojun is the best, hehehe..."

Kosaka Honoka said with a smirk, already thinking about what snacks he should buy to store at home. Cakes are a must, and potato chips cannot be left. I heard that there seems to be a kind of snacks called spicy strips in the sky. ?

"Oye! I can buy new clothes."

"Meat buns~"

"The idol DVD that I valued last time is also available."

"Will this be a bit bad? After all, Haojun asked us to be voice actors in the first place, just for everyone to get exercise."

Xuanze Eri said hesitantly, frowning slightly, although Wang Hao's approach seemed to her to be very mature, after all, it is common sense that in this society nowadays it is common sense to pay for money.

But the other party originally introduced them to be voice actors in order to be able to help the muses. Now if they are still paid, Ayase Eri always feels a little uncomfortable.

"It is true, I also feel a little bad, after all, Haojun has given us so much help." Sonoda Haiwei nodded in agreement with a serious face.

"Well, Eri and Hai Weijiang are too serious."

Looking at the tangled face of Eri Ayase and the serious face of Umi Sonoda, Tojo Nozomi smiled slightly, and continued: "Don’t forget that Ho-kun is also a member of the team. Maybe this is Ho-kun’s We help everyone in our own way. If we refuse in this way, it might hurt Haojun's heart a little. In order to live up to this trust, everyone just needs to work hard in our own way."

Hearing Tojo Nozomi's words, Sonoda Umi and Ayase Eri looked at each other, and their faces showed relief.

"If Xidu said that, then I will reluctantly come up with some real skills, and let that guy see it. After all, I want to become a superstar."

Yazawa Nicole snorted softly, with a disdainful face, and raised her head like a proud little swan.

Nishikino Maki raised her brows, and an unhappy look appeared on her face, obviously because Yazawa Nicole was dissatisfied with Wang Hao's contempt in her words.

Obviously his own sauce is so gentle and excellent, thinking of this, Maki Nishikino said, "I hope someone can be so arrogant during an interview, and don't be brushed off when you go up."

"What are you talking about? Do you think I will fail as a super idol?!"

Yazawa Nicole puffed up her face and said with her arms akimbo, Nishikino Maki rolled her head with her hands around her chest: "Sa, I also forgot what I just said~"

"Okay, okay, senior Nicole and Jin Ji-chan don't quarrel."

Seeing that the two were about to quarrel again without saying a word, Nan Xiaoniao immediately stood up to persuade peace.

"Ahhhhhhhh, don't stop them, Xiaoniaochan, this is a friendly conversation between Xiao Nicole and Jin Jichan in their own way.

Nozomi Tojo next to him pressed Minami Kotori's shoulders with both hands, and said with a grin while sliding down, "Compared with this, let me check if Kotori-chan is growing."

"Senior Xi, don't!"

Chapter 598: Thousands of Fans Breakthrough!

Wang Hao handed over the Muse interview to Aoyama Qikai. Although Aoyama Qikai is currently a bit worse than a professional voice actor, his strength is still not to be underestimated. In Wang Hao's opinion, the other party is only short of professionalism. A wire is separated.

Even dubbing certain roles can reach professional level.

Wang Hao believes that as long as Qingshan Qihai continues to maintain the momentum of this effort, one day he can become a professional voice actor.

Therefore, it is a good decision to let Aoyama Qikai review the muse, and it can also make Aoyama Qikai more confident.


Time passed slowly, and more than a month passed without knowing it. Of course, the weather was gradually getting hot.

Wang Hao still leads a busy life every day. After finishing this thing today, he will do it again tomorrow, as if he is always busy.

Fortunately, his efforts were not in vain. The most nervous Dragon Ball at the moment has soared all the way after taking the battle route, and has now firmly ranked first. As long as he continues to follow this momentum, he will be able to boast in the company commander’s meeting. Haikou!

With the miraculous increase in the Dragon Ball ranking, many cartoonists and comic assistants have rekindled hope, and the fighting spirit is high. Everyone saw a spirit of tenacity in the young people there, as if a round of gradual rise. The sun.

How can I know some things without trying?

Although looking at the scenery on the outside, Wang Hao has been struggling recently.

After all, I have to write novels and comics every day, and from time to time I have to make games and give advice to everyone. In addition to these, I have to take time to deal with work.

Fortunately, the Tianshen Group started to make no losses or gains under the management of Ye Qiushan, otherwise Wang Hao would only be busier.

Don’t underestimate this if you don’t lose or earn!

You know, most companies basically put money in at the beginning of their business, and it usually takes a long time to make profits gradually.

If it weren't for Ye Qiushan's help, Wang Hao would really be too busy. This also made him firmer in his ideas, and he had to expand the company quickly.

It is a pity that he can only make money from royalties from novels and comics. Although he makes a lot of money, he basically uses it to start a business, and there is not much left.

There is another news that I don’t know if it is good news or bad news. Ye Qiushan doesn’t know where he found an animation studio and game studio that he intends to sell. It looks good and the price is fair, but Wang Hao has no money... …

To make big money, you still have to rely on the company.

Only when the Tianshen Group develops can it truly make money.

If this is the case, then I can speed up a little more.

Wang Hao thought for a while, took out his cell phone and dialed Ye Qiushan's number: "Brother Ye, how is the handling of Jianniang?"

Yes, he set his sights on the game, and the next step is to officially launch the ship girl!

After he had probably handled the ship's mother before, he handed over the finished product to Ye Qiushan. After all, the game can't be launched once it is made, and a lot of follow-up processing is required.

"Well, it's okay, the finished product you handed me has only a few minor defects, just check and repair it a few times."

Ye Qiushan on the other end of the phone sighed and said that when he first received the finished product, he was also surprised. Obviously, he did not expect Wang Hao to do so well.

In fact, the finished product can be directly tested for public testing, but Ye Qiushan clearly understood Wang Hao's idea of ​​excellence, and immediately contacted programmers he knew before, and then contacted a well-known studio in the industry for inspection and maintenance.

After several days and nights of fighting, it was finally completed.

Thinking of this, Ye Qiushan sighed: "I don't know where your kid found such a powerful programmer and so many powerful original artists. I think this game can become popular just by licking the original painting."

Hearing what Ye Qiushan said, Wang Hao just smiled.


Akasaka Ryunosuke was able to develop a real artificial intelligence on his own. He is a top genius in computers. It is not an exaggeration to say that he is one of the world's most geniuses.

As for the original painter, it goes without saying that Wang Hao paid a high price for Iida Ayano to find many well-known painters in the industry. Wang Hao even involved the world-class genius Zhenbai.