Among professional cartoonists, there are also some great gods who used to be book painters, all of which have achieved good results.

After Wang Hao opened the file bag, he took out the manuscript inside. The blank sheet of the front page printed "The Youth Love of My High School Life Cannot Be Shura Field".

Well, just looking at the name, Wang Hao felt that he should put a bottle of stomach medicine next to him, otherwise it would be a little uncomfortable to wait for his stomach pain.

And what should I say about the name?

Wang Hao thinks that although it is a bit long, it is still quite good. This kind of long name can often attract other people's attention, and it is indeed refreshing, which is still very good.

In fact, there are some comics with long names, and many of them have also produced very popular works. For example, "Miss Hui Ye Wants Me to Confess ~ The Battle Between Geniuses in Love~" is a good example. .

"The youth love in my high school life can't be the Shura Field", and then I will simply call it my youth Shura Field.

In fact, just by looking at the name, you know what the plot will probably be, but Sawamura Hidelily is a book painter after all, maybe the other party can master a different rhythm, and it may bring him extra surprises.

With a strong curiosity, Wang Hao first opened the first page and began to watch it seriously.

The protagonist of the story, Kenji Minemura, is a first-year high school student with excellent academic performance. He was rejected by a girl when he was in junior high school. He was ridiculed as a "nerd who only reads" and "a good old man with no temper", which led him to have a view on love. Earth-shaking changes.

After entering high school, Kenji Minemura completely changed the image of a nerd to a cool short hair style. At the same time, he learned to play basketball, and he often communicated with people friendly. He embarked on a completely different path from when he was in junior high school. He is more popular than ever. many.

Although the situation has changed, Kenji Minemura still has a shadow over having a girlfriend, or an anti-love mentality.

Although there is a slight shadow of falling in love with girls, the relationship between Kenji Minemura and his childhood sweetheart neighbor Ayaka Hojo is still very good. He originally thought that his high school life might remain as it is until the end.

But one day, a super beautiful transfer student, Yanagawa Saki, suddenly appeared in Kenji Minemura's class.

Because of the transfer students, and the fact that she is a super beautiful girl, and she shows her gentle face in the class, Yanagawa Souki soon became a man in the campus.

However, it was this campus man Saki Yanagawa who happened to be placed next to Kenji Minemura, making the two of them the same table.

And I don’t know why, Yanagawa Saki suddenly became interested in him and began to go home with him after school. On the way back from school, he would tease him from time to time, which was completely different from what he usually did at school.

As a childhood sweetheart, Hojo Ayaka is very hostile to this, and often quarrels with Yanagawa Saki.

In this way, Fengmura Kenji's Shura Field officially began.

After turning over the manuscript manuscript in his hand, Wang Hao closed his eyes slightly, ready to digest the content just now.

I have to say that Sawamura Hidelily is really good. This comic is much more mature than the last one, although there are still many problems to be dealt with, and there are still some unreasonable points in the plot.

But on the whole, Sawamura Hidelily’s progress is really great. Take this My Youth Shura Field as an example. As long as you modify some plots and deal with the storyboard better, you are fully qualified to go. Serialized.

Although the story feels a bit old-fashioned, as long as it is well mastered, it is not a problem at all. Judging from the manuscript just now, Sawamura Hidelily's mastery is quite good.

After a while, Wang Hao opened his eyes and looked at the nervous Sawamura Hidelily next to him, smiled slightly, and said: "Compared with the previous comic, you have really worked hard."

However, after hearing Wang Hao's words, Sawamura Hidelili's head went blank for an instant, and she felt a little heavy in her heart. Her eyes were reddish, and she asked in a hoarse voice: "Is it... still not?"

Chapter 605, then go to England!

"Although there are still some problems, it is much better than before."

Seeing Sawemura Yinglili's expression, Wang Hao couldn't help but feel a little unbearable. He knew very well the other party's silent contribution these days.

Thinking of this, he couldn't help reaching out his hand and touching the small head of Ei Lili Sawamura, and comforted: "You really worked hard. In fact, if this comic is changed, there will be no big problem, at least not serialized. problem."


Hearing this, Sawamura Hidelily asked excitedly, and did not show dissatisfaction with Wang Hao's move of touching her head. Now her heart is put on the topic of serial comics.

Wang Hao nodded and replied: "Really, if you don't mind, I can say my opinion."

"Yeah! Just say it if you have anything, don't stop halfway talking like this!"

Sawamura Hidelili gave him a white look, and said anxiously, didn't this guy know that it would be easy to get beaten if he went out to catch others' appetite?

"Blam me."

Wang Hao couldn't help but spit out a word. After taking a deep breath, he resisted the urge to continue spitting out, and said directly: "You handled this comic well before, but there are a lot of unreasonable things in the back. , For example, why did the transfer student of that super beautiful girl suddenly become interested in the protagonist inexplicably?

Didn’t you say in the manga that Yanagikawa’s attitude towards others is very gentle and generous, other than that, you didn’t cross Lei Chi for half a step. You can see that this person is quite mature and stable. He was good at first. She suddenly became interested in the protagonist in the next second, and then the youth romance comedy was unfolding. She really didn't know how to complain.

That's all, but the plot that can be seen at a glance is really boring, I think you plan to follow the plot of the romance comedy Shurachang next?"


This time, Sawamura Hidelili looked ugly every time Wang Hao said something. She did plan to follow the plot of the romance comedy Shurachang.

Father, like son.

Sawamura Hidelily was not angry at Wang Hao's words, but at herself. What the other party said were things she hadn't noticed before, so there were indeed many problems.

Seeing that Sawamura Hidelily was able to accept the opinions well, Wang Hao's expression was relieved, and he would be really disappointed if the other party couldn't even accept this level.

However, Wang Hao was still very satisfied with the other party’s attitude, and continued to speak: “I think you can change it this way. It’s okay for Yanagawa Saki to be interested in the protagonist, but it must be based on a special accident. For example, although Yanagawa Saki looks like a beautiful girl with a gentle and generous personality on the outside of the school, there is another side hidden behind him. For example, Yanagawa Saki is actually a person who likes a black tongue or a dead house. Wait.

But by chance, the protagonist discovered the secret of Yanagawa Saki. This led to the protagonist being stared at by Yanagawa Saki. The following plot can make the usual funny, ridiculously smiling, it will make the readers stomachache. Can't help but continue to read the content."

Hearing Wang Hao's words, Sawamura Hidelili suddenly realized and smiled happily: "That's it, I know! Thank you!"

"It's okay, in fact, you can find out as long as you spend a while."

Wang Hao stopped, but Sawamura Hidelily did not continue to wait for him to say: "At this time, you can accept it, I will continue to draw comics first, you guys are really a good person, thank you!"

As soon as she finished speaking, Sawamura Hidelily turned and left with a slightly flushed face, leaving Wang Hao with a strange expression on her face. Suddenly she received a good person card inexplicably like this?

Although he felt that he could barely be regarded as a good person, this feeling of being issued a good person card was really bad.

Forget it, good people are good people.

Wang Hao smiled bitterly, turned around and looked at the scenery outside the window. He was a little lost. He was also a little tired of dealing with things these days, so let's go out and take a look?

With this thought in his heart, Wang Hao immediately stood up from his chair, moved his body on the spot, and was ready to set off immediately.

It's still early, and it's just right to go for a walk.

This time he planned to walk around Yinglili in Haozawa Village nearby. For so long, Wang Hao found that he hadn't enjoyed it nearby.

After changing his shoes at the hallway, Wang Hao was about to go out when he found that his sleeve was suddenly torn.

This kind of familiarity, no need to guess.

Wang Hao sighed in his heart, turned around a little helplessly, looked at Shiina Zhenbai who was expressionless, stretched out his hand and rubbed the opponent's head, and asked, "True Bai, what's the matter?"

"Ho, the room is a bit boring, I want to go out and play."

Shiina Mashiro said softly, and his little hand pulled Wang Hao's sleeve again, his amber eyes blinked slightly, which seemed to be cute, who could stand it?!