Literature knows no borders.

But reading books from different countries can appreciate the coquettishness.

Just like the Three Kingdoms in his hand, it seems that Diana has returned to the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty in the far east. The troubled times are raging, and the rash heroes have risen one after another.

Diana could hardly imagine that such a masterpiece full of strong historical atmosphere would actually come from such a young god.

She had heard many news about this young man before, but Diana did not have a more intuitive contact with specific works, but she had watched the piano played by this young man on TV before and was shocked by it, although she thought I don't know much about music.

Although the book of Three Kingdoms in her hand hasn't been finished, Diana already had a judgment in her heart. She decided to learn more about this young man, like digging for a treasure. There might be unexpected surprises.

Well, she has decided to interview this young man with the pen name "God Lord", but the workload will increase again.

Thinking of this, Diana smiled bitterly and shook her head. Why doesn't she have that American time?

Anyway, let's start with the investigation.


On the other side, Wang Hao, who had returned to Neon from the Heavenly Dynasty, also began to get busy. He was busy until December when he was busy, and had to lament how fast time passed.

Although Ye Qiushan helped to support the Tianshen Group, there were still some things that needed to be handled by Wang Hao.

You can't really do nothing without throwing your hand at the shopkeeper, not to mention that there are more things about the Tianchao branch and the Tianshen Charity Foundation.

Fortunately, what he was responsible for was dealing with some major issues, otherwise, Wang Hao might be really weak.

To be honest, the current development is completely beyond his expectations, but Wang Hao has no way to pick up the responsibility.

The reason is also very simple, because he is not just a person now.

In addition to the members of the current research institute and the Muse, there are also the Tianshen Group and the Charity Foundation. These are all responsibilities, and they cannot be evaded, and are related to conscience.

These responsibilities are the only ones that make people mature.

Maybe you don’t understand these words, so let’s talk about it another way. If he puts down all the responsibilities now, what will the people around him do?

Let's not mention the people from the Research Institute and the Muse. What about the thousands of people in the Tianshen Group and the Charity Foundation?

Wang Hao suddenly thought of Jack Ma’s words in his previous life: “When the money was 1 million, it was your money. The happiest person now is 20,000 to 30,000, 30,000 to 40,000 yuan a month, with a small house, a car, There is nothing happier to have a good family. It is a happy life.

If it exceeds ten to twenty million, trouble will come. You have to consider appreciation. Is it better to buy stocks, bonds, or real estate?When it exceeds one or two billion, the trouble becomes big.More than one billion, this is the society's trust in you, people let you help him manage the money, you must not think that this is your money."

With the development of the Tianshen Group, now it has become larger and larger, with more and more personnel, Wang Hao can already feel the trust of the society.

He knew that he had no way to give up.

Chapter 629 Interview

Well, even though he is not Spider-Man, he thinks the saying "the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility" makes sense.

In recent days, there is another problem that bothers him. The Tianshen Group is still developing very well in various departments. The Xingyue series now has a lot of novels, games, and comics, and it has attracted a lot of fans.

As for the animations, they are also highly acclaimed. The animations of the Xingyue series have caused a lot of blood loss to the Tenshin Group. In order to ensure the quality and reputation, every frame is burning money.

Fortunately, if you pay, you will gain. After several months of non-stop fighting, the Xingyue series finally bloomed with brilliant light. If you want to ask what works in the recent period have the most impact on you, Xingyue The series definitely won the top spot!

Ye Qiushan smiled at the peripherals of the Moon series and so on. Wang Hao rarely despised him when he saw the opponent like this. If this guy knew how strong the gold-sucking ability was after FGO came out, I’m afraid I would sleep. No.

Wang Hao is really full of resentment towards Ye Qiushan now, because the other party has thrown his mind at the stall of the comic magazine under the Tenshen Group.

Compared with the other departments of the Tenjin Group, the Manga Magazine is extremely bleak. To be honest, there are no other good-looking manga in this magazine except for the comics of the Xingyue series.

And what makes people feel a little desperate is that the comics of the Xingyue series are not sold very well compared with those of other popular comics.

But there is no way, now this manga magazine, the people who come to contribute are basically some newcomer manga artists, and famous manga masters simply don't look down on here.

Ye Qiushan couldn't help it, so he directly let Wang Hao take care of this.

The meaning is also very simple. Let him draw another comic, at least the one of the same level as "Dragon Ball", so that this comic magazine can compete with the "Yu Si Jia", which is also the reason why Wang Hao is full of resentment. .

Do you think "Dragon Ball" is a Chinese cabbage?And even if a similar work is produced, there is no way to counter the status of the four imperial families!After all, people have been in the city for many years, and there are a lot of similar classic works. If they were so easy, they would have been replaced long ago!

The invincible "One Piece" can be considered, but unfortunately it is not over yet, and Wang Hao doesn't know that he can't live to the end of the series.

As for "Naruto", forget it. With the bloody man, there is no way to compare it with Yusijia.

In this way, the sword can only be slanted.

Wang Hao has been perplexed by this question recently.

It is difficult to decide for a while.

When he couldn't figure it out, Wang Hao didn't bother to think about it, because he suddenly remembered that there was a distinguished guest this afternoon.

Looking at the time on the watch, Wang Hao hurriedly sorted out his outfit, and then looked at himself in the glasses. Perhaps because of the busyness recently, he lost a lot of weight, but he always gave people a spirit. Full of feeling.

After leaving the room, Qiushui Villa now has no members of the current research club playing around. It always feels empty. After all, time is tight, everyone is basically a student, and exams are needed.

He didn't stop and walked out soon. Although there is still a while before the agreed time, it is also a polite behavior to arrive early.



This is the place where Wang Hao and the appointed guest meet, a coffee shop.

This BVLGARI Il bar, located on the 10th floor of the BVLGARI Ginza flagship store, is a coffee shop during the day and a restaurant and bar at night.

The overall Italian practical and low-key luxury style made Wang Hao sigh, the other party would really pick a place.

Although I have been in Neon for a long time, Wang Hao really doesn't have much time to go shopping in places like Ginza.

Looking at the words "Private Market" hanging at the door, Wang Hao still sighed. According to his knowledge, the average consumption per person in this store is about 5,000 yen. It seems that this lady is still a rich woman.

The coat he was wearing on his feet was taken off and handed it to the waiter next to him. Wang Hao smiled and walked to the only table with people. After all, the back of a long blond hair is still very dazzling in neon, especially in this quiet environment. .

"Ms. Diana, I'm sorry to keep you waiting."

After Wang Hao sat down, she apologized. Diana said nonchalantly, "I have just come, and I am very glad that the teacher of God is here for the interview."

While talking, she looked at the young man in front of her and nodded secretly.

"Madam is humble. I am very happy to accept your interview."

The two smiled politely, and stretched out their right hands to shake each other.

In fact, when he first learned of the news, Wang Hao was still shocked. He never thought that Time would come to interview him.