Fortunately, they didn't get in the way, otherwise they would inevitably cause disputes.

Except for the security guards, there are only four people at the stall now, An Yilunya, Wang Hao, Xiazhiqiu Shiyu, and Sawamura Yinglili.

Because Comic Market was going to be held for three days, and their booths were not too big, there was no way for these dozen people to squeeze together, so the task of watching the booths was separated and distributed by lottery.

The first day happened to be An Yilunya, Wang Hao, Xiazhiqiu Shiyu, and Sawamura Eiri.

The next day is Akasaka Ryunosuke, Goshoin An, Yamada Fairy, Shiina Mashiro, Rita.

The third day is Megumi Kato, Nanami Aoyama, Akane Segawa, and Ako Tamaki.

There are currently 12 people in the research institute, four people a day, exactly three days.Although Rita has not yet joined the current research institute, she is not at ease, and finally decides to take care of Shiina to participate.

"Oh, I really want to go shopping on the first day. I still have a lot of things I want to buy. I hope that there will be stocks at that time."

An Yilun also said weakly, looking at the surrounding tourists enviously.

In order to welcome the coming of Comic Market, he has made a lot of efforts, such as working part-time.

After finally saving enough money, when I was planning to buy a special purchase, but with such a lottery, An Yilun was suddenly depressed.

"You are not the only one who is depressed, why do I have to sit with you."

Sawamura Yinglili glanced at An Yilun and said, immediately making An Yilun frown: "Haha, I will return this sentence to you intact."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"literal meaning!"

"What? It's just a mere affiliation so arrogant?!"


Wang Hao sighed slightly, and rubbed his eyebrows with a headache. He really didn't understand. These two were obviously childhood sweethearts. Why are their kinship so bad?

Sawamura Yinglili is a cold-hearted and arrogant he can understand, and An Yilun is also not bad at ordinary times, but when they get together, they are like fire and water.

Although he doesn't really want to take care of it at this time, if he doesn't take care of it, the situation will only get worse. After all, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu's appearance in the theater is really unsettling. The ghost knows this guy will wait a while. Will not add fuel to the fire?

"Anyway, let's greet the guests to come over and buy things first. If you have anything to do, wait until you are finished."

Wang Haozhong persuaded him in an orderly manner. An Yilun also looked at each other with Sawamura Eiri and the two, and snorted each other. As expected, they stopped talking and began to greet the pedestrians around him enthusiastically.

After all, they are the newly opened stalls this year, so naturally there is no such thing as repeat customers. They have to recruit people by themselves.

Looking at the figures of COS helping out in the surrounding stalls, Wang Hao felt a little misguided. He had known a few beautiful COS game characters for a long time ago. With such help from waiters, it would be more attractive.

No, aren't there two beautiful girls by your side?

I glanced at Sawamura Hideri and Kasugaoka Shiwa, um, black silk... just as he admired it again, he saw the latter's dangerous smile as soon as he looked up. Wang Hao quickly dispelled the idea, his face was full of integrity. Looked forward.

Forget it, life matters.

There are more and more tourists, and Wang Hao is a little anxious as he sees the increasing flow of people, but there are no guests on his side.

No, there are actually some people, but they are basically standing by and looking at this place, seeming to point and say what?


Zhang Xixi and Zhang Youyou are twin sisters from the celestial dynasty. It may be because they grew up together. They both have similar hobbies and prefer the second dimension.

It is precisely because they like the two-dimensional culture that they sneaked over from the sky to participate in this Comic Market, and the two also cosed their favorite Sailor Moon characters.

"Huh? Wait... Xixi, look! Is that person familiar?"

"Youyou, why are you not familiar?"

"Don't you think that the portrait of the god master teacher who appeared on the news before?"

"Wow, indeed! When you said that, I also remembered that the god master teacher did not say before that a gal game called CLANNAD would be released."

Zhang Xixi and Zhang Youyou glanced at each other and confirmed that they were the one they were looking for!

They came to Neon this time, although they said that they were mainly to participate in the comic exhibition, but they also inevitably find some two-dimensional creators to sign, among them there is a god.

It can be said that what they want most is the signature of the god master. After the two came into contact with a novel called "Five Centimeters Per Second" a few months ago, they completely entered the big hole of the god master, and then they were out of control.

I have come into contact with works such as Demon Forbidden, Super Artillery, Dragon Ball, etc., and now I am also playing Jian Niang, it is difficult to understand the gods or not.

They are also registered as grandma masters on station B. They have tens of thousands of fans by uploading some house dance videos and playing games live.

"Walk around, let's go to the queue! Let's get up the queue first."

Zhang Youyou grabbed Zhang Xixi's little hand, because she saw that there were already many people in line.

They came to line up at four o'clock in the morning today, but it was still too late. They finally entered the venue after finishing the line. They didn't want to wait to continue this way. Of course, they had to line up earlier.

I bought the game and then I had to sign it.

Although the two don't know much about this game, they just bought it first.

After all, "A product produced by God, it must be a boutique" is a popular phrase in the current two-dimensional circle. The quality of this game called CLANNAD is definitely not to say.

Chapter 632 Untitled

As for how many copies?Is that still necessary?It must be three copies!For your own use, collection use, and education use!

If An Yilun knew what the two thoughts, she would definitely be moved to find the same kind.

People always have a herd mentality. Many tourists who came to participate in the exhibition saw a long queue at the stalls here, and they suddenly became curious and couldn't help asking the people in the line.

After getting the answer, I followed...lined up.

Looking at the long queues that suddenly appeared at the booth, Wang Hao also felt a little inexplicable, but he didn't think much about it. After all, a good business is a good thing, isn't it?And now that people are suddenly too busy to be too busy, how can they think about other things?

"Um... Could you please sign the name for me?"

A tourist who just bought the CLANNAD game said to Wang Hao slightly restrained.

Hearing this, Wang Hao just froze for a while, then took out the signature pen from the drawer beside him, and said with a smile: "No problem."

As soon as he finished speaking, he reached out and took the notebook handed over by the other party, and wrote his name on the top, of course the pen name "God Lord".

It is worth mentioning that after the last second five signing sales meeting, Wang Hao worked hard on signing for a while, and now he signs with pens and snakes, which is quite imposing.

After all, there is a saying that is very good. He is a bit dissatisfied with his signature last time at his signing event. Although it is barely okay, it is better to keep improving.

When everything has a beginning, more and more people will follow.