Seeing this scene, Wang Hao was angry and funny, and finally had to stretch out his hands helplessly: "Do you really treat me as an almighty Doraemon?"

To be honest, Wang Hao really didn't know anyone in terms of game operation, even if he wanted to find it, he couldn't find it.

"Forget it, you are useless, go back soon..."

Hearing this, Ye Qiushan was disappointed to stop. Wang Hao raised his brows when he saw this: "Hey, hey! Isn't this something wrong?"

"If it's not right, please ask Dong Wang to introduce me one or two talents?"

"Um... I suddenly remembered something, so I won't disturb Brother Ye from your work, goodbye!"

Seeing Wang Hao's back, who left quickly without looking back, Ye Qiushan suddenly smiled and shook his head, and then left another mess to him. He was really convinced.

He really didn't know the experienced game operators. After all, he had rarely been in contact with this aspect before, but if it was only for operations, Ye Qiushan would really know one or two.

The abilities are all top-notch. Although the other party has not been responsible for operating games before, it shouldn't be a big problem, but unfortunately they will not change jobs.

What a headache...

It seems that you can only try your luck first and post high-paying advertisements to recruit people. If it doesn't work, you can only dig into the corner.


"I am back."

When I returned home, the hall was already full of people. Except for a few people, the members of the current research institute basically had mobile phones in their hands, and they were all serious about doing something.

"Welcome back."

Kato Megumi temporarily put down the phone, raised his head and greeted with a smile, then lowered his head again.

"This scene is really rare."

Wang Hao approached and found that everyone was playing Jianniang, which made him a little dumbfounded.

But he didn't bother everyone. After all, the atmosphere of playing games together was quite good, and it was also very relaxing.

After thinking for a while, he also took out his mobile phone and created a new account. He also sat aside and joined the land reclamation army with everyone.

As a game developer, Wang Hao actually has an account with a full-level and full-book.

But this kind of account is really foul, after all, the game has just been launched, and everyone is still in the wasteland period. This kind of account is too conspicuous when it comes out, but the name does not say I am a GM account.

In the next few days, Wang Hao was as busy as usual. When Muse came for the interview, he still couldn't help passing by Qingshan Qihai, but he was relieved.

Everyone at the Muse obviously spent a lot of time, and they all mastered well when interviewing for the voice roles, and all of them passed.

Then, in his spare time at Qiushui Villa, Muse also played with the members of the current research institute to open up wasteland.

The enthusiasm of Jian Niang is also increasing, and it has reached a peak recently.

Wang Hao knew that the ship mother would be hot, and Wang Hao already knew it when he was making this game, and he himself made many improvements to the ship mother, and at the same time added many interesting functions and gameplay.

Moreover, the scope of the ship's mother is not limited to neon, but directly extended to the world. The historical warships of each country have participated in the personification, and the vertical drawings of each character are extremely beautiful, because the painter is not the same person. As a result, the painting styles of many characters are different, which adds a lot of interest.

Personality and background settings have also been refined. Needless to say, voice actors have naturally invited many big-name voice actors in the early stage.

If this is not the case, it will be too much for God.

What he didn't expect was that this game is too popular nowadays, and it is no exaggeration to say that it has reached the world!

He may not understand other places, but at least in Neon, Wang Hao knows that Jian Niang has completely become a phenomenon-level game!

Yes, it is a phenomenon-level game!!

Before the game was launched, the number of reservations reached 7 million, and after a few days of fermentation, people who have played this game have been very strong and the other people around Amway have an explosive reputation.

People who play Jianniang now have already broken the ten million mark!

Even the number of players continues to rise, and many foreign enthusiasts who come to the second dimension have come over to play games.

With such a huge number of gamers, it can be called a phenomenon-level game in Neon!

And it’s an exaggeration that I heard that in just a few days, Jianniang has produced a lot of books, and even the creator of the game, the master teacher, has also participated...

Recently, the evaluation of Jianniang has quickly become popular, and many well-known game bloggers have begun to speak out and write comments.

But one of the anonymous comments titled "The God Lord and the old thief have lost his conscience, I live and die with the ship mother" is really hot.

[I'm just an ordinary office worker who doesn't have much free time but likes games. After accidentally encountering the game "Shiniang", I have a lot of thoughts in my heart. Now I want to tell you how I feel.

This is a novel game with a very good theme. At least in my opinion, the anthropomorphism of warships is extremely innovative. There is no game of the same type on the market.

And the sincerity of the Tenshin Group is really full. This can be seen from the game’s diversified modes and many interesting features, and the characters are extremely beautifully drawn, and many big-name voice actors have been invited to help, so look at this first In good faith, I directly give it a full mark.

First of all, Jian Niang's persona is really good. It distinguishes each role and gives it a unique charm, which is very moving.The background processing is also perfect, and there is a lot of history in the setting, the richness of the content is simply astonishing, and at the same time it can't help but make people cry.

I have to like the friend function. When playing this game, it is easy to feel that I am playing a stand-alone player, but I always feel warm when I see my friends, which makes people feel that I am not alone and a little less lonely.

If it’s just these, I might not post this comment here today. I was really shocked by the reason why I decided to post a comment. I think all the admirals who have played Jianniang recently may know that this game has a shocking feeling. Settings.

That is, once the ship's mother in the game sinks, she can never be resurrected!

This setting is really abusive. I still remember my first destroyer, Mochizuki ship, sinking in the battle, watching her tears melt into pieces and gradually dissipate, listening to her last words, Commander... Actually...when I'm with you...always...very happy...I am completely confused, my head is blank, and my heart is uncomfortable.

Although I know that I still have a chance to get another ship of the same model, but you know, I also know, that is not the one you lost forever.

Therefore, the god master and the old thief have lost all conscience, and I coexist and die with the ship mother!

Chapter 602 The Birth of the Second Yuan Dynasty

As for the person concerned, Wang Hao, after seeing this comment, was even a little bit angry about the last sentence of the article.

Unreasonable!I am obviously a fighter of love!

The setting of the ship’s mother being sunk is entirely to make players love their ships more, and to be more attentive when commanding battles. As long as there is love, this problem can be solved completely. How can no one understand themselves? Painstakingly?

Wang Hao lamented that others did not understand his own good intentions, and at the same time he was thinking about what to do next.

Jianniang had become so hot recently that he hadn't thought of it at all, but Wang Hao was naturally happy about it. It's better to say that the fire is better.

At least, he doesn't have to worry about funds anymore.

It's been a week since the ship's mother went online, and the players are all crazy about gold. This is no joke.

Because just last night, Ye Qiushan called him and told him that the ship’s mother made a total of 470 million RMB this week!

According to this momentum, there is even hope that in the first month after the service is launched, the turnover will reach 1.5 billion RMB, which is equivalent to 22 billion yen!!!