To be honest, after signing, Wang Hao suddenly regretted it.

Originally, I only needed to be honestly responsible for selling the game there, but after the first person's signature event just now, he started to get busier.

People's psychology is so complicated. Those who have lined up to buy game discs before may not have to sign because of some kind of psychology, but when they see the beginning, they start to feel unbalanced, and they ran over to sign.

The people who lined up at the back were not happy when they saw it, and they suddenly quarreled.

"Hello! What's the matter in front? Don't you know the line?"

"We just bought the game and we just forgot to sign. Now it won't take much time to ask for an autograph!"

"Don't make excuses for yourself, to jump in line is to jump in line!"

"What? What are you talking nonsense? Can you speak?"

"What? Did I make a mistake?"

Seeing that the situation began to develop in a bad direction, Wang Hao suddenly had to come forward to persuade him personally.

Although they said that their quarrel had nothing to do with them, they had something to do with them. After all, it was because of their own signatures that the incident happened.

Wang Hao sighed slightly in his heart, but he didn't expect that he had such a big influence now. After all, the people who participated in the comic exhibition this time came from all over the world.

In the end, Wang Hao had no choice but to think of a compromise. He also discussed with An Yilun and the others. He was responsible for signing a signature next to him. If he needed a signature after buying the game, he would queue up.

With the lessons learned from signing, Wang Hao had no choice but to refuse the request for a group photo, because there were too many people looking for him to sign, and it would be too busy if he took some time to take a group photo.

It would be nice if there were few people looking for his autographs, but this situation is still a bit unrealistic.

More and more people around were attracted and joined the queue.

And the situation is more than that. Everyone knows that people in modern society prefer to take a photo after buying something and upload it to Twitter or Weibo or some social software and chat groups.

In a modern society, the speed of information dissemination is of course needless to say. After all, young people nowadays like to use a mobile phone to scan.

One pass ten, ten pass a hundred, a hundred pass a thousand.

The speed of information dissemination is simply explosive. It didn't take long for many people on the Internet to know it, especially those who participated in this comic show. After asking about the specific location of the booth, they rushed over without a word.

Although part of their mentality is more conformed to the crowd, many people have thought about seeing the rumored real person and signature of the god master teacher, but many people still really want to buy games.

After all, the widely circulated phrase "produced by God, must be a boutique" in the industry is not groundless. The previous works are all real boutiques.

As for influence, in fact, just look at the number of horror fans on Wang Hao's social software.

Maybe he didn't know it personally. He has been on the Internet for a long time, and because of the low-key reason, many people are full of goodwill and curiosity about it.


Wang Hao is painful and happy now. The pain is that the constant signing is too tiring. What's happy is that there are so many fans.

By the time of the noon break, he really couldn’t hold it anymore. Not only he felt tired, but the three of Kasumioka Shiyu, An Yilunya, and Eri Sawamura were also very tired. After all, there were too many guests in the morning. It's too busy.

They really underestimated the enthusiasm of the tourists. In desperation, they could only contact other people in the current research institute to help. This also made Wang Hao and others fully aware that even if they sold hundreds of thousands in three days, it would take a lot. People help.

Finally, after some consideration, Wang Hao contacted Ye Qiushan to arrange some professional sales staff to come over. After all, he did not want other members of the current research institute to be too tired. Manzhan is still free to relax these days. Right to rest.

In the afternoon, Ye Qiushan arranged for a team of people who had participated in comic exhibition sales to come and help. The members of the current research institute were finally liberated, and people full of interest organized a group to participate in the comic exhibition.

However, it didn't take long for them to separate when they were shopping. After all, there are some things that are not suitable for children, and it is not good for everyone to buy them together. There are still many pure children in the club, and Wang Hao feels that they cannot be taken astray.

After shopping around for an afternoon, I have almost gone to all the places I should play, and it is not interesting to play for a long time.

Everyone agreed to gather in the afternoon. The expressions on everyone's faces looked very satisfied, and they were all rewarded.

"You are really welcome."

Seeing the pile of things in front of him, Wang Hao couldn't help but smiled bitterly. Before leaving, he said he would pay the bill, and now he had to pay.

Although it hurts a bit when paying, he doesn't feel so distressed. To put it simply, he spends the money for granted, but it will inevitably hurt when he gets used to money.

However, all the efforts made by everyone are in his eyes. In contrast, these are just trivial benefits.

The 624th chapter celebration

"Why are you polite to you, a local tyrant?"

Segawa Akane whitened Wang Hao and said, making the latter speechless for a while. It seems that the child has become more and more swollen recently.

But Wang Hao is too lazy to complain now. He glanced at the people in the current research institute and found that everyone was there. He nodded imperceptibly and said: "Are you free for a while? ?"

"There will be no problems before September 1."

Everyone looked at each other and then gave an answer.

Neon high school students take three long vacations a year, namely spring vacation, summer vacation and winter vacation.

Spring vacation is generally around March 19 to April 1, summer vacation is from July 1 to September 1, and the last winter vacation is from December 24 to January 8.

The usual vacations also add up quite a lot, which can be said to be very leisurely.

It's just over August now, it's time for summer vacation, so the members of the current research institute basically have free time.

Hearing the answers from the crowd, Wang Hao was not surprised. He nodded and continued: "I want to invite everyone to go to the Heavenly Dynasty to play. You don’t need to give a reply now. Go back and discuss with your parents. I will send a text message before ten o’clock in the evening. Give it to me."

Before, Wang Hao had the urge to take the members of the current research institute out to play. After all, everyone was very hard when making games. In addition, he had some things to go to the Heavenly Dynasty just in the past few days, so he invited everyone to go. Up.

"Then it's settled, I've long wanted to go out and play!"

The fairy Yamada said with great interest, his face was already full of eagerness, and he was considering where the heavens should go to play?

The rest of the people also began to imagine, after all, there is always a big country in the far east, always so ancient and mysterious, and people can't help but be full of curiosity.


A cool breeze blew, Wang Hao coughed gently, and skillfully took out a black handkerchief from his pocket, then stretched out his hand to cover his mouth, glanced slightly, wiped his mouth without a trace, and smiled. He looked at everyone: "It's too early, everyone go back and make preparations. I don't want to go back if I have something else, see you tomorrow."

"Eh, does time pass so fast?"

"I want to play for a while..."

"Goodbye Haojun."

"'s indeed late."

"Then see you tomorrow!"

After chatting for a while, everyone waved goodbye.