But it's not too surprised, after all, I have experienced many similar scenes, and now I can face it calmly.

Diana looked at Wang Hao, who was calm in front of her eyes, and her evaluation was even higher. She thought that this young man would definitely show a flustered expression, but it seemed that she had underestimated the other party, and she was indeed a hero.

After another brief exchange of greetings, the two sides finally began to enter today's topic-the interview.

Diana: "People have been talking about you recently. Everyone is concerned about many questions, but I believe that the god master teacher has said these answers, so today I will ask a little different question. Please forgive me. "

Wang Hao: "It's totally okay. You can ask some sharp questions from your heart. I will tell you the answers you want very frankly. You ask and I answer, and I say you listen. This is a process of communication. I believe in communication. The more times, everyone will understand. This is also the most direct way for people to understand each other."

Diana: "Very interesting answer. Actually, I heard about the god master teacher as early as half a year ago. The news came from the young people around me who were going to school. At first, I didn’t care about it. Later, I came into contact with a teacher in August. After the historical masterpiece called The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, I became obsessed with it. After communicating with the Tenjin Group, I finally got the opportunity to interview. I am very grateful."

Wang Hao: "I was flattered to be interviewed by the famous Time Magazine! I am also very grateful to Ms. Diana for giving me such a chance."

Diana: "As far as I know, the god master teacher is very accomplished in comics, games, music, novels, etc., do you have anything to say to you?"

Wang Hao: "Actually, it might be a little hypocritical to say it, but let's give it to everyone in eight words: diligence can make up for the clumsiness, and the stupid bird will fly first.

Diana: "The Tianshen Group founded by the Lord of God is now called the "Two-dimensional Kingdom" in the industry. I was fortunate to have visited it. It was really shocking. I don’t know the original intention and future plans of the Lord of God. What is it?"

Wang Hao: "It may be a bit embarrassing to say it. In fact, I encountered a very shocking and stressful thing in my life at the beginning, so at that time I was very confused and subconsciously chose one thing as my goal. The whole person is shrunk in the second dimension.

But then I started to come into contact with more and more people around me, and I finally dared to recognize that I was constantly evading, and using the second dimension as a reason to use it as a shield, which made me very ashamed.

However, it is precisely because of my exposure to the two-dimensional element that I have met many like-minded partners, so that I have gone farther and farther on the road and founded the Tenshin Group. So now my future plan for the Tenshin Group is very simple, that is To allow more people to understand the warmth brought by the second dimension, the Tianshen Group also established a charity foundation a few months ago. The future will be witnessed by everyone."

Diana: "It's admirable! I have another question. Indeed, as the god master said, many young people are confused now, and many people turn this confusion in the wrong direction. I heard that in the neon otaku often Being bullied by other people, school violence in other countries is also endless. Many parents have an attitude that they don’t care about their children or minors so they do these things. The teacher of God is also a high school student. Is there anything to say about this?"

Wang Hao: "Everyone has the right to pursue what they like, and they cannot be prejudiced. I think this kind of school violence is shameful and angry!

The brave is angry, and draws his blade to the stronger; the timid man is angry, but draws his blade to the weaker.

Moreover, the attitude of indifferent to minors is even worse. This is not a matter of carelessness. When he is young, he is not regarded as a human being, and he will not be a human being when he is older."


After more than an hour, the interview was over.

On the night of Christmas Eve in December, a cover of Time magazine ignited the whole world.

The photo on the cover is a photo of a slightly melancholic young man holding a coffee cup and enjoying a cup of tea. Small wisps of white heat wafting beside that wrinkly smile, and a few printed on the bottom of the cover Eye-catching big characters: The name of this era is called God Lord!

Chapter 630 The Finale: The First Encounter and the Last End

On the night of Christmas Eve, Wang Hao finally completed the creation of the small black notebook, which is "Death-Note".

Fortunately, there are not many original comics, otherwise the time is really too late.

The Qiushui Villa was empty. Everyone went to watch the Muse perform because today is the final of the lovelive competition.

Because "Death-Note" was so close to the end, he let everyone pass first, and waited for him to pass.

He did not serialize this work directly, but chose to publish it directly after the creation, because judging from the speed of his painting, "Death-Note" does not take long to complete, it is just as a gift to people who have always supported him. Christmas gift.

Wang Hao sorted out all the manuscripts he had just drawn and put them on the table. Next to him was the latest issue of Time Magazine.

There is still an hour left before the finals. It takes about half an hour to walk from here to the finals location. To be specific, it is about 40 minutes. Wang Hao thought for a while, but decided to walk out and take a walk to enjoy Christmas Eve. Beautiful view.

Put on a heavy coat and went out. After 30 minutes of walking, Wang Hao finally came to a bustling commercial street.

There are lights and festoons all around, and people come and go on Christmas Eve. Most of them are young couples holding hands, and Santa Claus is also handing out gifts.

White snowflakes fell on the world, dripping on the ground bit by bit, adding a third of beauty.

Go straight along this street, turn two turns, and then go straight for a distance, you will reach the main venue.

He looks very special in the crowd, because he is the only one walking alone at this intersection, he looks like a big gun in his coat, but his body is a little thin.


A cold wind blew the snowflakes, Wang Hao suddenly coughed unexpectedly, and asked her to quickly take out the handkerchief to cover her mouth. However, the white handkerchief could not withstand the penetration of a trace of blood, and soon dyed the handkerchief red. Then he followed the corners and dripped down the ground covered with pure white snowflakes, which was extremely coquettish.

The people next to him were shocked, and the atmosphere was rendered very quickly. Suddenly, the entire street looked over, creating an atmosphere of panic.

The student who played Santa Claus next to him couldn't help but come over and asked, "Do I need to call an ambulance?"

"No, thank you, I made an appointment to watch their game."

Rejecting the kindness of passers-by, Wang Hao grinned reluctantly with a pale face, wiped the bloodshot from the corner of his mouth, and continued on the road alone.

Only a little bit from the end!Don't fall to me here!!

Roaring in his heart, his footsteps were getting faster and faster, and finally he started to run, racing against time.

I ran through the shopping streets along the way, passed the crowds of people in front, and passed the crossroads, and finally came to the venue full of people with warmth.

Just before he crossed, he was about to step into the venue, and suddenly felt his legs soft, and the next moment the whole person was lying weakly on the ground.

The sky is clean and the stars are beautiful.

The familiar feeling of deja vu made Wang Hao a little stunned, and suddenly remembered that the dazzling and mysterious starry sky was the first thing he had seen.

When the broken voice of the godhead sounded, the memory rolled up like a sea, and he suddenly understood.

"you are wrong."

There was a cold and majestic voice in the depths of my mind.

Wang Hao did not answer, but stood up stubbornly, got up again and again, and fell down again and again.

People have already entered the venue, attracted by the elegant and beautiful music, no one noticed the scene outside the venue at all.

"You are me, I am you."

"You and I are one body, sleeping in reincarnation, awakening in brokenness, shouldn't hang around in this humble world."

"Why struggle? Give up this world and return to the top with me, where is our home!"

Wang Hao ignored the words in his mind, but stood up stubbornly, with a solid belief supporting him.

When he got up next time, he could feel that his beliefs were more solid. The whole person finally stood up, took a step forward, and finally walked into the venue: "If this is also wrong, then it will be wrong."

The stage in front of the venue slowly opened, and nine beautiful girls in gorgeous costumes stood at a corner of the stage.

After seeing Wang Hao's arrival, his eyes lit up.

Wang Hao smiled and gave up, and then drew a cheering gesture to Qibi.

The familiar melody gradually sounded, and he knew that it was the song "START: DASH!!" again.