One tear fell, two tears fell...

Tears flowed for some reason, and couldn't stop.


A slight cracking sound slowly sounded, the dark space turned into fragments, and a bright light appeared in front of Wang Hao.

Wang Hao slowly opened his eyes, tears wet his cheeks, but he was indifferent to it, just looking at the surrounding environment.

The white ceiling, the unpleasant smell of disinfectant water, the windows that let the warm sun shine in, the surrounding items are very simple, there is no one else in the room, the only person is himself lying on the bed.

Watching this scene, Wang Hao smiled weakly.

Compared to before, Wang Hao felt a little weaker, but he didn't feel any other serious problems.

Although I don't know how long I can live, at least I don't have to worry too much before the godhead is completely broken.

Through this incident, Wang Hao finally figured out that this incomplete Godhead does have the power to change reality.

As for the price, it was to make this broken godhead even worse.

What would happen after the godhead was completely broken? After Wang Hao experienced what happened just now, he no longer wanted to think about it.

At least for now, he is still alive, right?

He silently turned his head and looked at the scenery outside the window, feeling a little startled for a while.



There are many things in neon this season, such as climbing Mount Fuji is the best time, and Comic Market is also held in August.

No, it should be said that it is held twice a year, in August and December.

The Comic Market held in August is called Xia and the one held in December is called Winter . In simpler terms, it is summer Comic and winter Comic.

In recent years, the number of people participating in Comic Market has been increasing, and the number of booths sold has reached 35,000, and it is still rising.

Those who intend to participate as a club must register with Comiket during the specified period. For example, winter Comi requires about 3 days after the end of summer Comi, and summer Comi is about 1 week in early February.

Since there are too many people or groups interested in setting up booths at Comic Market each time, a lottery is required.

There are actually a lot of people participating in this comic show, otherwise it won't be so troublesome.

According to general statistics, the number of visitors will reach more than 550,000 each time it is held, and the data is still rising.

Participants are of all ages, but mainly people who have graduated from high school to their thirties. Recently, there are many foreigners who have made a special trip to visit Comic Market, and even set up stalls to sell their fanzines.

Originally, Wang Hao was not so prepared and didn't plan to participate in Xia Comi, because he hadn't made the registration for the club before.

Moreover, Wang Hao felt that clannad's creation was very slow and the completion time was probably in winter, so he wanted to participate in Winter Comi.

But now the progress of clannad's creation is far beyond his imagination, and it was completed by the end of July.

Originally, he was still worried about joining Xia Comi as a fan club, after all, it was too late to sign up at this time.

However, it was originally the most difficult point, but it was not as difficult as expected, because Ying Lili had signed up for Xia Comi as a fan club in early February, and planned to sell the fan book at that time.

But because I participated in the Modern Dimensional Research Society, joined the game creation team, and had the idea of ​​becoming a cartoonist, I temporarily gave up the drawing book.

In other words, she actually doesn't use this booth anymore, after all, she hasn't drawn it in her notebook yet.

But in this way, you can take this spare booth to the Modern Dimensional Research Institute for game sale.

CLANNAD has already been made and can be sold directly when Xia Comi is held.

Wang Hao originally planned to get 300,000 copies of the CLANNAD game first, and this masterpiece is not afraid of losing sales.

It’s not that he said, the galgame market has been investigated recently. After all, the two-dimensional environment of this world is not as good as the previous life. For example, many galgames that are not fun in his opinion can sell tens of thousands...

Therefore, Wang Hao is sure that CLANNAD can definitely sell for 300,000 yuan. However, other members of the team have raised objections, and there are many others, such as An Yilun.

Although An Yilun is also sure that CLANNAD must be a masterpiece, after all, he has participated in the game production all the way, and also has a certain understanding of galgame.

But to be honest, the number of 300,000 is still a bit scary. If you don't sell it all at once, you will lose money. After all, the sales of the highest-selling Meikong series on the market is only 180,000.

The figure of 300,000 is too scary, almost twice that of Meikong!

If he sells 200,000, he still believes it, but the figure of 300,000 is too exaggerated, and An Yilun feels that it is too high.

Although the number of people participating in Xia Comi can be close to 600,000 every day, the traffic is quite large, but this does not mean that their games will make visitors willing to take out their wallets.

Seeing everyone's objections, Wang Hao had no choice but to agree. After some discussion, he finally got 250,000. If the sales were not enough, he could make up.

Xia Comi wants to sell 250,000 sales in three days. If someone who doesn't know it will definitely laugh out loud, but everyone in the current research agency is still full of confidence in the game CLANNAD.

At present, everyone's goal is to sell 250,000 sales within these three days!

In the past few days, everyone has put down the things on their hands, and together they are busy with Xia Comi.

Sawamura Yinglili may be the cause of the possession of the emperor. The booth location drawn by lottery is still quite good. It can be said that it is a prime location and the location is relatively spacious. Everyone worked together to set up the booth.

This time, all the members of the current research club will participate in Xia Comi. In addition to selling games, Wang Hao also contacted some manufacturers in advance to prepare the peripherals of CLANNAD. For example, hand-made these can be sold by the way when selling games. I believe Don’t worry too much about sales, after all, it’s a limited edition.

Worried about chaos, Wang Hao specially invited the Tianshen Group to borrow some security from Ye Qiushan.

When they are ready, Xia Comi will be held as scheduled!

The 622nd chapter CLANNAD is on sale

August 12, 4:30 in the morning, Tokyo Big Sight.

At the meeting place held by Comic Market, thousands of people are already standing at the door, and the line is in a long line.

Seeing this scene, Wang Hao still sighed. Comic Market is much more popular than he imagined. It really deserves the name of "Holy War".

Although Comic Market has clearly stipulated that queuing in advance is not allowed, it still cannot resist many enthusiastic people. The phenomenon of queuing in advance has not been eliminated until now.

According to the organizer's express regulations, queues can only be queued at 4:30 in the morning, but many people have already gathered at three or four.

For many two-dimensional enthusiasts, the "jihad" has already begun.

Wang Hao took a look at the surrounding stalls, and he was already full of seats, but it looked a bit crowded.

There is no way. Whoever makes this area more "conspicuous" on their side, any stall with tens of thousands of stocks will attract attention.

That's right, there are nearly 100,000 game CDs behind the booth of the current research institute!It is like a hill, and there are several special security guards next to it.