God of Fishing

Chapter 2493 Qinglong Improve

Although the top of the artifact in Han Dai is broken, he is full of cracks, and the blood of the blood is overflowing out. But this hit, he won.

Perhaps this is related to the demo of the Qinglong's brother just now. Han Fei did not know that people can see it, but he can see it, the momentum of the gun, is the strongest seen by Han Non.

When I saw the moment I appeared, Han Fei knew that she won, there is no reason.

At this moment, it is a bit of hit by the emperor, and Han Fei is a bit virtual, a little dissevous, and a bloody pain, a flesh and blood, and there is a signs of collapse.

Han Nai was settled to himself, and then took a black golden long knife of Zhao Qinglong, then grabbed the void, a lot of glow blooms, and the body of Zhao Qinglong felt it again. .

Even if Zhao Qinglong has already blasted, but his mood is still, a stars of the God of God list, this is gone, that is a great waste.

Han Fei was fully completed in order to complete these, then, the fruit that I want to come and help, my heart sigh. This matter, he didn't remind it that Han Fei's sex is hegemon, it is a person who does not have a hard. But the Temple of Time is too proud, and I feel that Han Fei can enter the temple of Time. It is honored by Han Fei.

Now, the worst thing happened, that is, Han Fei has joined the Hall of Void.

People in the three Temple are very clear.

The people in the Hall of the Hall are the least, but the strongest. It can be added to the Hall of Vault, and its potential is absolutely no problem. Even, the disciples of the Hall of Vacation will be better than the disciple of other temples.

Han Fei has long proved his potential and showing this thing in Time Avenue. According to reason, if everything is installed, this time, this time, it is also smooth, although Han Fei will resist directly to the Temple of Temple, but may not care to join the Temple of Time, and become a member of the Temple of Temple.

For this matter, in fact, the Temple of Time is not amboupic. As long as you have this, you will join the Temple of the Three Temple, and the three temples have your identity, how is it?

The problem is that Han Fei has not been exposed to the Tempic Temple of Time. It is clear that it is a contrast of Qinglong. It is obviously to look at the Temple of Time. It is difficult to join Han Fei.

At this moment, the Qinglong body stands straight, and the long gun is erected in front of him.

I saw the eyes of Qinglong, swept the people, and finally fell on the body of Yi Jian and the easy waves, faint: "Once, a lot of forces, I want to have a killer before the emperor of the Hall of the Temple. In the past, when I was void, when I was fighting the Star Sea, I did have succeeded. This has the custom of my empty Temple. You hit my little brother? OK, then my brother is coming ... What is the Tians? When the family is three, it is not enough for my teacher to play, now, the idea is very much. "

Han Fei couldn't help but look at Qinglong, the disciple of the void Temple, was once killed?

But I saw Qinglong to see Han Fei, and then the voice of the Qinglong's brother: "Before the end of the last law, before the gods fell, the temple of the void is strong, cross the Xinghai, is deep. However, it is here. At the time, someone actually took the temple of the void, leading to the empty temple of the temple, almost dead ... "

Han Fei couldn't help but move, he certainly knew how difficult it was to recruit disciples. Suddenly, he remembered the void fishing. This major, is the nine kings, and it has been in the beginning.

Hard students have the same as the sea, and they can see those disciples of the Temple of the Hall of the Temple of the Hall of the Temple. However, such a group of people, it was hidden?

I have to know that the temple of the void is in the battle. Regardless of the fight, it is not a homogeneous battle, but it is also for a thousand people. As a result, someone did not cross the river, and who can bear it?

Han Fei couldn't help but have a sense of life, but the Qinglong Dynasty brother is in a traveler: "Reassure, my temple is so bullied? Later, the master's returned, one person horing the top ten gods, the Emperor of the Tudu is 187, 30,000 respect, the kill is trembled, and the Temple of the Kill and the Temple of Dear Temples don't dare to come. "


Han Fei is listening to, how much is the Emperor? How many years have you come, before the end of the law? Isn't it a distance from now to about ten million?

Han Fei is not awkward, the master brother is strong! He can't help but imagine the picture of the original, perhaps the whole of the borders, all the blood color.

The stronger Han Dai, the more you feel that the blood is boiling, the trough, I really have the most hanging. Confused Temple of Time, huh, huh, garbage.

However, the brothers of the Qinglong have a serious way: "But the young brother, the teacher, the teacher, can not help you forward. We all have your own way, there are your own hurdles. Tell you this, tell you, my void Temple is very good, who Dare to be strong, move my void, will be a person who is quantified, it is not enough to kill, how much blood can flow. "

Han Fei, looking back, he understood the meaning of Qinglong's brother. He revealed that this is to warn these people, he is a void of the Temple, I don't know before, then it is. But today I know, I dare to bully in the future, then I have enough to be good, I don't have enough.

At this moment, Yi Jian and easy waves, it feels cold, it has been wet, and the eyes of Qinglong seem to have the mighty bloom, branded in their heart.

The great emperor is too strong, and it is powerful to suffocate their suffocation.

Those other people, only feel that the mouth is dry, I really want to immediately escape this ghost place, it is terrible. When I looked at the emperor, I felt that my little life wouldn't.

He listened to the family, I was busy: "The Dragon Emperor, we know. However, we have not prepared to kill Hanfei Xiaoyi, I just want to ask Han Nai, I, etc. I will never be enemies with Han Nai Xiaoyi. "

"To the right, after the future, Han Nai Xiaoyin is the guests of my majority."

"Yes, the Dragon Emperor, please anger."

These people are very sleek, mainly do not face, from small to big, meet more scenes, this kind of thing is hard, the head is, it is the lantern of Mao Pite, look at it.

The people on the Ghost Strait, also quickly responded: "Dragon Emperor, our ghost strait and Han Fei are just a small contradiction between disciples, I am actually just passed."

Several people of the whole family have spent speechless, the god passes, is there such a pass?

Eye Jian, although I'm angry, but still down: "The relationship between the Dragon Emperor, my Tianzu and Han Fei, from today, there will be no longer happen again later."


A cold, I have a cold. Just listening to the Qinglong Master: "Several families in the district also have a Tianzu, I really thought that my disciple of the Temple of the Temple would be afraid? Do you think I am coming to you to sell face? Since it is already an enemy, it is the enemy. Since it is The enemy, what should you do, what to do. However, this doesn't mean that you can violate the rules, deal with my little brother. My little teacher Hua Xing has not been big, and it has come to Chang Shengjing and so many happy, this Called violation of rules. So, there should be punishment, not less. "

After saying, Qinglong's brother suddenly disappeared in Han Nai, and the next moment, the heavens and the earth had formed a giant tail, and the few big brains were slammed by this tail, all of them were all burst, and they did not dare. hide.

Because they look from this, Qinglong didn't want to kill them. Since you don't kill, just punish them violates the rules, it is better, and what is resistant, do not exist. You resist in front of a big emperor, is this not sick?

This is not, the six emperors of the big country, including the Ghost Strait, was detached by a tail, and also hurted the kind of trauma that could not be repaired in the millennium.

However, for the emperor, what is it? Closing the door, but fell, this is really just a small punishment.

And the Buddha, Yi Jian and Yi waves, didn't dare to stop, in fact, can't stop.

It is easy to wave and others, you can recover for a millennium. That easy-to-sword, was poked by a shot of the flesh and the soul, and his soul seems to be hit hard, no long-year-old is good.

Just listening to Qinglong Road: "Know why you are heavy to you? Because you kill you Promoting the Emperor, this emperor can also teach you, what is called convergence. "

The few people of the family, but they were despise, but they were despise, and they broke through a long hobbenge, they were there. They dared to kill in this situation. How long is the brain?

This is not, reshaping the Yi Jian after the body, red, but not dare to refute, the heart does not regenerate the heart. He is afraid that he will die again.

Everyone didn't dare to scream, the Qinglong brothers looked at the terrorist queen, slightly, faintly: "It is not a way, this way is not available."

" ~"

The spirit of the terrorist Queen, followed by the Dragon Dragon Dragon Brothers and respects a gift: "Thank you Deroni point."

The terrorist queen sigh slightly, she knew that this person did not sell it, and it was returned by this Dragon Emperor. However, this information is coming back, it is more meaningful than him.

So, she feels that she seems to be owed by someone.

And the Qinglong's brother turned to look at Han Fei, smiled slightly: "Xiaochi, go."

"Ah? Where to go?"

Qinglong brother: "Tian people."